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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. fengwei007
    It's pretty powerful, even the HE500 can sound very loud at about 4-5 volume setting in high gain. Even K701 and HD800 sound pretty nice w/ the stock amp card. Of course they deserve more powerful amps to sound their best. 
  2. pekingduck
    @fengwei007 thanks for your impression. Does the new firmware still chop the first seconds of a track, like the 901 with the old firmware did?
  3. fengwei007
    Hmm, I never noticed that. But for me it's never a big deal even on 901. First a few seconds doesn't really matter much to me. 
  4. ph58
    . Just available this morning , i've pull the trigger right away , will received the beast next week , i hope .
  5. jono454
    Damnit head-fi my wallet is dying.
    From what I gather, this is better than the dx90....may actually buy this by end of day today.
  6. howdy
    So has anyone compared this to the X5 and has anyone listened to this with the HE400i? Really looks nice and Im sure sounds even better.
  7. xxxfbsxxx
    Tempted...this or cayin n6 -.-
  8. Retrias
    I will do this comparison when the local store got a sample
  9. gimbertt
  10. ph58
    . What do you mean about Discrete card , i don't see on Hifiman's catalogue , just : Balance , IEM , or Minibox . have buy mine with the Minibox , it seems that it is better than the Standart one .
  11. Retrias
    Discrete is a DIY amp card from a chinesse guy iirc
  12. ph58
    Thanks , how much that cost for this card ?
  13. fengwei007

    It's an amp card developed and made by a hm901 user in China. He only made about 200 pieces, all sold out as far as I know. The only way to get it is from second hand market. Current market price is about 190-200USD.
  14. ph58

    OK , i think i'm gonna make an announcement to get  one on the for sale trade forum . Is it better than the HIFIMAN Balanced amp card ?
  15. karloil
    hhmmm...waiting for more impressions...i have my eye on either this or the 802 [​IMG]
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