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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. Jazic
    I have a Modi 2 Uber at work and like I say compared to the Mojo it doesn't sparkle or shine in any way if maybe just a little upper mid boosted. 
  2. Duy Le
    You just need to change the XLR 4 pins connector because the stock cable already support balance.
  3. Jiggybutt
    Ok, I found the Jotunheim thread here on HF and I am positive about it. It is however a stretch to my budget if I need a new dac aswell. Are there any other amps at the same or lower price point that matches the 560 good?
  4. Jazic
    You'll never go wrong with the Modi/Magni stack.
    If you're looking for something similar but a step up try the Modi/Lyr 2 combo. I personally think the Lyr 2 sings well with my 560's with Amperex tubes. 
  5. Jiggybutt
    I have the original Modi/magni stack right now and it's a bit dull. I have no idea of how much the new model has improved, but I feel as it would hardly be an upgrade to buy the stack again. I've heard people saying that Lyr 2 lacks in the highs and bass with 560 and is a bit cold. That is not your experience?
  6. Jazic
    I have the Modi 2 Uber and with the Lyr 2 it's a bit boring and doesn't sparkle in the highs or as decent of a sub bass/punch as compared to using the Mojo as the dac/source. 
    That said the Modi 2 Uber has a bass boost function with the windows drivers that adds quite a bit of impact without messing with the rest of the sound. If you add a 50hz boost of about 3dB it'll really make them pop a bit more.
    If you're interested in trying a CEntrance M8 optical, I am considering parting with mine. It has bass and treble boosts which are very subtle and add a bit of character in lacking headphones/IEM's without messing up the rest of the sound. I'm not wanting to do an advertisement or anything but PM if me if you're interested. 
  7. Jiggybutt
    I have been reading about the Modi Multibit. I'm unsure of how much better than modi uber it is, but reviews sounds promising. Pairing that with the jotunheim might do the trick
  8. llcook51
    Guidostrunk, Thanks for recommending "Trace Elements- Electric Job". Fabulous on the HE-560.
  9. Guidostrunk
    Check out their other album as well. They record well.


  10. Jazic

    Wouldn't the on board dac with the jotunheim be best since it's balanced?
  11. Midgetguy
    Balanced or not just has to do with the amp signal output, not the actual decoding of digital information to analog waves itself. Not only that, but it looks like you don't even necessarily need to have a DAC chip in the Jotunheim; you could have a separate DAC unit that outputs a balanced or single-ended signal to the Jotunheim which then sends a blanaced or single-ended signal to the headphone of your choice. At least that how I understand it.
  12. Gavin C4
    It depends on if you want a compact all in one dac/amp or separate another dac. According to my experience Schiits produce great dacs as to their price points, you should be happy with either choice. Modi or dac module on Jotunheim.
  13. MaximPrime
    So my SMC connector broke on my stock HE560 cable and i started looking around in the Hifiman store for a replacement, it seems the don't stock and don't plan to stock the SMC connector cables anymore.
    They did offer me to upgrade my HE560 to the new model for $200 which would include a new cable, tempting as i would prob end up spending like $100 on a new cable.
    What do you guys think any pro's and cons?
  14. DavidA
    Since I can build my own cables $200 is on the high side but for a whole new headphone, hard to say.  Other thing is I'm not a fan of the 2.5mm TR jacks, the SMC is a more secure connection IMO but I do see many having problems with them so its a toss up.  Since I also use the SMC connectors on my TH-600, K533, Grado's and clones I like it, easy to work with and very compact.
  15. doctorjazz
    A new one for $200 is appealing, but it would essentially sound the same as the one you have. The same $200 on a good aftermarket cable would get you better sound, assuming your current 560 is fine (I know many will say the cable makes no difference... If you believe that, go for the new 560. I did hear improvements with upgraded cables).

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