1. Aaron Shi

    Any suggestion on my next move?

    Hey guys I'm new here in this forum. Been reading posts for some time though. Currently I have a pair of Hifiman HE 560, driven by Schiit Lyr 2. I use both Marantz tt-15 turntable and Bifrost Multibit as my source. Recently I have just moved to a new apartment so I'm thinking of setting up new...
  2. Gr8Desire

    Help: Static Pops with HIFIMAN HE-560 Planar Headphones. What's up?

    I took delivery of a new pair of HFIMAN HE-560 headphones yesterday. Nice construction and the sound is what I am looking for after auditioning the Beyerdynamic t1, Grado gs1000e and Sennheiser HD 800.  Planar headphones might just be the ticket for me! But I have one serious problem: Moving...
  3. qoouep

    Pairing: HD600 or HD650 with the HiFiman HE-560

    I have an HE-560 and an HD600 with a broken driver. I want to keep my HD600 as a companion to the HE-560, but I can choose to get either a single new HD600 driver ($70.90 each) or two new HD650 drivers ($50.23 each). It would cost about $30 more to get HD650 drivers over the single HD600 driver...
  4. Thrang

    Comparison Review: HD-800, HD-700, PM-1, and HE-560

    After having asked and received for a wonderful Christmas gift, the Oppo PM-1 and Oppo HA-1 amp (based on the overall great feedback here and elsewhere) - I found that I was Scroogily-disappointed with the PM-1’s. Not sonically, but simply for their poor comfort. I was seeking relief after 20...
  5. BillsonChang007

    Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei RockJaw Alfa Genus loaning program

    Dear Head-Fiers, I will be hosting a mini loaning program on the truly amazing RockJaw Alfa Genus. See review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/738059/rock-jaw-review-one-size-fits-all This loaning program is ONLY open to Singapore and Malaysia citizens. If you are from Brunei, feel free to...
  6. drummerben04

    $1000 budget, should I go open or closed?

    *****POLL MISTAKE: MEANT LCD-2 NOT LCD-3!!***** I have a $1000 and my choices at this point are huge. Basically I have 6 headphones that I'm considering buying. The Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime, Beyerdynamic T5p, Beyerdynamic T1, Hifiman HE-560, Fostex TH-900, Audeze lcd-2. I would prefer open...
  7. Tristan944

    Audeze EL-8 Impressions Thread

    Audeze has released images and samples of the upcoming EL-8 headphones. With testers already auditioning these new headphones, lets hear what your impressions are. 
  8. thatBeatsguy

    thatBeatsguy Reviews: HiFiMAN RE-300h

    ❄ The HiFiMAN RE-300h: An Unexpected Journey IEM ❄   Disclaimer      First of all, I just want to sincerely thank Peter and the guys over at HiFiMAN for giving me the opportunity to review their new RE-300 IEMs. I would like to clarify that I am neither affiliated with HiFiMAN or any of its...
  9. Decoy

    HiFiMan he-560 vs he-6 size

    I have a chance to get a really good deal on a HiFiMAN HE-6 but I cannot audition one anywhere nearby. I'm a big guy (6'8") and I have a big head to match. I have tried the HE-560 and I don't quite fit with part oh my earlobes hanging out. Is the HE-6 much bigger?   My Audeze LCD-2 and...
  10. FredrikT92

    Desperate need for change! *New headphones

    Hello!   I've had the LCD-2s for awhile now, and I like them alot, but I want to try something new. I also struggle a bit with their comfort.  I cant wear them more then 1 hour before it itches on my head, even with suede headband.  Basicly I have come to the conclusion that I want either...
  11. Pooger

    The Wire v Beta 22

    I’m trying to decide between these two (will do SE version of either first, and possibly BAL version later; currently my DAC‘s balanced outs are going to my speaker amps). Does anyone have direct experience with both of these designs using HiFiMan orthos? (Even more ideally the HE-560s, but I...
  12. agoffe

    Where Can I buy the HiFiman 560 in Southern California?

