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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. CJG888
    I have heard that there is apparently support for gapless following a firmware update (on the HM-802). Does the HM-650 use the same firmware?
  2. karloil
    i auditioned the x5 months ago and didn't try pairing it with the e12. i have to be honest, the x5 didn't appeal to me. if i have the time, i'll try the setup and let you you know - i'll try to be objective :D
    not sure. but the firmware says UI Version: 2.001 on mine
  3. CJG888
    Hifiman's customer service have just confirmed that the HM-650 does support gapless.

    That makes it more complicated again:

    Go for the HM-650, the DX90, or keep the DX50 as a digital transport and add a DB2?

    The rig will be my hotel room system, so transportability rather than portability is key. Most of the time, I will be using an external amp (iBasso P4, Tube Amp BL-2 or Elekit TU-HP01) with full size cans. Occasionally, it will be used standalone with IEMs (although I generally use my HM-601LE for that).

    Any thoughts?
  4. karloil
    maybe on the next firmware update?
  5. ph58
    I have the DX90 pairing with a Portaphile 627 Micro , now , it is the H
    M650 with the same Portaphile , i can say that the combination HM650 + Portaphile is much more better then with the DX90 . So i suppose that the HM650 is better then the DX90 . i don't have the Standart amp card so i cannot do the comparison with the DX90 alone , i have the Minibox card , it is excellent with the HM650
  6. CJG888
    So the line out on the HM-650 is better than on the DX90...

    In what way precisely?

    I am still trying to choose between the two, and will be using an external amp 95% of the time.
  7. ph58
    Better sound stage , separation , bass , mids, highs . Much better ,and the line out bypass completely the internal amp card of the HM650 .Have no regret selling my DX90
  8. karloil
    @ cjg888

    Plus, think about this. You can just swap cards out. No need for external amping and carrying extra bulk (the 650 is bulky enough)

    But if you're really into external amping, then i couldn't comment any further as my previous was a dx50. But i did try using the line out yesterday with a c421 w/ ad8620, it sounds a hair of an improvement.
  9. CJG888
    I like my portable tube amps, though....

    The bulk is not an issue, as long as it fits in my hand luggage (the larger cans get checked in, Grados also fit in the briefcase).

    I won't be using an external amp with IEMs.
  10. CJG888
    That's it, I've done it.

    One HM-650, four dock connectors and one Kingston C10 128GB SD card on order.

    This had better be good....

    The BL-2 is fully charged, and the DT-48Es are on standby :smiley:
  11. CJG888
    Anyone want to buy a DX50, 2 64GB microSD cards and a silicone case?
  12. karloil
    [​IMG] good choice!
    btw, can i get the link for the dock connector?
  13. CJG888

    Does anyone know the correct pinout though? The information in the link is inconsistent (left and right channels LO: which should the correct pins be?).
  14. karloil
    Thanks! Once you receive your unit, check the cover page of the manual. they've included the pin outs for the dock
  15. ph58
    . Excellent choice , you won't regret it
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