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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. CJG888
    Does anyone sell the dock connector on its own, so that I can make my own LOD from one of my existing cables?
  2. pekingduck
  3. karloil
    happy camper here, just got my own unit! :)
    where's the support site for the hm650? i was trying to check if i have the updated firmware installed...
  4. CJG888

    Xie Xie!

    How easy is it to make up an LOD? Are there instructions available online? Are any additional components (e.g. resistors) required as with the iPod LOD?

    Does anyone know if the HM-650 supports gapless playback? This is vitally important to me (opera fan).
  5. karloil
    looking good so far... [​IMG]
  6. CJG888
    Does the package include a line out to 3.5mm cable, or was this an accessory from Hifiman?
  7. karloil
    the package includes the line out cable
  8. CJG888
    Does anyone know if this SD card is compatible with the HM-650?

  9. karloil
    It should be. Since both are using the same SD standards.
  10. noxa
    Sorry if this sound naive but what is the Minibox Amp card? what is the difference between it and the standard card? and in which situation is it favourable?
  11. howdy
    Any early impressions? Can you compare it to any FiiO or iBasso players. What card did you get with it.
  12. karloil
    it comes with a classic card. i owned a dx50. and just before getting this, i compared is with a dx90 (using latest stock FW) and ap100. i could have included the x5 in the list but there's this guy auditioning it. i used my own mSD/SD during audition - used r&b, pop, alternative flac tracks.
    built quality:
    the ibasso's have the edge here, but just by a bit. the aluminum housing on the ibasso's makes one feel that it's a more solid device. followed by the 650's..and the ap100 coming last - the ap100 just feels hallow to me
    i'd say the 650 wins hands down. quick and very easy to operate. the ibasso's come in next - but themes are readily available if you have RB installed - might improve interface experience. with the ap100 last - due to it's very slow user experience. I really hate slow UI.
    i can say that the 650 sounds very similar to my previous stack - a dx50 with SU1.3.3 together with a c421 w/ad8620 opamp. soundstage has height and is very wide. good separation.
    (to my ears)
    bass - not overpowering. has body and impact
    mids - very in your face. smooth.
    highs - i can say it's neutral. not over sparkly, lively
    i could have chosen the 90, but instead still went for the 650 - it was on a very good price, a few $ cheaper than the 90. i like the weight of the 650 - makes you feel it's very solid. i'm working on not strapping an amp to my daps - with the 650, all you need to change are the cards - no external amping needed. the weight is not for everyone. getting the 90 also makes me "feel" that i still am using the 50 - giving me the idea/impression that i never really changed daps.
    i was also able to audition the 802, i was trying to compare the 650 to it. everything was a bit more refined on the 802. better outer shell color scheme. rotary dials (although i hated it when i was going through my files, i prefer the 650's non rotary design) it's attractive indeed, but at twice the price of the 650, to me, it isn't worth it.
    the proprietary connector is a bummer indeed. it doesn't give the user the flexibility to just use any USB "kind" of connector - such a let down. 
    PS: my wife hated how the player looks! hahaha and i could imagine/understand if some users gets the same reaction. personally, i wish they made the silver paint scheme a bit darker.
    I also noticed that there's close to no user reviews and impressions regarding the 650...will try to contribute more.
  13. karloil
    additional impressions/information:
    so i used the 650 for the whole day today. 1st, i'm so far impressed with the battery life! after reading all the comments on a 9-10 hour battery life, i have some reservations. i started using it mid morning - now it's late evening and according to the battery indicator, it still has half of battery life left....been using a mix of flac and mp3, brightness setting set to 3 with 30 second back light setting. i'll run my normal new battery routine and let's hope i get more life out of them.
    2nd, i used the line out and connected it to a c421 w/ad8620 opamp. sounds a bit cleaner. or maybe the classic card just needs more run time. we'll see.
    3rd, i also observed what fengwei mentioned regarding the volume, at times it doesn't give you the volume that you want - it's either a bit too much or a bit too low. so that i do is play around with the gain switch [​IMG]
    4th, no firmware freezes so far. but i did notice when i was scrolling through my lengthy list (i just pressed and hold on the down button), it will slowly scroll for a few seconds, then pick up the speed again. it's like telling me "wait a minute man, let me catch my breath" [​IMG]
    i saw a few questions posted in the thread that was missed, i'll try to answer the ones i know or at least have knowledge.
    - the 650 already has a screen protector pre-installed
    - no eq available here
    - no gapless playback (that i've seen so far)
    - hifiman was very kind to indicate the pin assignments of their proprietary dock - this is a treat for DIYers like me, i can start making my own LO cables [​IMG]
  14. CJG888
    Well, if it doesn't do gapless, I'll go ahead and order that DX90...

    Listening to opera without gapless is a right royal PITA :mad:
  15. howdy

    If you know the answer to this that would be great. I was wondering how this would compare to my existing rig the FiiO X5/E12. Would I be wasting money or would it be that much better. The X5/E12 sounds really good with my HiFiman HE400i but...would the HM650 be better.
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