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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. doctorjazz
    Different strokes, I suppose...I do find the 560 comfortable (more so than my HE-1000), but the Senn 650 is so light, I found it more comfortable (and less dorky looking-I had no qualms walking around outside with them on, not so with the Hifiman cans).
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor

    You went in public wearing the HE 560? You are a brave soul. I once wore my 650 outside but I felt too dorky and conspicuous with that. Wearing the 560 would have given me a panic attack!
  3. Midgetguy
    Agreed. I avoid looking at myself in the mirror with HE560s on. They may sound incredible, but you look kind of stupid with them on haha.
  4. doctorjazz
    I love in a pretty quiet area, but I think hard about going out in Hifiman cans. :wink:
  5. Midgetguy
    As you should. Shouldn't think about what others will think when they see you (because we already know :wink:) but rather weigh the possibility that someone will see you :D
  6. DavidA
    Only headphones my GF lets me take a picture of when she is using them are Momentum on-ear (pink) and Edition 8 Julia, everything else and I'm sleeping with the dog. Funny thing is she uses her HD-700 almost everyday when she walks the dog but pictures are a no-no.

    I've never taken my HE-560 out and about but my son uses his when walking to and from class, to each his own.
  7. westermac
    I haven't received my HE560 yet (should be out for delivery!) but I can't imagine them looking goofier than my previous pair of SR-L700. Man were they comfortable, but looked like a fringe science experiment. :jecklinsmile:
  8. westermac
    Annnnd they've arrived! Initial impressions are very good, the sound signature is just as I had hoped; similar to the HD600 but with better bass extension, less upper mid forward (without being mid-recessed, my biggest qualm with almost every high-end can I've heard), and more engaging and extended treble.

    Bass definition and slam are excellent, treble is more aggressive than the HD600 but not at all harsh to me as some have described (though I can see how a poorly mastered recording might bring this out). L/R driver matching and center image are excellent, possibly better than the HD600 (which beats most) but from memory not quite as razor sharp as the HD800.

    The only (and I mean ONLY) edge I would give to my beloved HD600 at first glance is midrange smoothness/timbre. The He560 sounds ever so slightly metallic/edgy in this region, which could very well disappear with some burn in/brain burn in.

    One question: I've read a decent amount of discussion regarding focus and focus-a pads, but are the focus pads a separate upgrade from the stock pads, or does the HE560 come with focus pads already installed? (or focus-a for the current revision). Any clarification appreciated!
  9. DavidA
    @westermac, the stock pads are Focus pads.  When the HE-560 first came out the Focus-A was the stock pads, but I think it was only for the first few months that they came with the Focus-A.  Maybe someone else has a better memory than me and can provide the correct time line about the pads
    westermac likes this.
  10. Midgetguy
    Your GF is a smart woman. Though I wouldn't mind pics with an HD700, looks fine to me. But as you said, to each his/her own.
  11. DavidA
    Best you can see is a picture of her with the Momentums:
    She gave the Edition 8 Julia to her daughter in Jan and I can't find the picture of her with them on.  Even as a guy I love the look of the Julia, really classy looking headphone even if its pink.  She has hinted that the ypsilon driver might be acceptable to be photographed but hasn't give the okay, here's the ypsilon:
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  12. Midgetguy
    For me, the styling of the Ypsilon drivers is a total yes for the wood cups (cuz I have always thought those look really nice), but picture-wise, would be a little offput by the actual headband/frame. It's not necessarily the band part of it, but the poles/nubs that are part of the height adjustment system. Best/nicest headband adjustment system that I've gotten to use? Fostex. I love their headband and adjustment system; just clean and beautiful functionality. Works and looks better than what Hifiman currently uses. Should maybe see if your GF would take pics with a TH-X00 Mahogany [​IMG]. I've got one and it looks fantastic.
  13. SSL443
    The stock pads are the Focus (non-A) pads. The Focus-A pads are a separate purchase and definitely recommended by me. 1- or 2-ply TP can help take the final edge off if you are still bothered by any top-end brightness/aggression.
  14. DavidA
    @Midgetguy, I have a TH-600 and agree that the adjustment system is quite good and nice looking.  I've ordered some polished aluminum gimbals and rod blocks for making a second ypsilon driver headphone since my GF likes it so much, also trying to find a nice leather headband strap to replace the ugly plastic one.
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Damn that is fine looking! I forgot, are you milling your own wooden cups for the Ypsilons?

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