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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. karloil

    Doesn't the manual come in both English and Chinese? If you only see Chinese, flip the book over and the other end should be in English
  2. CJG888
    No, definitely Chinese only, and no pinouts (but I figured that one out for myself, using the stock cable as a reference!).

    Incidentally, despite the protestations of Hifiman's customer services department, there is no gapless to be found on this FW release...

    The sound is very good, though (better via line out than using the internal amp).

    Much, much better than the DX50. On certain tracks, though, I might still prefer my old HM-601LE...
  3. karloil
    i'd still get you a picture of the pin outs, too lazy to get the box out from storage...[​IMG]
    same observation here...much more defined than the dx50. and lineout is much cleaner.
  4. fengwei007

    If you asked about the dock cable came in the box, then:
    - the one w a bit thicker and more rigid wire is foe SPDIF in, not out.
    - the other two RCA connectors are for line out.

    If you want to do DIY dock cable, then you can take a look at Hifiman's DIY dock connector here, there are some wiring diagram in the descriptions, which I followed and successfully made one dock connector myself:

    It's in Chinese, but you can read the pictures :)
  5. CJG888
    I suspect that the packaging and accessories may have changed.

    Mine came with an instruction manual in Chinese and a single LOD cable with a 3.5mm plug. No RCA cable, no SPDIF.
  6. howdy
    So does anyone have any knowledge on this vs. the FiiO X5. I want to buy this but only if it is better than the X5 in only sound. I would want a more analogue sound sig.
  7. fengwei007
    I'd have my X5 in two weeks ... Although I've heard the X5 before, but only for a few minutes in shop. I remember I liked the DX90 better when paired with FX850. Sound wise I think HM650 still has its advantage, especially considering the options for different amp cards. 
  8. howdy

    Thanks for the answer.
    The X5 paired with the FiiO E12 is a hard combo to beat and im wondering if the HM650 will be a somewhat significant better DAP. I will be looking for your comparisons. If you can get your hands on the E12 with the X5 that would be great as it helps out a lot in every way.
  9. fengwei007

    Sorry I don't have an E12, but I probsbly can test it out in our regular headphone shops. I'm pairing the X5 with SR71A.
  10. Mmet
    How does that compo sound ? ( x5 + SR71A ) ?
  11. fengwei007
    Should be very good ... even though my X5 isn't here yet [​IMG]
  12. howdy
    Have you heard the HM650 with the HE400i by chance?
  13. fengwei007
    Yes, I have. And they pair very nicely I'd say. The stock (classic-II) amp card is pretty powerful already (more powerful than previous two stock amp cards for HM901), should be enough for general listening. But of course the sound will improve further if you have a more powerful amp (portable or desktop ones). Although hifiman claimed HE400i is very easy to drive, it's still not able to sound its best with portable DAPs, HM650/802/901 included. 
  14. howdy
    I know I have mine plugged into my X5 and E12. the E12 is a very powerful amp and I have it on high gain. I think I will have to just go ahead and buy the HM650.
  15. howdy
    Has the X5 arrived? As you might tell I'm eager to here your thoughts on the two. I know this will be just your opinion but I can gather the info I need to make a constructive decision.
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