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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. DavidA
    I think you might be a little unlucky with them, I have 2 HE-560's, the first one is about 2.5 years old (got them about a month after they were introduced) and is in great shape considering that my son has them with him in college for 2 years now, it gets daily use by him, his GF and sometimes the roommates, I just did a grill mod for him last month before he went back to school, pads are still good and the 2 cables I built for him are still in great shape.  Mine are about 2 years old and I haven't had any problems with them either.
    As for the looks, some of my son's friends parents asked about them since they though it was really nice high end looking compared to stuff they normally see like Beats/Bose/Sony gear, I guess looks is in the eye of the beholder with these.
    Funny you mention the treble of the HD-600, its one of the few headphones that bothered me with some tracks, after a while someone suggested it might be the peaks in the 4-5khz range that I'm sensitive to, other headphones like the HD-700/800 which are brighter don't bother me since the peaks are at a higher frequency.  I also though the HD-600 was grainy in the highs compared to other headphones, one of the reasons I sold mine.
    As for well balanced headphone: HD-650 is my choice but needs a decent OTL amp to go with it, other would be HD-700, better bass, sound stage and highs compared to HD-650 but the treble can be a problem for some, depends on what bothers the individual.
  2. Arttt
    Try hifiman he400i , quality control is way better than on he560
    if you don't mind closed headphone than I recomend beyerdynamic dt150...

    Personally I had 2 pairs of he560, first pair had a crack on wood cup so i changed in for a new pair...
    New pair came without cosmetic problems but something was different about the sound.
    Differences were not to my liking at all.
    I went back to shop and left them there hoping to change them for a new pair.

    Dealer said that new version of he560 not only have new connectors but also a new cable and slightly different tuning as well, and I'm not only one who notice difference in sound...
    I was told that there is nothing wrong with headphone and all new version will sound like that so no point changing headphones for another pair.
    I was surprised to hear that since on hifiman web they state that no changes where made to sound character of he560 just new connectors....

    Well I had enough with he560 , too much trouble ...
    2day I left he560 at the shop, silly realy, because the first pair with old connectors that I had was cool, I realy enjoyed it...

    Now if all new version units of he560 sound like mine did, I wouldn't recommend buying it...
  3. ZekeAdebayo
    The 600 I tried seemed to be a more recent one, was in pristine condition when I had a look. The problem with the ear cups is in how they ripped when using them, I just expected better quality for pads that are being sold for $40, like a previous person said about the Earpads, Chinese quality for an American price. The new cable I have is fine for now. Given Hifiman's past and other's experiences with their level of "quality" makes me a bit nervous if they'll be able to last in comparison to certain high ends from the trusted German brands. The HD700 was a no go for me, something stuck out in the mids/Highs (can't remember it fully) that i really disliked. Excluding soundstage I just found the 600s to be a bit more resolving to me. The 650's with their reputation for being a bit "blanketed/slow" sort of takes them out of my book as well because I'm a fan of great clearity and just dont like listening to audio that sounds a tad bit muffled. I just recently ordered the focus pads from amazon (https://www.amazon.com/HIFIMAN-FocusPad-Headphone-replacement-Earpads-leather/dp/B00VV2ZUTW ) and feel like I made a mistake because right underneath I saw the "focus pads A" (https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00XHPR6PC/ref=pd_aw_sbs_23_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=1HCSRJMG5Z013GBGV1HH ) there which I assume to be a bit different from the one I had ordered. I'll give them another shot once I get the pads replaced. I just asked for a direct upgrade in case I found myself wanting something else. I had a brief listen with the HD800s (brief meaning not having enough time to do a truly critical comparison) but found my 560s sound signature to align better with my taste. I do apologize for all my complaining.
  4. DavidA
    Hi Art,
    Do you know where the dealer got the info on the sound/tuning change?  A friend of mine who has both the old SMC (his) and newer 2.5mm (daughter) didn't notice any difference when I asked him about it and I think his daughter even asked Hifiman about it.  We were thinking that there might have been some changes since the new HE-400i doesn't have the back plate but the drivers in the HE-560 look the same, just different connectors.
    @ZekeAdebayo, feel sorry for all the issues you are having with the HE-560, hope you get it all resolved and you can just go back to concentrating on school.  FWIW the HD-600 I had was a purchased in Nov 2015, just shows how different we all hear things, you can't stand the HD-700 while I didn't like the HD-600 and this is both driven with my BH Crack which should favor the HD-600 but the HD-700 is just a class above to me since the highs don't bother me, could also be the genres of music that I like to listen to that favors the HD-700 over the HD-600.
  5. ZekeAdebayo
    @DavidA. Are there enough differences between the earpads I ordered and the second one to justify me returning the first and opting for the second? Also, thanks for being there whenever I've had a question. I really appreciate it!
  6. DavidA
    I did buy one set of the Focus-A ear pads and when I compared it with the original Focus ear pads I liked the Focus better, slightly better bass and mids to me but my son loves the Focus-A better, to him its cleaner sounding.  Comfort was about the same but the build quality of the Focus was a tiny bit better than the Focus-A, could be just manufacturing variances but since you have seen that its a problem I would look at the build quality before sending either back.
    FWIW is use a set of Focus pads on my HE-400 as well, tried the velour but it kills the bass and highs too much for me and the original pleather gives great bass but is not the most comfortable and it can make the highs harsh at times.  I also tried my SRH-1840 spare pads, very comfortable but alters the sound too much, someone also suggested the SRH-1540 pads which are different from the 1840 so that's an alternative.  Also have BW pads which are half the price of the Focus pads, just need the mounting ring from a Hifiman ear pad or get a set of velour pads just for the mounting ring since the pads are only $10 and are not glued/stitched on.
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  7. Koolpep

