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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. Shane D
    I think that maybe I am just not a planar guy. I fell deeply, passionately in love with the Oppo-PM3's and then sold them six months later. These I was never in love with, but I did like them at first. But compared the rest of my 'phones they came up very short in clarity. In this price category I much prefer the HD58X's, which I bought used.

    Shane D
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  2. bagwell359
    It's a fun can that's fairly cheap. You can mod it to cut the bass sludge out. Better to try better planars.
  3. Shane D
    Being 0 for 2 means I am swearing off Planars for the foreseeable future.
    I have the Koss electrostatics on the way, want the Elex's and am curious about the Cascades.

    Shane D
  4. bagwell359
    I have one dynamic: HD-600 and a pile of planars: HE-4xx, FH500RP, HE5LE, HE5SE, HE-500, HEX V2, HE6SE - whatever works.

    In summary the 4XX isn't nearly good enough to use in making a serious judgement with - but some here would argue.
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  5. Shane D
    I thought the OPPO PM3's were a far superior headphone, but still lost my interest.

    I must admit that the new Monoprice headphones have piqued my interest, but I am super leery.

    Shane D
  6. bagwell359
    Fair enough. Last idea I have is to go to a meet and listen to everything, or a big dealer like audio46 that will let you play around for a few hours. Went to a meet last Saturday and heard about 15 cans from the Abyss Phi to modded Fostex 50RP's. About 55/60% of ~60 cans there were planar.BTW
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  7. Shane D
    You are SO lucky! There are only two music shops in my town and neither one does much with headphones. And certainly no high end.

    And there are NO meets anywhere around me. Everything is buy blind online and hope for the best.

    Shane D
  8. bagwell359
    Actually Audio46 is a 250 mile trip (when I finally take it). All of New England sucks for high end headphones that were released this century.- the two exceptions are high pressure/buy now places which are very uncomfortable to deal with.

    So, actually take away the meet and I'm like you: buy blind: 10 for 10, because I can get more used then new. As in my speaker days - I've taken to modify my cans, which generally helps too.
  9. Shane D
    I would make that trip probably twice a year if it was an option for me.

    Even with a test run though, it is hard. I have loved headphones for seconds, minutes, hours, days and even weeks only to realize a month or two later that I really don't like them.

    I bought the NightOwl Carbons after falling for them hard in a local store. They had just been discontinued and were available for half price. Less than four weeks later, I hated them with a passion and sold them off.:triportsad:

    Shane D

    PS: Shiny new toy syndrome seems to be a MAJOR medical problem in my case.
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  10. bagwell359
    Yeah that syndrome tends too sweep through the audiophile population....
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  11. Vaejoviscarolinanus
    I am looking forward to listening to these, I used to be a magnepan dealer and I owned several different sets.I just loved the sound but when we moved do to unforseen circumstances my wife said no to replacing them.
  12. ronfifer
    Hello owners, I just placed an order for the HE-4XX and have 2 questions. My application is online competitive FPS gaming (Battlefield) and hence I aim for solid imaging and 3D positional accuracy features in my headphone.

    1. Will replacing the stock cable with a balanced cable improve the soundstage and/or the imaging capabilities of the HE4XX? A few owners tested it out and said yes it does, other users make fun of this claim. So I am confused. If yes, which cable do you recommend for this purpose? The periapt 4-pin XLR balanced cable is $93+shipping.

    2. Which AMP or AMP/DAC do I need? I prefer one with a balanced output but I am also on a budget. I game on an MSI GT62VR gaming laptop with a Sabre onboard chip and also have a Yamaha YSP2500 soundbar with Headphone output.

    Thank you!
  13. DavidA
    Not a direct answer of your question but when I used to game a lot my headphone of choice was the HD700, great positional audio, great sound stage and fairly easy to drive from STX sound card. I'm pretty sure your laptop will be able to drive the HD700 without an amp (even my S9 phone will drive them to louder than I like and my old GF used to use her HD700 with a Fiio X3 DAP daily when walking the dog) and since there are many that don't like the HD700 you can find them really cheap these days. As a bonus the HD700 is one of the most comfortable headphones that I've used. FWIW I also have the HE400, HE400i and HE560 and none really did well for gaming for me.
  14. ronfifer
    Thanks David. I only paid $125 for the HE-4XX. The HD700, while aware of its perks, is still out of my budget, even in used condition.
    I would appreciate if owners can address my 2 questions above.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  15. bagwell359
    XLR on an amp that is very favorable for XLR over SE (like my Rag 1) is better. but on an amp where the output is close/same, not sure. That's a lot of coin for a cable for a $130 pr of headphones. Better headphones or amp might do more for you.

    Sorry, know nothing about gaming.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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