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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. NaiveSound
    Coming from a 400i, looking to upgrade to something more clearer and better overall. I have a Chord Mojo and that's all I have, would thr mojo drive the he560 just fine?
  2. DavidA
    Posted on the previous page that I didn't think the Mojo did a great job with HE-400i IMO so didn't even try the HE-560.  But who knows, maybe the Mojo has better synergy with the HE-560 than the HE-400i.  The Hugo was a great pairing and the TT was even better.
  3. Russian1
    Welcome to the club! 
    Those are universal cans, good for gentle music and for some rough metal as well. )))
  4. Guidostrunk
    New HE560 owner, and late to the party!
    Initial impressions are, that these things deliver everything that I loved about the HD800 , and HE500. It's early yet , but these things are FANTASTIC! There's something else there, that these cans do, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Lol

    I'll report back once I've logged some hours.

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  5. edepot
    I've read reviews of HiFiMan HE series and am thinking of purchasing one to go with a digital piano by Roland.
    The Roland HP603 is the entry model (HP605, LX-7, and LX-17) of premium digital pianos, but they all have the same key action, and the same sound generator (piano modeling, instead of sound sampling). Because of this, you can purchase the entry level piano and get a great headphone and THEY SHOULD SOUND THE SAME!
    So I was asking what type of headphone would be great for the Roland HP603.
    The unboxing video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH5FmMNtvvw
    I am not sure if I am the only one who thought of this great idea to save on the piano and get a good headphone, but it seems logical that a great headphone would be better than average speakers? I am not sure if the HP605, all the way to LX-17 would offer greater experience, but getting a headphone is great if you don't want to disturb others.
    So, my question:
    What type of headphone is best for premium piano sound? Since the Roland LX-17 is using the same sound generator as the Roland HP603, I am sure the sound source should be great, and needs a great headphone to match it.
    Is the HiFiMan HE-560 tailored for piano sound? If not, WHICH is best? Nothing in the 1000+ range. Thanks for all the answers.
  6. Russian1
    It's never too late for HE-560! [​IMG]
    We're looking forward to your further impressions. 
  7. Arttt
    Piano is extremby difficult to reproduce correctly , specialy its complex bass notes....
    even speakers  struggle to do so, and once you hear a speaker that does piano right you know its something special ...
    One of such speakers are Magnepan , planar magnetic speakers ...
    so yeah , a planar magnetic headphone will get the bass notes of piano "right"
    You might want to audition both he560 and audeze lcd2.
    he560 is more balanced and neutral,  its faster and more detailed compared to lcd2 but lcd2 has more body , more weight to the sound and darker richer tone.
    Both headphone do piano well, just a matter of taste ...
    Also to my ears Beyerdynamic DT150 did piano right , both piano and chello!
    dt150 is a professional headphone with dynamic driver, its not a fashion high end headphone with luxurious materials like wood leather aluminum , it was designed in the 80s for broadcasting, tv /radio ...
    Build as a german tank, simple materials but very solid !
    Sound is amazing, huge midrange that is very fluid lush lots of body and it has very natural timber to it.
    Many vocalists use dt150 in studios when record, it reproduce voice the way few headphones do.
    The best part is its price , very cheap , you get A LOT of sound for the money ...
  8. Guidostrunk
    Ok folks,

    So I've spent some time last night(7 hours) , going through a massive amount of music with the 560's.

    Here's the rig thrown at them:
    Lappy>Fidelizer Pro or Android phone> UAPP >Singxer X-1(USB bridge)>Theta Pro Prime IIA>Schiit Mjolnir.

    All music streamed through Tidal , and Spotify. Of course my dac is limited, so everything was reduced to 16/44.1

    Cans that I've previously owned:
    Sennheiser: 600,650,700,800
    Hifiman: he500

    Well, what can I say. The HE560 , is everything that I hoped it would be, and then some. What this can delivers in sound is nothing short of breathtaking!
    In my journey of purchasing cans , I was never completely satisfied with what I was hearing. Take for instance, the HD800. The surgeon of all cans! Infinite space , and precision! Ming boggling for orchestra, and percussion. But I always felt things were way to spaced out. Artificial in a way.

