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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. Mmet
    I want a new Dap and hesitated because too many options and i can not test before buying ! So.. I am hesitated between HM650 & hm603 because of its famous analog and unique sound signature of its NOS dac and its attractive price too
  2. alpha421
    That HM-603 is a nice bargain from its original price, but the HM-601LE /w RE400 combo is better, IMO.  The DAC is the same between the two, just the opamp set that's different, but sonically not much difference.  The HM-603 is a hair more powerful over the 601LE, but I didn't notice a difference with my low impedance cans (Grado).  
    Here's the problem with the HM-603. Sure, it can do max 24/96, but it down samples it and that's the max.  The firmware isn't optimized for hi-rez as when these DAPs came out (HM-801/603/602/601), lossless Redbook rips and MP3 ruled the days.  When I had a mix of Hi-rez and FLAC, the delays/pauses of the DAC trying to process them was a little irritating to say the least. Also, the design of the DAP and firmware wasn't tailored for large music collections. Album/artist scrolling is dog slow and maddening.
    Yes, the NOS sound is very nice for a lot of tracks.  But, the HM-650 has that hardware switch to get closer to that NOS sound (warm, smooth, and rolled off highs).  I think it's a nice compromise in that area.  I would pick the HM-650 over any "legacy" Hifiman DAP, but those legacy DAPs do have their place at times with the right music. Its just I wouldn't use one as a primary DAP. Here's a quick pro/cons:
    1. Current and standardized architecture (shares components with the other DAPs, HM802/901)
    2. Swappable amp cards
    3. Option to run balanced
    4. User replaceable/swappable battery
    5. Hardware sound filter for effectively two sound signature on the fly
    6. Much better volume control
    7. Better firmware
    8. True Hi-rez (24/192) support
    1. Reduced battery life, especially when processing hi-rez files
    2. More bulky
    3. Must use charging brick
    4. Price
    1. Much lower price
    2. Nostalgic/Vintage look, feel, and sound
    3. Less buttons to navigate
    4. True NOS sound signature
    5. Battery can charge through USB port and does support charging from USB battery packs (5V, 1A+)
    1. Maddening and slow file/folder navigation (larger the music collection, the more maddening)
    2. No true hi-rez support
    3. Non-replaceable battery
    4. No balance option
    5. Fine tuning volume can be difficult
  3. Mmet
    Thanks alot for your kind and detailed reply
    For me i don't have 24/96 traks and i don't believe in this so .. All my collection is 16/44 flac & mp3 &some wave .... So all what i want is the meaty , heavy & clear sound with some customization like its 5 band eq ...
    I dealt before with fiio x3,is its operating system more painful or slow or something??? Is the speed of the memory card make difference? Hm601le is more appealing to me right now
  4. alpha421
    The EQ built in the firmware on the HM601-3 products are too extreme.  A simple one notch change can drastically alter the sound, which I found not ideal.  I found it best to not engage EQ, but of course YMMV.  For the HM601-3 DAPs, having a Class 4 or 10 yields the best read results, and stick with well known brands from reputable sources.
    One other pro for the 603 is the possibility of using it as a USB DAC.  My last 603 didn't have the DAC capability, but honestly, when I had the 602/801, I rarely used the functionality. You may want to check with head-direct if they have a typo with the 603 and stating it can be used as an USB DAC.  I recall the 603 with 16GB of internal storage had the capability, not the 4G model being sold and on sale.
    Mmet likes this.
  5. Mmet
    Thanks alot .. Really appreciate your replies ... I will order 601LE bundle soon
  6. CJG888
    I will be keeping my 601LE as my ultraportable rig...

    I do hope the transparency and treble resolution on the HM-650 are better, though!

    Please also bear in mind that the 601-3 can't support gapless (with Hifiman firmware).
  7. Mmet
    With hifiman software ??!!
  8. Retrias
    Firmware, the 601-603 have an unstable rockbox iirc
  9. Mmet
    mmmmm ... will have a look into that too .... are they will make a stable port for that or it will be as it is ? [​IMG]
  10. karloil
    hhmmmm...the notch right by the sd card cover scratches easily [​IMG] 
    i believe all 3 (901, 802 and 650) use the same firmware - http://www.hifiman.com/Blog/
  11. CJG888
    Does the HM-650 effectively have the same circuit as the HM-802 (minus digital input, USB DAC capability, DSD and the scroll wheel)?

    Does it have a stepped attenuator volume control or just a pot with detents?
  12. Retrias
    Page 1 says it have a stepped attenuator
  13. CJG888
    At that price, that's very impressive!

    Can't wait for mine to arrive...
  14. CJG888

    I have just received my HM-650. Unfortunately, the manual is in Chinese only. Could you possibly tell me which pins on the dock connector to wire (1) for a 3.5mm line out cable, and (2) for SPDIF coaxial out.

    Thank you.
  15. CJG888
    BTW, the HD-650 can't play 24/176 FLACs. Shame.
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