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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
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  1. jerg Contributor
    HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion
    Initial Impressions & Reviews (Links; chronological)
    Test Prototype HE560:
    Preorder HE560:
    Production HE560 (newest reviews at bottom):
    Site Reviews
    HE-560 appended review (Srajan Ebaen / 6moons.com)
    HE-560 production unit review (Lieven / headphonia.com)
    HE-560 Review (Frank I / headphone.guru)
    User Reviews
    HE-560 shootout (vs LCD-X vs PM1) (TMRaven)
    HE-560 review (JustinBieber)
    HE-560 Impressions (MattTCG)
    HE-560 impressions (buffer)
    HE-560 Impressions (DVass13)
    HE-560 review (Justin_Time)
    HE-560 Review (Jerg)
    HE-560 Review (grizzlybeast)
    HE-560 Review (gelocks)
    HE-560 vs anax-modded HD800 (drdiem)
    HE-560 video review (DigitalFreak)

    HE560, Focus-A (older) hybrid earpads
    Frequency response + Harmonic Distortion
    Cumulative Spectral Decay (Waterfall plot)
    HE560, Focus (newer) hybrid earpads
    Frequency response + Harmonic Distortion
    Cumulative Spectral Decay (Waterfall plot)
    >>HE-560 Enhancement Mod<<
    Production HE560 Review
    Link to review page
    Test prototype review
    Much thanks to Hifiman & Dr. Fang Bian for giving a few of us this opportunity to check out the HE-560 early.
    Being an avid modder, this is definitely one of the most welcoming new headphone line revamps I’ve seen in recent years with regards to ergonomics and design. Just as important is of course the sound.
    Build & Ergonomics
    Wooden cups:










    Sound Quality & Characteristics



    Summary of characteristics:

    Subjective frequency response:
    Comparisons with HE-500 & HE-400:
    Caveats & strengths:
    Interesting Observations & Photos
    HE-560 drivers
    - Work in progress - 
  2. jerg Contributor
    Thought that I might as well make a thread for this headphone, now that a few of us are getting test sample units very very soon (within the next 2~3 days).
  3. zachchen1996
    ohh this should be good [​IMG]
  4. M-13
    Yey! Let the official awesomness begin!
    Here is how professionals eat popcorn
    rexhu100 likes this.
  5. Nimzerz
    Honest. Objective. That's the goal here. [​IMG]
  6. ThurstonX
  7. jerg Contributor
    Kind of why I included a "Caveats and strengths" section in the SQ part of the first post. I don't anticipate this as being somehow a landslide win in terms of performance compared to past HFMs.
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  8. Nimzerz

    Glad to hear that. Keep up the good work Jerg :)
  9. Zoom25
    Subbed [​IMG]
    Also, please discuss the cable (strength, flexibility, durability, sound, prone to tangle, connector style). This is actually a big deal to me this time around with Hifiman. Don't want to have to be forced into buying an upgrade cable right off the bat.
  10. Soundsgoodtome
    Alright, a fresh thread! WHOOO [​IMG] 

    Edit 3/27/14:

    There's definitely more surface area on the diaphragm compared to the HE4. More magnet arrays as well. As light as the HE4 now, I wonder how much weight the headband would shave. Possibly get the HE4 down to 310-320 grams?

    khbaur330162 likes this.
  11. Argybargy
    Wonder how the wood will hold up, hope its solid unlike some lcd2s and earlier hifimans.
  12. Nirmalanow
    Looking forward to reading as the impressions start to come in.
  13. GeneraI
    Can't wait for the early impressions.
  14. wewewho77
    Also waiting for a comparison with HE6.
  15. musicinmymind
    Subbed.. this should be even more exciting than Apple or Samsung next release.
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