    Don't feel sorry, if the quality of your 560 is not up to standard then you have all right to complain. Doesn't mean though that all 560s are bad. My distributor and myself confirmed that the new and old version sound the same. Tried them side by side. Sonically no difference. I also had to send one 560 in and got a new one as replacement.

    I think - from what I read - that the Focal elear could be an upgrade with a sound sig you might enjoy.

    Anyhow, my 560 are not going anywhere still like them a lot, though must admit the 650 get more usage currently just for convenience sake (as the 560 are more securely stored away and I am often too lazy to take them out, silly, I know).

  8. Arttt
    Hey DavidA
    i thought what dealer said about new cable and some difference in sound character of new version of he560  was strange ...
    so i wrote mail to hifiman and asked them to confirm or disconfirm that.  Waiting on replay ...
  9. DavidA
    Cool, post back as I think others would like to know as well
  10. Arttt
    yeah alright!
  11. msimanyi
    So with 1127 pages here, I know I'm late to the party.  And I'm a nobody, with virtually no experience in quality headphones.
    I come from a background of Martin Logan electrostatic speakers and tube pre-amp / amplification.  They are amazing about "disappearing" and leaving me captivated by the music.
    I picked up a set of HE-560s over a year ago, tried a portable amp / dac that had great reviews, and promptly put it all away.  The sound was thin, tinny and unpleasant, and I knew I had to find some decent amplification (and a dac) before I'd know if headphones could be acceptable.
    Last week I tried to order some Schiit product - their Mjolnir 2 amp and Gungnir multibit dac.  The Gungnir is out of stock with no anticipated availability date, so I punted and went with the Bifrost multibit, figuring I can resell it later for not too much loss and step up if I choose.
    I took it home, connected everything up to my laptop, and started listening. 
    Holy.  Crap.  This isn't perfect, but it was a transformative experience.  I listened for at least five hours that evening, and that was listening to 320 kbps Spotify.  Without any break-in on the electronics (I'd run the headphones for a good 80+ hours previously.)  On the factory - read: likely marginal - tubes.
    I've started looking into high resolution digital files, but frankly the streaming model works so well for me that I'll compromise there for casual listening.  I renewed my Tidal subscription though, so I at least have "CD quality" playback. I've ordered a few different sets of tubes to experiment on that front, and I also rolled the dice on some new Moon Audio cables for the headphones so I can use the XLR output on the Mjolnir. 
    Even without any of that, I've spent hours every day listing to music, usually going to sleep between 1:00 and 3:00 am.  (Yes, I'm only getting a few hours of sleep before I have to wake up for work.  I'm *that* excited about all this.)
    It's odd getting used to the effect of a soundstage that isn't presented in front of you, but the breath of the instruments and performers is amazing.  Piano in particular stands out, but so does electric guitar, drums, brass, voices and more.  I find myself complete enveloped by the experience.
    This is the first time I've heard headphones that aren't seriously compromised, and that includes my brother's Grados - I think they were the GS1000.  I have no reference in this realm, but I have to attribute it to the amp and dac from Schiit.  And, of course, the HE-560s.
    I'm glad I'm fortunate enough to have accidentally discovered this experience.  Now where are those new - well, NOS - tubes that are supposed to be here?
  12. Guidostrunk
    Head to the schiit tube rollers thread my friend. :wink:

    Seek out @kolkoo , for some awesome NOS tubes. He has a great selection for sale.
  13. Guidostrunk
    Don't waste time. Jump on some E188CC's, or CCa's. I prefer the Heerlen sound myself.
  14. msimanyi
    Yep - my first delivery is an order of Telefunken E88CCs.  They were actually delivered accidentally to my house today.
    Seriously considering the Siemens CCa.  Have a set of the iFi on the way just to experiment too...
  15. Jbmorrey
    I had a question, regarding amps, I currently have a Hifiman EF-5, purchased it to run my HE-5le, which now that I have the 560, I am parting with. Seems like the EF-5 runs the 560 pretty well, but I don't know a thing about amp matching headphones outside of , "if it's a bright headphone, give it some tubes" Can someone tell me how well the EF-5 pairs with the 560, and if I could do better on a simular budget of the EF-5 , what would that be.


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