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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. pekingduck
    I think you can find some impressions of the discrete card over the HM901 thread(s).
  2. ph58
    . OK thanks , talking about difference about SQ between the 650 and the 802 , i have ask the question to Hifiman , the reply is : not much because they share the same dual Wolfson Dac . I think that the 802 will be cannibalise by the 650 .
  3. fengwei007

    To me yes, the discrete card has better extension on both ends w better vocals too. It is a bit more powerful than the balanced card even in balanced setting. But some users prefer the balanced card.
  4. ph58
    . Thanks , i have made an announcement to buy this discrete card in the for sale trade forum , bu if you know someone who want to sale his discrete or balanced card , please let me know , my HM 650 has been shipped this morning .
  5. alpha421
    Anyone know if the HM-650 has the same filter switch (HD/Vintage) as on the HM-802?
  6. alpha421
    NVM - saw the images and it appears it does. I agree that this may cannibalize the HM-802 sales.  [​IMG]
  7. Sound Eq
    does it have any eq, if not which hifiman has eq, does it need an extra amp to drive lcd2 rev2
    as for sound i looking for warm, rich full detailed sound sig with great bass
    I received mine today and yes, it has the HD/Vintage switch. The back cover fits much more tightly than the back on my HM-901.
  9. ph58
    Hy , everyone , does the hm650 come with a screen protector pre installed ? Thanks
  10. Sound Eq

    whats the hd/vintage switch
    From audioadvisor.com:
    "Another great feature of the HM-901 is the HD and Vintage switch, which alters the DAC frequency response. HD means high definition, and there is less roll-off in the high frequencies. It's a more modern sonic signature. Vintage gives you 3 db roll-off at 20 kHz to mimic the softer sonic signature you get from classic hi-fi gear."
  12. ph58
    I don't hear any difference between the HD And Vintage switch , perhaps that's a function only available on the HM901 ?
  13. alpha421
    Curious what phones and music source you're using?  It would be a shame if that functionality is not activated despite the physical switch.
  14. ph58

    The new Ultrasone Performance 880 , in Flac , try several time but don't hear any difference , maybe that's my ears
  15. Vartan
    No, that's Ultrasone [​IMG]
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