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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. ZekeAdebayo
    Meant to say Trs, couldn't remember the name at the time. Thanks for correcting me though. I'm currently putting the new pads in as I speak but having issues aligning them properly.
  2. DavidA
    use a credit card or some other flat plastic card that is stiff enough to push the clip back so you can hook it on the mounting ring.
    Make sure the seam is on the bottom, had to redo them once since I didn't think about it, brain fart moment.
  3. ZekeAdebayo
    Replacing the pads was a lengthy process but I got it done, (thanks for the tips by the way). Having the spaces in the earcups like in the earlier  picture posted certainly hurt the sound because they sound more lively and punchy now, it's almost as if I bought another pair of headphones. 
  4. chowmein83
    Unfortunately, I am led to believe that the QC on these pads really isn't that great. I think there are other reports of these pads on the 400i breaking in the same exact way as described here, and personally the FocusPads on my 400i have broken like that too.
    I think the problem is that the glue that they use to stick the flaps of these pads over the plastic ring backing doesn't last too long. I'm too cheap to get new pads so I've just used some superglue to stick the flaps back wherever they come off.
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  5. ZekeAdebayo
    This^. I felt like having them stitched over would have been a better idea than the glue they chose to use.
  6. DavidA
    @ZekeAdebayo, glad you were able to get the new pads on.
    I wonder if environmental conditions could cause the glue to fail quicker in some locations?  I'm in Hawaii and live a very short distance from the ocean so my AC is usually on to decrease the humidity.  A friend who lives up in Manoa (very humid area a few miles from me but much cooler) has had issues with his Audeze pads which are mounted with a adhesive tape coming off once a year.
  7. nk126

    Me, too. Granted, I bought mine second-hand (but in otherwise fine shape), but I feel like I'm taking the pads off to tuck the flaps back under at least once every two weeks. 
    Mini-TRS connectors? Garbage. Quality Control of the pads? Garbage. Rest of the headphones? Wonderful. :) 
  8. SSL443
    I'm liking my HE-560 with the Focus A pad over a layer of 2-ply toilet paper. No joke. They actually sound somewhat warmish this way, and not borderline aggressive like stock.
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  9. DavidA
    Just had a fellow Head-Fier over who brought over his Ether C and Chord Hugo, for vocals the Hugo HE-560 pairing was really nice, about as good as I've heard a HE-560 sound, nice extended bass that had a lot of weight to it and the mids and highs were slightly mellowed to make for a great listening.  The Ether C was actually better with the Ember to both of us and my other friend still liked the ypsilon driver in wood cups as her favorite over both the Ether C and HE-560.
    Need to think about a Hugo now, my wallet is hiding somewhere.[​IMG]
  10. Arttt
    Hmmm mojo could drive he560 to its full potential ?
    Was it good in terms of portable amp standards or was it on pair with a powerful desktop amps ?
  11. DavidA
    there is noticeable difference between Hugo and Mojo, and I don't mean just the cost.  The few times I tried the Mojo it didn't drive the HD-650, HD-700 or HE-400i that well IMO, didn't try the HE-560 since its harder to drive than the HE-400i.  I've tried the Hugo TT previously and found it great with the HD-800, HE-560 and T1, better than my BH Crack with the HD-800 and T1 and better than my Lyr2 with the HE-560.
    As a portable DAC/amp I think the Mojo is really good but it does have its limitations, as a desktop solution I would take my BH Crack and Lyr2 over the Mojo but the Hugo is my choice if you have the extra funds.
  12. Arttt
    Finlay got a new pair of he560 today!  All the hustle is finally over now...
    Dealer was problematic and talked nonsense about new version had a new cable and there for a new sonic character, also suggested that its normal for new version he560 with mini plugs sound different from old version with SMC screw-on connectors.
    Anyway, guys at the hifi shop were helpful and hooked me up with a pair of he560 from Hifi Musik show at Stockholm,  the pair i got was there for photos...
    It sounds good, just as it should!   
    I also got a pair of Supra Lorad 2,5mk2 power cords, both for dac and amp.   Plugged he560 and new power cords in my rigg at the same time and time stopped, all day in the chair with headphones on... kind of rediscovering my music library ....
    First i thought he560 is a romantic sounding headphone, but now the more i listen to it the more i notice he560 starts to show teeth,  attack speed lots of micro detail .... it has bite to the sound.
    So at one side he560 is delicate gentle  and sweet but at the same time its aggressive agile fast and hits you with all the detail, wave after wave ... so many layers, specialy to bass notes!
    If i to describe he560 in one word only, i would say  Chillgressive 
    Amazing headphone ...
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  13. Arttt
    Have you heard he560 with violectric v200 and audeze deckard ?
  14. Rdrcr
    Congrats!  The HE560's are a great sounding headphone.  I'm glad you are enjoying them.
  15. DavidA
    Glad you finally have a great pair of HE-560's, bummer the store gave you the run around.
    Haven't heard Violectric V200 or Deckard, heard the Lake People G-109 which is close to the V200, liked it a lot, slightly on the warmer side of neutral to me but great pairing with HD-700, HD-800 and T1 when I tried it.

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