    Then there's the HE500. The meat monster! Lol. Rich , organic midrange, bass , that will rattle your chicklets. But to me , they seemed to get congested with critical passages, and I always felt like the sound was too closed in for the most part. But I loved the holographic nature they presented. I just wish they had more space. I tried every mod possible, and nothing could satisfy.

    So.....my quest was to find something that could incorporate the HD800 , and the HE500. A morphing if you will. So previously owning the 600, and the 650, they didn't foot the bill. So I pointed straight to the HD700 , after reading through 100's of pages of comparisons and reviews. Aaaaaand, notta! The HD700, an awesome can, did deliver somewhat of a morph of what I was looking for, but was closer to the 800's , and lacked the meat of the HE500. They hit pretty hard, but lacked the fullness, and richness, in the midrange.

    Enter the HE560. I've read , and read, and read about this can for quite some time. Kicking myself in the arse now, for not committing sooner! What these cans do is simply astounding! They have everything, and I mean everything ,that I was searching for! They carry the space and articulation of the HD800, but not over doing it. They carry the richness, and meat of the HE500, but better.

    There's a center focus to the HE560 , that I've never heard in any previous can to date. The only one to come close was the HD650.
    The HE560 , are absolutely balanced from top to bottom. There's not one aspect of music that overpowers the rest of the spectrum. Loud horns are equal to the smallest nuance, in the mix. The space , and intimacy of the music are perfectly blended. It's insanity, that you get most of the air from the 800's, and all that fatty goodness from the HE500's. On top of that, the center imaging, creates an extremely detailed , 3D, holographic presentation. The depth of these cans is like no other I've heard. Music is presented in a 360 degree sphere, with an endless background for note decay. The emotional conviction produced by the 560's , is a near religious experience!

    Well folks. That's about the sum of it. I didn't want to bog the thread with repetitive terms that everyone has heard before. Basically this post is a nutshell feeling, and comparison.

    These cans are magical, and everything, and then some, that I hoped for! I don't forsee any moves in the near future for cans. These are definitely the cats arse! Lol

    First I want to thank @sil3nce , for recommending these cans, and the stellar review. You absolutely nailed it!

    For anyone looking for a perfectly balanced can. Imo , these are it.

    As everyone knows. This is a subjective opinion, of what my ears are telling me. No I don't have any empirical data to back my claims on what I'm hearing either. Lol. YMMV

    With all that said. Rock on people!

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  9. Guidostrunk
    Generally, once I'm apart of a thread. I usually post music along the way. Who doesn't love music here? Lol.

    Part of my listening last night are 2 of my favorite "go-too" groups.

    Trace Elements- Electric job


    Infected Mushroom- Converting vegetarians II

  10. Guidostrunk
    I've read this entire thread , and had to share an old post/review. Might be the greatest post in a thread I've read to date. Post #9154


  11. Soundsgoodtome
    edepot you need to get the power output of the piano unless it has a line out and you plan on using an amp.
  12. raybone0566
    I give everyone the benefit of the doubt when reading reviews. What sounds good to one may not satay another. I'm very glad I don't have to fold my ears over to listen to phones. Listening currently to the 560's via the BW2>Bimby>Wyrd. Really good combination. Comparing it to my nfb1 the bw2 is clearly the better amp. Bass hits harder, more space in between instruments giving a wider overall presentation. Smoother on the top end which surprised as the nfb1 is very smooth. Bw2 has better detail. Going to grab a norne cable soon just to add a bit of refinement. Gumby fund has started
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor

    ​I have Infected Mushrooms The Legend of the Black Sharwarma and it is a really dull album, and surprisingly it also doesn't sound very dynamic. I love electronica so I grabbed this thinking it might hit the spot, but so far a big miss. I'll try Converting Vegetarians II and see how that goes.
  14. Guidostrunk
    I absolutely agree. Black Sharwarma, was their worst album. I removed it completely from my library. Lol
  15. raybone0566
    Left driver died on my 560's. Really bummed out. Wasn't even pushing the hard. Shipped them out yesterday. First problem I've had with hifiman phones. Oh well

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