    Does anyone know where I can go to buy the new HiFiman 560 headphones anywhere in Southern California? I've searched everywhere online but no luck.
  13. conquerator2

    Are there any portable headphones with HiFiMAN-like signature?

    Hi guys, It is no secret that I absolutely love my HE-560 and RE-400 [essentially a slightly n-shaped HE-560 lite for a steal price!]. Now that I have my IEM and home full-size covered for some time, I'd love to find a portable headphone, which sounds similar to either of them. My definition...
  14. jerg

    = HE-560 Enhancement Mod (v1.5) =

          HE-560 Enhancement Mod v1.5.0         2015-02-08: UPDATED TO V. 1.5.0, FROM 1.0.1; CHANGELOG POST         Preface     This is the result of a couple dozen hours of tweaks (Edit 2015-02-08 a couple more dozen hours now, with v. 1.5.0) after the last several months of HE-560...
  15. flargosa

    Why do top end headphones go beyond 20 khz if there is no sound there?

    The Sennheiser HD800, Grado PS1000e, Beyerdynamic T1, and Hifiman HE560 all play up to 50 khz. Why design headphones to reproduce frequency ranges beyond 20khz if there is nothing there?  
  16. Jazic

    Valhalla for HE560

    I have a Valhalla and was wondering if it was powerful enough to juice the HE560's properly. I just got the HE560's and they sound great but I am not knowledgeable enough to know the ins and outs of powering this stuff. I love the Valhalla with all of my other cans, especially my cheaper stuff...
  17. money4me247

    Tube Suggestion for the Lyr 2+HE-560

    heyhey!   Just curious if anyone had any sub-$50 tube suggestions for the Lyr 2 + HE-560. Looking for something that will improve the basssss.   Or would $50 be too little to get any real improvement.   Thanks!!! :)
  18. headfirocks

    Which headphones for Chord Hugo?

    Which headphones would be the best choice for a Chord Hugo DAC?
  19. payj

    HE-560 VS Vmoda M100

    Hello,   I currently have the M100 and was wondering how these would compare in quality and comfort. After about 1 hour my m100 start to hurt my ears.   My music taste vary, but I listen to mostly progressive, chill house, hip hop, relaxing (whatever that mean - I know lol)
  20. payj

    HE-560 With 901 DAP - Questions??

    Hello,   I was wondering if the above dap can push the above headphone to their full potential or if an additional amp would be required?
  21. Urokoz

    The new HiFiMan HE-560 headband on the HE-400's?

    I recently saw that the new HE-560 and HE-400i. The reviews I've seen all say that the new headband and pad are amazing.   Not too long ago I bought a pair of HE-400's and they sound amazing, but the comfort isn't in top, as it is very heavy.   I was wondering, if anyone knows, if it is...
  22. Justin_Time


    HiFiMAN HE-560: AN IMPROVED HE-500? FIRST IMPRESSION: DISPELLING A MYTH As promised, my HiFiMAN HE-560 arrived this weekend by overnight delivery from Todd (What a guy!). Usually, I wait at least a few months before voicing my opinion on any product. I am breaking my own rule today. My...
  23. takezo

    HiFiMan HE-560 US Tour Thread / Impressions and Reviews

                                     HiFiMan HE-560 USA/Canada Tour Thread     Well boys and girls the Hifiman HE-560 planar headphone Touring Event in the USA has begun! Head-fi members in the west and east coast, as well as our Canadian brothers and sisters, have begun receiving their...
  24. grizzlybeast

    ZMF x Vibro & ZMF Blackwood Discussion Thread.

        ZMF x VIBRO & ZMF BLACKWOOD       (Vibro)   (Blackwood)     I have thoroughly enjoyed the ZMF x Vibro headphone and felt it needed its own thread so I started this one. While no headphone is perfect this specific set is a very well rounded headphone and has become a favorite closed...
  25. jude

    Mo-Fi Headphones from Blue Microphones: Multi-link, Amplified Headphone Goodness - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.   In a Head-Fi TV exclusive, we introduce the first headphone from Blue Microphones -- the exciting, new Mo-Fi!     Products mentioned in the video:   Blue Microphones Mo-Fi headphone HiFiMAN HE-560...