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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. Gavin C4
    200 is really a good price for an entire new headphone! I would take that offer. The driver is the same as the old version its just the difference in the cable adapter. You also gain some ability for future proof since future custom cable would be made for 2.5mm hifimans. 
  2. Jiggybutt
    I've been asking people on the forum that owns both Jounheim with built in dac AND the Modi Mulitibit. They say that while the built in dac is a good one, the external multibit is a bit better. I am not really sure what balanced connection between dac and amp would do better than single ended. Using the balanced headphone output does supposedly gain quality.
  3. Gavin C4
    According to Schiit's  "philosophy" in dacs and amp, they believe that a separated dac  and a separated amp is more desirable. This is one of the reason why they have so little dac/amp all in one combo. Until they released the no compromise  Jotunheim all in one dac/amp. (Not counting in the Fulla) 
    IMO I would also consider aesthetic value in my personal preference. OCD Either have a stack of the same size so they look nice on top of each other. Or one compact minimalism approach. Having two box of different size or what putting them together beside my Macbookpro is unacceptable for me. (OCD) 
    But if you are only considering sound quality, then it is another story
  4. Jiggybutt
    Yes, It's sad that the boxes don't match up. Would I have the money I would buy the Bifrost Multibit, to get a nice looking stack. I actually thaught about getting with the built in dac from start and later upgrade with external, but schiit europe didn't have the one with dac chip installed in stock, so I went with the one without. I hope it will be a nice one and that it will arrive here soon.
  5. 520RanchBro

    Are you referring to this band?
    If so, please PM because you need some better metal in your life ASAP.
    FWIW I think the 560 does exceedingly well with more complex metal. The imaging is so precise, with a well produced and mastered album every track on a song sounds like it has its own little 'pocket' while still maintaining cohesiveness. It's especially obvious when getting in to more dense and layered noise and drone music too.
    I think this is just due to tonal balance where no frequency on these cans feels over or under-represented IMO.
  6. Guidostrunk
    Yep. Metal is my least favorite music. So I really don't need any in my life. Lol. It's only played when my daughter joins in on my listening sessions.
  7. Jiggybutt
    Holy sh**! Today was the first day I really had the time to sit down and listen to my new he-560. Just had a few short listening sessions before. They blow my mind away! I have been sitting here for 4 hours, unable to do anything else than listen.
    Coming from Shure 1840, which I thaught was a good pair of headphones. Well.. I can't describe in words in how much better the hifiman are. This opens up a whole new world for me. AND, I am still powering them with my Magni/modi 1. I have a Jotunheim on the way here and I hope it will bring out even better tunes through my lovely phones! It was mainly reading this thread who convinced me to buy them All of your words about how good they are, and I am still blown away. Thank you internet!
  8. DavidA
    @Jiggybutt, glad you are enjoying your HE-560.  I also have a SRH-1840 and I still like it for some genres, its also easier to drive properly than the HE-560 and is better with subpar recordings where the HE-560 will make poor recordings sound really bad.
    I think you will really enjoy the HE-560 with the Jot, the original Magni/Modi really didn't do well with the HE-560 to me, but since we all hear differently the only person they need to sound go to is you.
  9. Arttt
    how does he560 sound with tubes ?
  10. DavidA
    Great with my Lyr2, Siemens Lorenz tubes, really good on a friends Liquid Glass.
  11. Gavin C4
    Give the HE560 good amount of power and roll your tubes, you will love it. 
  12. StanD

    How much power?
  13. msimanyi
    My 560s are very happy with the power levels on the Mjolnir2.  On the low gain setting I frequently find myself between 11:00 and 1:00 on the volume control; on high gain I'm around 9:00 - 10:00.
    I'm *incredibly* pleased with the sound - just floored by the emotional connection to be honest - with my Macbook > Intona USB isolator > Bifrost Multibit > Mjolnir 2 > 560s, using the balanced connection for the phones. (I went with Moon's Black Dragon cable for the headphones.)
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  14. bavinck
    Hey folks. I had the 560 a while ago via Mojo and enjoyed them. I had to sell and have just recently secured used another pair used. I have a schiit Jot and project ember, fed by mimby. Which do you think will better power the 560? I always thought the Mojo was not doing the 560 full justice, imo of course.
  15. Guidostrunk
    Lead me home-Jamie N Common


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