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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. Mizicke5273
  2. ngs428
    Great! Order placed. Thanks!
  3. chimney189
    Does anyone know how to ever so slightly tame the highs with a simple modification?
  4. crazywipe
    Burn-in 100 hours, It will not be an issue after.
  5. chimney189
    Alright, I'll definitely try this out.
    I'm really only a believe in brain-burn-in though.
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  6. crazywipe
    My set was a bit bright and distant sounding at first. After some running-in the midrange open up nicely. Also the pads seal much better now. I will not call the 4xx a bright headphone, it’s close to neutral to my ears. Maybe has a couple of db less in the presence region, and a couple of db more in the upper treble. The midrange is wonderful balanced for the price. No mid-bass hump!
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  7. chimney189
    I bought these pads as a replacement: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Angle-Genu...hash=item1c92e958b2:m:m0awgi4GrNi3QhLeMYIgaeg Maybe it will have a positive effect on the treble!
    I love that there is no mid-bass hump. This is a really clean, spacious sounding headphone that punches hard when needed. I listened to Aphex Twin - Syro last night and was blown away by every track. I suggest listening to this album if one thinks that there is not enough bass.
  8. crazywipe
    The pads looks very nice!
    A lot of modding options with Hifimans.
    The next thing will be upgrading the cable. When I have time I’ll DIY a Mogami based cable. Maybe a Neotech, but it’s quite expensive! Any cable will be better than the stock one, I am pretty sure

    Can you give some comparison between the 4xx and 500? It will be nice. Thanks!
  9. chimney189
    I was thinking about buying this cable: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hifiman-Op...393499?hash=item1a38e09adb:g:Bj0AAOSwWHBZ95Os .. but then I'll be paying more for the cable than the actual headphone!

    It's been a long time since I heard the HE-500, but from memory it has a W-shaped sound signature whereas the HD-4XX has a slight V-shaped signature. There is also the possibility that the treble on the HE-500 is ever so slightly more refined than the HE-4XX. I honestly don't think it is worth to upgrade, especially considering how much heavier the HE-500 is.
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  10. chrolls
    I believe poster bagwell did this earlier in the thread, but inserting a ring of felt sandwiched between the earpads (where your earlobes go) with the felt facing the driver can help tame the highs. Something to do with tamping down on unwanted reflections from the leather on the pads? Like going from this:


    to this:


    See how they put the felt?

    Here's my little recommendation. Get some adhesive felt with paper glued on one side. Take out the retention rings that keep the grills in place and perfectly trace them in pencil on the paper side of the felt. Cut out those circles, than carefully insert them inside the pads with the paper facing out. Carefully trace the "inside hole" where your ears go, like an oval shape. Cut out this tracing in such a way so that you end up with two circles with oval shaped holes in them that perfectly match the opening of the earpads. Insert and enjoy! Note that I never said unglue the felt. I tried adhering the felt to the earpads but found it nigh impossible, but thats just me.

    Or I guess you could just get a "string" of felt and insert it and skip all this if you're not OCD like me :)
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
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  11. chrolls
    I also believe earpads can help. I got the leather ZMF Ori pads off a massdrop deal for $52, and not only did they seem to tame the highs, they also helped the bass response and the somewhat recessed mids.

    The grill mod MIGHT help as well, if just a smidgen. Right now mine are naked and 'grill-less' except for some organza squares haphazardly but sufficiently sandwhiched for dust protection between the retention rings and the outside body of the 'phones themselves. Also helps with treble grain and openness.
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  12. chimney189
    Would anyone be willing to do some 'extreme' mods on my HE-4XX?
    I'd be willing to pay for the service and for shipping.

    Please PM me if you are willing!
    I'm most interested in taming the highs .. but I'm not too confident in my modding abilities.
  13. hsdrggr
    Just pop off the earpads and cut a piece of TP into an oval to fit in between the driver and earpads. This calmed the treble down just enough to make them enjoyable. Once I get a good amount of hours on mine I will remove the TP and see how it sounds. Worst case the TP goes back in. Also remove the fabric from the outer grill to help open the soundstage a little.
  14. BrotherKathos
    TP for your bunghole?
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  15. hsdrggr
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
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