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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. nk126
    Well, I certainly don't feel misled or upset at all. Just find it fascinating, both in terms of what we're all able to perceive and talk about, and that quest for the last 0.0x% of whatever it is we want out of sound (or gear ... Or life).

    The differences between the amps are for sure present. And I'm betting after I get used to PP and then try one of the others for a spell, the differences will seem all the more pronounced. its just all very interesting to experience and think about.
  2. nk126
    This morning I just plugged in, put the music on, and started my work day. Bliss. No A/B testing, no nothing. Just enjoying how great they sound. Happy Monday.
  3. nk126
    And now I've moved into the lossless vs compressed music stage of my rabbit hole ... The same tracks really do sound better as local FLACs than streamed files, don't they? Yay, fidelity! Boo, tempted to buy more stuff!
  4. raybone0566
    BW finally arrived today. Sweet sounding amp. Cheers image.jpg
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  5. Midgetguy
    Depends on the person. And depends on the original mastering. If the original wasn't done well to begin with, wouldn't matter if it was lossless or compressed, it would sound bad regardless. As for sounding better.....it's gonna be up to you to decide and figure out if it's worth it or not to find and buy lossless versions of music. Preferably, you can find a way to blind test or you might conclude the lossless version to be better simply through confirmation bias.
    I personally use as much lossless music as I can, but most of the time in comparison to a 320kbps version, if the track was done well to begin with, then I only have the lossless version because I like to know that my copy has all the appropriate bits, not that it's necessarily better [​IMG]
  6. nk126
    So funny thing ... 
    After I wrote that post, I discovered that I'd accidentally left EQ settings on in VOX, the player I'm using for lossless on my Mac. So while I *thought* that FLAC was making tracks sound different/better, turns out it was EQ ... aka Human Error :)
    Now that EQ is off, the sound difference is much much less. 
    Must be time for the weekend ...
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  7. Midgetguy
    It may be time relax and recharge your brain [​IMG]
  8. nk126
    Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream  :wink: 
  9. Midgetguy
    .......until you reach.....The Scary Door

     Shoutout to the Futurama reference. But seriously, just gotta sit back and listen to some music.
  10. tvnosaint
    What is it Ray ?
  11. raybone0566
    Eddie current "black widow",
  12. raybone0566
    Anyone looking for a great amp for their 560's, I've listed my audio Gd nfb-1. Great match with orthos
  13. raybone0566
    So I've spent a few days with the BW and can say it's by far the best I've heard with the 560's. This's amp is fantastic.
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  14. ZekeAdebayo
    Any headphones out there that are considered a direct upgrade over the 560s? My set has served me pretty well but given my experience with the earpads, wood, and cable coupled along with numerous consumer reports whether here or elsewhere I can conclude that I have 0 faith in the longevity of these and would rather spend my money on something that I know is actually going to last me. I'm not one to overly nitpick on looks but I have to admit that these from a design perspective don't scream of a high end headphone at all. Sorry if I sound a tad bit negative, I'm just a bit frustrated with the quality control on these and it's one of the major factors while I can't bare to keep these any longer. The overall sound signature of these is pretty solid as a whole, perhaps a better bass slam, wider sound-stage, and a bit more treble extension (quality treble) up top would be more to my liking. When comparing these to the Sennheiser HD600s with a friend, we felt as though the 600s had a better treble extension up top which to an extent made the 600s sound a little bit clearer in the upper treble region while these (HE-560s) was clearly superior when it came to bass due to its better extension in the bass/sub-bass region. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I like a well balanced headphone that can do a bit of everything. 
  15. Russian1
    I don't know... may be I am the lucky one - I bought my HE-560 about two years ago and they've been very often used. At least several hours every week. 
    There's a slight problem with one of the pads, it's open a little bit, but it's a tiny one and it's outside so it doesn't effect the sound and I have a confession to make - I am lazy - I know I can fix it spending 40 minutes or so. but I don't care. 
    I keep HE-560 to enjoy my music not to show off :) 
    But no other problems at all.
    All the screws, wood, leather, connectors, plastic etc are OK, perfect condition, looks like I bought them yesterday. 
    My feeling is these cans might last much longer. 

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