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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. DavidA
    As the others noted, you need to bend the metal band since it will not get less over time.  The metal is spring steel so its not that easy to bend.
  2. Arttt
    i put empty whiskey bottle between  "forks" of metal band , and left headphones like that over few nights , it stretched the headband nicely without overkilling it , so headphones sit firm on the head without pressuring too much...
  3. DavidA
    I tried something similar, put a piece of wood between the metal sliders at first because the ear pads were being smashed flat.  After a few weeks I decided to just bend the headband at the bends to stretch them out so the ear pads were not being smashed together all the time.
  4. Atavax
    I'm thinking about getting these. I currently have the he400s. One thing I'm concerned about is weight. The he400s are already on the upper end of what i think i can tolerate for weight. Is the 560 heavier or lighter?
  5. raybone0566
    560's are lighter & imo much more comfortable. And technically a much more capable headphone.
  6. Jazic
    I've been using the Mojo/Lyr 2 combo for awhile now and loving it but still sometimes feel like it's lacking punch. 
    I figured I'd plug in my CEntrance M8 and give it a whirl since I haven't messed with it in awhile. Wow does this thing rock! I set the output impedance to highest, medium gain and bump the bass to half and it's thumping and boomy while still tight and controlled. This makes me think that the 560 would do very well with a nice thick tube amp.
  7. StanD

    How did you "bump the bass to half?"
  8. Jazic

    The m8 has bass and treble boosts. It's not much but it's enough to add some punch if you're lacking.

    Three steps, off, 1 and 2. Half meant 1.
  9. Atavax
    Has anyone tried Schiit's new amp, the Jot with the 560?
  10. StanD

    That's nice to have and unusual for a DAC. By the way, since the HE-560 is a planar, hence resistive, increasing the output impedance of the Amp simply attenuates the output and shouldn't change the tonal or other aspects of SQ. Some dynamic cans have wild impedance curves that might have all sorts of side effects, IMO not good. This is just one of the many reasons why I like Planars/Orthos so much.
  11. Jazic
    Changing the impedance of the amp makes a noticeable difference in sound. With it set to 1ohm it's tighter. With it turned up to 2ohm it's only slightly looser in the bass but once you hit it at 11ohm it's boomy and fills the ears better. I guess it might slow the sound down some but I like it tbh. 
    If I go +2 bass at 1ohm it's not as bassy as +1 bass at 11ohm.
  12. StanD

    That perception dur to impedance changes could be a result of volume differences and loudness contours. Impedance changes have a greater affect on Dynamic cans, Orthos, regarding impedance,  not so much if at all. Changing the bass response of the DAC, well we know that'll do something.
    Isn't it odd that headphone Amps generally do not have any tone controls or EQ?
  13. Jazic
    Changing the output impedance definitely changes the sound. It gets louder but at the highest output impedance vs the lowest, the highest impedance has a boomier sound that has more oomph than by setting it to lowest and doing +2 clicks to bass. 
  14. StanD

    By what means does a change in an Amp's output impedance change the FR of a Planar headphone? It might affect a Dynamic can that has weird impedance curve, but not a planar.
  15. mysticstryk
    I'm getting a buzz/rattle on low frequencies out of the right driver. I inspected the driver and couldn't find anything that would be causing it.

    Is the only fix to send it to Hifiman at this point?

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