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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. ph58
    Can hear the difference now with my Beyerdynamic T5P .
  2. alpha421
    ^nice choice in cans.  Love the treble in those.  Results now makes more sense.
  3. Retrias
    I am going to singapore in around december , have anyone actually found this in singapore?
  4. karloil

    Yes. It's available in Singapore. I'm eyeing one myself :)
  5. Retrias
    oh really ? do you know how much is it and where i can find one ?
  6. karloil
    ^AV One carries them for $S699.
  7. Retrias
    hmmm, I would have to calculate , if its actually better to get online or to get it in singapore
  8. mark2410 Contributor
    Very early thoughts
    just slapped these and the q-JAYS on.  oh FCUK me these are good.
    there is a few things that seem dumb like unless im missing something, the proprietary charging, just What?!?!?!?!?? i also dont like the idea of 9 hours battery life.  especially if i cantjust plug in any old micro usb to charge, like seriously hifiman are you serious 9 hours and you think ooh lets use a proprietary charger the size of a small car???????
    still, by christ so far im really REALLY findng these bloody good to hear.
  9. karloil
    ^looking forward to more of your impressions! Have yet to audition them myself.
  10. CJG888
    Has anyone compared this directly to the DX90?

    Is it possible to buy a simple LOD cable to connect the line output to an external amp (I have only seen a desktop dock)?
  11. fengwei007

    There is a dock cable (dock to RCA) included in the box which can be used to hook up the 650 with an external amp. Of course you can buy a better cable or make your own. Hifiman sells the DIY dock connector. The line out sound is amazing.
  12. CJG888
    Thank you. What sort of a dock connector does it use?
  13. pekingduck
    It's a proprietary one similar to the 30-pin Apple connector
  14. CJG888
    Have you had a chance to compare this to the DX90?

    I'm intending to use it with an external amplifier (via line out), as a replacement for a DX50.

    Does it have gapless playback?

    Thank you.
  15. ph58
    Hi , i have one question : does the line dock out bypass completely the internal amplifier card ? Thanks
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