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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. turbomustang84
    I do not really notice an imbalance
  2. bagwell359
    I re-modded my 4XX. Still has nearly open back, but blutack and felt around the outfacing ring removed for pure dynamat, also added the Mrspeakers Ether Closed pads (used so slightly thinner than new)

    Bass is still dense but quicker and more lithe, it's somewhat similar to the HE-500 in feel more than say the lighter not dense HE5SE. It holds up well to 60 Hz, falling at 55 Hz, almost gone at 31 Hz, done at 25 Hz.

    The mids have a bit more air and depth. Moving the ear away from the driver a bit curtails treble which on balance is a good thing.

    These sorts of mods are for people with time looking for incremental improvement. Playing over the same tracks used in testing the 4XX with the HEX v2 made it clear that the 4XX in no way can compete. The 4XX isn't a match for the $315 Alara either.
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  3. trellus
    Does that hold true for stock 4XX vs stock Alara, to your ears, or is this evaluation based on the mods you have done on both?
  4. bagwell359
    Well, they were compared yesterday both in modified state - so that's a given. The 4XX have been modified for a year and a half so comparing that to either state of the Alara is tough, but if I had to render a verdict, I'd yes to both.
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  5. nialloreilly
    Thanks for the heads up on the eBay cable, I just placed an order!!

  6. zalitis
    Bought these for 150EUR from Massdrop EU and they are great. Read a lot of complains about their BQ but hope mines are OK, the only annoying issue are these grids that covers earcups from sides, mines arent 100% fixed and are moving a bit, is anyone having the same thing and is there any way how to fix this "problem" ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Ruci
    Hi all,

    I also just got my 4xx and got some questions :)

    The first thing I noticed was that one of the headbandsliders was a lot looser then the other and had problem staying in place. Upon inspection I also noticed that the same one have white plastic inside the which to me looks weird (attaching pictures).

    So to my questions.
    Are the plastic holding the headband also white on one side on your headphones?
    Do you also have any problem with the sliders staying in place?

    Best regards and thanks in advance!


    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  8. Towa
    When I first bought my pair I noticed one of my headband sliders was rather loose as well, upon further inspection the entire front of the slider popped off, I superglue it back on and I haven't had any troubles with my pair since. It just seems like a problem with the manufacturing process... Some of the glue theyre putting on these things is not holding up or is defective I guess
  9. zalitis
    Hi, my right slider is dead after being used for 2 days, about plastic - I dont have anything white there.
  10. Ruci
    Wow, that sucks, good that you could fix it and it works now!
    Okay so they are probably just normally like that and i have to get used to it, things like this can really annoy me :)

    Thanks for the response!
  11. Ruci
    2 days... you should really get a refund for that.
    Thanks for the response regarding the white plastic, looks like they just messed that part up on my headphones
  12. zalitis
    Already sent them back, have to admit that their support is really good and fast. Will try to get 6xx or Jubilees I think.
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  13. djdante
    Hey All, this has been an amazing thread that inspired me to get the 4xx at their incredible current price ($130) - So I have a question to those of you more knowledgable than myself.

    You are all doing lots of mods - Especially those to work on the bass response - My question is this:

    I've found that some EQ tweaking helps the bass immensely - Why would a person seek to make physical mods for this outcome rather than EQ tweaking? What's the benefit? I'm pretty sure that there must be one.
  14. Shane D
    And, I just sold mine. That only took forever and that price cut was not helping at all.

    Enjoy your HiFimans!

    Shane D
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  15. trellus
    LOL, same here, I just sold mine, but I still have the HE-560 and the HE-400 so I am still in the HiFiMAN family, so to speak. :D
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