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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. riffrafff
    "Are you threatening me?!?" :o2smile:
  2. BrotherKathos
  3. Philimon
    I appreciate the 4XX for its physically open sound, its more diffuse but speaker-like. The 58X is technically better but it sounds like a headphone - almost closed in comparison. 58X is beast, but 4XX is a worthy change of pace so Im keeping both which is a surprise because I thought I would want to sell the 4XX based on reading here.
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  4. Assimilator702
    I have my HE 4XX, HD6XX, HD 58X and I had my Fostex TH-X00 in that case before I sold them. So needless to say O LO this case.

    I plan in buying one for every headphone I have.
  5. CoFire
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  6. ngs428
    I ordered it! :)
  7. riffrafff
    I see what you did there. :ksc75smile:

  8. CoFire
    Regarding bass, I notice some people yearn for more. I have the 400i and noticed one of a couple things.

    1. Coming from dynamics, planar bass tends to lack the initial impact of dynamic drivers but tends to have more texture and a straight line characteristic on a frequency plot. Might take a little training for the brain to get tuned in, but I find planar bass better in terms of texture/tonation quality, but lacking impact which for most listeners not familiar with planar drivers stands out first and foremost.

    2. I've had 2 identical 400i headphones connected to a Grace m9XX with dual identical outputs. Comparing them, mine had great bass response, the other, my friend's was a dud. It seriously sounded like a different headphone, no joke. Don't rule out Hifiman's QC, they're not exactly stellar in that regard. He sent them back, we compared the replacement and it sounded as good if not better than mine.

    3. Lots of music accentuates the 60-90 Hz frequency range where dynamic drivers tend to hit harder, this becomes even more noticeable with planar vs dynamic drivers.

    4. You might just be a basshead and need more. No problems with that, but you might have to change headphones (see THX00 Purpleheart or most woods in that series).

    If you are swapping pads for more bass, it's a bit tricky if you want to keep those mids present. I am currently using the ZMF Universe Non Fenestrated pads and although they don't boost the bass a ton, I find them more comfortable, with slightly tamer highs and better separation between instruments which to me leads to a better soundstage. Its not a drastic difference but subtle in the right direction. I'd like to try the ZMF Ori but haven't had the opportunity.

    When pad rolling with the 400i, I've noticed leather accentuates bass and moving the drivers increases bass response, more than likely because it cuts back the mids. I like the mids, would like a little tamer treble and a touch more bass. I find so far, my current pads provide that.

    If you are looking to watch movies, I would recommend the DT-990. The DT-990 has a very pronounced V-shaped signature which gives you that theater bass and makes metal sound like metal, think shell casings jumping out of a machine gun. I forget which movie (the one with Brad Pitt and Shia LeBouff) but the WWII tank flick when with the scene at the cross roads and shells just jumping out of the gun had that sharp sound of metal whereas other headphones sounded more like a thud, less metallic. The soundstage on the DT-990 is far bigger as well.

    I think the DT-990 gets a bad rep, much like Klipsch speakers when listening to music because the highs are too piercing for listening to music but imo, they are perfect for movies since you don't typically get pounded over and over at high frequencies in movies like you do music. For reference, I have the 600 ohm version.
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  9. ngs428
    Received the cable today. They do not work. The headphones require a 3.5mm plug, this cable has a 2.5mm plug. Had to list them on ebay since I doubt it would be cheaper to send them back to China
  10. chimney189
    The highs have definitely been tamed a bit for me because of brain burn-in. At this point the highs are perfect for me.

    This headphone also has a very spacious sound signature. It's polite, yet at the same time it isn't. It's hard to describe.
    The one thing that I could change is adding slightly more weight and body to the bass, but it's accuracy is wonderful.
  11. hsdrggr
    If yours are 3.5mm then this is a recent change by Hifiman. My HE4XX’s are only a few months old and they have 2.5mm trs connectors at the earcups. See pics.
    1124427B-FB62-4D0A-A7D1-A1426CF737FB.jpeg 0096CDAF-D11F-4FB3-B973-34C896CAF962.jpeg
  12. ngs428
    Yeah, I see what you mean. I don’t have a caliper on me, but yes they changed to 3.5mm at the cups.

    Here is a pic of the stock cable. All 3 male ends are the same.

    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
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  13. hsdrggr
    Hmm, that’s interesting. Wonder why. Maybe to help keep them plugged in more securely. Mine unplug occasionally.
  14. hsdrggr
    If you can’t find a set of balanced cables with 3.5mm ends. I could make you up a set with Mogami cable all silver soldered. $75. Just PM me your contact info. If you want switchable ends using mini xlr connectors so you can run both balanced and single-ended it would run $120. Takes about 4 hours to make these cables by hand.
    3660F800-8475-496B-8197-0BB51DA7AD3D.jpeg D294584E-4C22-41A7-B424-D5C86FF1CEE4.jpeg 56F6A72E-6762-4423-8D3C-D8807410D895.jpeg 58AD0C7E-0102-424C-9EEF-B418220E9916.jpeg 5199A748-D257-4F4B-864F-D43292BE05E9.jpeg
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  15. BrotherKathos
    That is the same cable I got with my HE-400i. I got mine a few weeks back and like you ordered a 2.5mm cable by mistake. Must be a very recent change for both models. Might have something to do with the Sundara.
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