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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. fengwei007

    I'm surprised this isn't even available for purchase on hifiman's website yet. It's really a very good buy considering it's in the same price range as DX90/X5. Anyway, hope more guys would have chance playing this one soon :)
  2. Retrias
    wasnt it available on the chinesse hifiman sites ? but not yet on the head direct ?
  3. fengwei007

    Yes, you are right.
  4. phlegm
    Would hm650 fare well with bright headphones?
  5. Retrias
    depend on what you want it to do , i mean the X5 fare well with bright earphones if you want to tone down its rather dark signature
  6. lancer7777
    didn't see it at hifiman store
  7. pekingduck

    It's only available in China at this moment.
  8. maxboripat
    Is there a line out slot on hm650?...I can't find it
    so I can upgrade it to use with amp in future
  9. jono454
    Was going to pull a trigger on the DX-90 but this looks promising.
    I don't suppose anyone would have any idea on a release date for North America?
  10. fengwei007

    Yes, it does have LO signal from the dock. Same as the HM901/802.
  11. fengwei007

    The HM650 itself is pretty neutral sounding, but you can use different amp cards to match different headphones/earphones. For bright headphones, I guess the stock classic-2 card would do pretty well. I tried RS1 and T5p w HM650 (stock card), all sound fantastic.
  12. phlegm

    Thanks a lot! my headphones (recabled ESW10) have severe sibilance problems. The mids seem to be perceivably more recessed too. I hope HM650 can lessen the issue.
  13. Sound Eq
    and which cards to use for warm sound with good bass
  14. maxboripat
    How good is its amp power?
  15. fengwei007
    Hifiman players are all overall a bit warm sounding, with the HM901 the least warm (compared with other Hifiman players). HM650 is probably somewhere between the 901/802. And of course the amp cards play big part in the final sound. 
    Among all the amp cards I've used, I think the current classic-II card is a bit warmer than the rest (Balanced, IEM, Minibox, Discrete). It's a very good quality card, I think most users would be happy w/ it. The other thing I like the HM650/Classic-II combo is the play time per charge. It lasts much longer than HM901 even w/o amp card (use LO out to connect to other amp). 
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