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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. raybone0566
    I'd audition it first. I've read it's a bit bright w/ certain phones
  2. Duy Le
    My HE560 sounds more balance with Focus-A pads but I realize that these still have a little bit aggressive, it makes me tired when long listenning. Everything are changed when I borrow the grounding box from my friend, now I can continuous listen 4 hours. I think that it is not as good as Entreq but what it brings to the sound with its price, it's a miracle.
    p/s: I don't except the case main power system is not good enough.
  3. DavidA
    No, I haven't been able to audition one yet, its quite new and seems to be very popular since the demand has caused a back order.
  4. DivergeUnify
    I found the HE560 with Lyr 2 and amperex PQs to be the most sonically balanced set up I've heard so far. Maybe not best overall, many headphones outdue the 560, but in terms of tonal balance
  5. Jazic
    What's your DAC/Source? 
    I found the Uberfrost to be kind of boring/bland. Modi 2 Uber is slightly more lively but similar in tone with a slight bump in the upper mids compared to the Mojo which is a bit more warm but only barely. The Mojo does tame the upper mid spikes on my TH600/900's. 
    I'm referring to the Mojo as the source using the Lyr 2 with Amperex 7308 tubes myself. 
    Best combo I've found is the Mojo and Lyr 2 but the Mojo itself it pretty darn good. On Audiobot9000.com it shows the Mojo as having an extremely high "damping factor" but not exactly sure what that is. 
  6. Jiggybutt
    Yes, I would want that, but where I live there are none who sells high end headphone gear. It's a bit sad...
  7. Jazic
    Is it just me or does the 560 not handle complex music that well? It's an extremely low distortion and high resolution headphone don't get me wrong. When I A/B the 560 vs my TH900's the TH900's sound grainy and veiled by comparison while the 560's are warmer yet more detailed and revealing... It's weird like that...
    Anyways, when listening to intros to most metal songs the headphones sound extremely detailed and just blow me away but once the music starts getting heavy and complex it starts to lose it and just starts falling apart. 
    I'm actually just starting to think that they are so revealing that it's showing bad recordings more obviously than the TH900's which excel at every genre I listen to. 
    My amp/dacs are the Mojo and Lyr 2 and the Lyr 2 tends to be more clear and detailed while the Mojo is more meaty and even though it outputs cleaner sound on paper it sounds thicker which is great in most cases when compared to the Lyr 2. 
    Could it possibly the cable I'm using? Would silver or switching to 8 core copper possibly make a huge difference? I've got some adapters coming and plan on making some 8 core mogami gold cables for them. I know when I had some 4 core cables for my LCD-X they blew the stock cables out of the park so I'd imagine 8 core would be even better.
  8. Guidostrunk
    Hmmmm...Interesting. I was listening to Atilla a few hours ago, and things get pretty complex. No problems whatsoever. Listening to the same album with the HE500's, that I had a few months ago, was disastrous. One of the reasons I got rid of them.

    Currently I'm using a Theta Pro Prime IIA, with a Schiit Mjolnir 1, fully balanced. Metal at about 1 o'clock with this combo, is extremely intense. In awe every time I jam.
  9. Jazic
    I usually don't listen to music that loud but lately I've been turning it up due to how good these damn things sound. 
    I do use Tidal and the max quality settings for both Tidal and my Mojo. 
    On a side note, I'm extremely tempted to get the new Schiit Jotunheim balanced DAC/Amp and start the process of switching to balanced with my cables/terminations. 
  10. Guidostrunk
    I'm actually using Tidal myself. Lol. It's so much easier. I absolutely agree about volume on these things. I could never listen this loud with any can previously owned. (Hd600,650,700,800&HE500)
    It always seemed that all my previous cans would get treble happy(more like ice picks through my eyeballs) , at loud volumes. The 560's , entire spectrum gets loud equally. It's pretty insane. Sometimes I find ,with certain songs, the treble actually blends better at loud volumes. Or maybe I'm losing it. :fearful:


    Edit: Forgot about your side note. I won't get into the debate about SE vs Balanced, but to my ears. There's a difference. For me it's imaging, and sounstage(height/width/&depth). May be significant to some, and others not. I'm in the former category.

  11. raybone0566
    Recieved my 560's back from hifiman today. Apparently they send you a new set of phones as mine were the new ones with the 2.5mm connectors. Unfortunately I can't use any of my custom cables & can't run them balanced. That stock cable is meh!
  12. Fearless1
    Norne makes nice adaptors, or save a couple of bucks and make them yourself.

    I ran into the same problem after mine quit.
  13. raybone0566
    Just ordered a zoetic xlr cable from Trevor Friday. I'll check out those adaptors
  14. DivergeUnify
    metal recordings suck flat out. I found the 560s pretty good with metal to be honest. Very great at presenting guitar and having deep but non bloated bass to give solid lean meat
  15. DivergeUnify
    I simply use a modi

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