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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. StanD
    The Bose ANC is awesome, their SQ is OK as you're paying for their ANC. Try not to expect the SQ you get from your HE-560s.
  2. Soundsgoodtome
    DavidA hey man, seriously consider the better dt1770. It's tuning is the closest you'll get to the he560 in a closed back that's somewhat portable and isolating (specially the pleather)
  3. Jbmorrey
    Question: I currently own the Hifiman HE-5LE with the Hifiman EF-5 amplifier using Microstreamer II+ DAC. I really enjoy the HE-5le, however I would like to get an opinion on what improvements the HE560 will provide and also, will my Hifiman EF-5 be able to run the HE560? I am just hoping to sell the HE-5LE, add some cash and just plug in the HE560 to my desktop setup. Any suggestions or opinions on what to expect from this upgrade is appreciated.

  4. Fearless1

    The EF-5 is a great little amp that is underrated if you ask me. With the right tube/OP swap it is amazing sounding.

    That being said, it is a great match with the 560.

    The 560 has better imaging and clarity then the 5LE (going off of memory, borrowed for a week a couple of years ago). The 560 does not fall into the "planar wall of sound" that is sometimes associated with the older Hifiman series .

    *ninja edit- The 560 is also much more comfortable to wear for longer sessions!
  5. DavidA
    Thanks for the tip, I'll see if I can find a DT-1770 to audition
  6. Alesia Bovkalo
    Hello, is it possible to mod the stock cable (new one with 2,5mm jacks) into a balanced one? I'm very bad at soldering but I'll try my best...
  7. Jbmorrey
    I noticed that there seem to be 2 different versions of the HE560, one with full wood cups and the more common pair that have a plastic cap around the grill. is the full wood cup version the earlier releases of the HE560? I am looking to get a pair and actually prefer the whole wood cup as compared to the more common version. Not that is it going to sway my decision on these, just wouldn't mind having them if it's an option.
  8. DavidA
    While I haven't looked at my stock cable it does have 4 conductors so re-terminating to a balanced plug should be possible.  It shouldn't be too hard but you will need a multi meter to confirm which wires are which unless you can see the connections on the amp end note them before cutting of the original plug.
  9. Midgetguy
    I thought the full wood cup was the pre-production version. I think they scrapped it cuz the wood cracked eventually.
  10. StanD
    That's how I remember it.
  11. Arttt
    @Alesia Bovkalo 
    best you get balanced aftermarket cable, shouldn't be too expensive...
    Check out Forza Audio Works cables, good quality for affordable price.
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, that is correct.
  13. nk126
    Amps. Wild. 
    As per many, many people all across the internet ... amps make a difference! But, man that difference can be subtle!
    This video-game-looking Project Polaris now on my desk does sound "better" with my 560s than either the Magni 2 or giant Onkyo receiver I've also been using. But what's fascinating is that the difference is so small ... both in terms of what I hear and how much of a difference I perceive. And the difference between the M2 and the Onkyo was much more noticeable. 
    Or so my brain wants to believe.
    Mangi 2 - Totally fine, but a little thin lean and harsh/brittle at times, especially in the mid-high regions that I think correspond to the treble peak people always say the 560 has (4k? i forget where).
    Onkyo - Noticeably warmer and fuller sound, but also noticeably veiled. Or perhaps "less resolving" is a more accurate way to say it? It was like, "Oh this is better, but I am missing something" as compared to the M2.
    Polaris - Kinda, sorta, I think the best of those two worlds? Certainly more warmth and less harshness than the M2. The overall sound is somehow less "mechanical" or "robotic" than the M2 (both words are HUGE overstatements in describing the M2, mind you). I also hear more detail than I got with the Onkyo. Less fuzzy veil between the music and my brain. But these are pretty small, nuanced differences.  
    Also, the Polaris can get louder without distorting than the M2. What's interesting is that it at least seems like this is a function of the original recording - or, more accurately, what I seemed to hear on at least one track was the compression in the music itself getting amplified and sounding bad ("distorted"). And that happened at a lower volume on the M2 than it did on the PP. Does that make any sense at all? Am I way out of the realm of how this stuff actually works? [​IMG]
    Frankly, I was anticipating more of a difference with the Polaris. It hasn't been all that long yet, and there are some settings still to be fiddled with on the amp. But it's fascinating. I'm reasonably sure that of the three I'd keep Polaris. Ergo, I made a good decision in getting it. But it's so so so subtle a gain.
    I think I read something about the law of diminishing returns somewhere on these very pages? :) 
    Now I wonder what a Lyr 2 or H10 would sound like ... lolz ... 
    bixby likes this.
  14. StanD
    @nk126 What will tomorrow bring? Will it ever end? You may feel differently tomorrow after breakfast. [​IMG]
  15. DavidA
    @nk126, i think too many on these threads make too much of a big deal for those differences you notice by calling them huge but since we all have a different scale to try and communicate none quantifiable differences its hard.
    FWIW, my Lyr2 does a better job of driving the HE-560 than my Ember, most noticeable differences is the bass on the Lyr2 is a bit more extended and hits a little harder, this difference is noticeable to even those that really don't know what they trying to listen to, they just say the bass is better.

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