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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. DavidA
    You can always go back, it just will not sound as good [​IMG], but for plane rides closed back a given, MDR-7506 or QC-15 for me these days.
  2. nk126
    I think what you mean is, you can always go IEM :wink: 
  3. DavidA
    IEM don't work for me, can't stand them for more than a few minutes, feels like a small snake trying to invade my ear [​IMG]
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  4. nk126

    Ah, ok. 
    I got into "head-fi" by way of IEMs back when I lived in NYC and they represented an easily pocketable way to get good sound quality on the train, walking, etc. One day a guy at the bookstore said, "Are those the Etys? You gotta get the Etys, man." Once I figured out he meant "Etymotics," it was all over. Snake invading my ear for sure, but suddenly my subway rides were 110% about the music, and not whatever loudness was going on around me. 
    I was IEM-only for about 15 years, until an office job last year made closed-back cans attractive (Etys are a pain to take in and out every time you need to talk to someone during a work day). 
  5. Midgetguy
    IEMs work best for me when I'm out and about, but for those who can't (like you), the QC15 and QC20 seem to be solid recommendations. Nothing wrong about going with what's most comfortable.....unless it also sounds incredibly bad. Because then we have a problem [​IMG]
  6. DavidA
    The QC-15 I use is borderline bad IMO but since I don't use it much not a problem and the MDR-7506 does a decent job of isolation while sounding a lot better.
  7. nk126
    I finally pulled the trigger on an amp, thanks to all for your recommendations. 
    Got a very gently used Polaris off the Head-Fi classifieds. Just trying it out now with the 560s. Am really going to try listen, enjoy, and otherwise decide what I think of it before even entertaining DAC upgrade thoughts.
    No, really, I am. 
  8. Midgetguy
    So we'll see ya back here tomorrow for DAC choices? [​IMG]
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  9. StanD
    Let me clarify, when at home or other prime listening conditions, I gotta go open. On a bus, train, etc. ANC or good isolation as well as comfort is important. I have some nice IEMs, including bluetooth that sound decent when on the road. I have two headphones with ANC, one Bose QC 25 and a Samsung Level Over (Bluetooth).. The Bose has incredible ANC. The Samsung's ANC is not as good, but their SQ is much better. I much prefer Hifiman Orthos when there isn't noise and the size/weight and required kit is not an environmental factor.
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  10. StanD
    Deleted duplicate post. Grrrh.
  11. nk126

    That's the plan [​IMG]
  12. DavidA
    Do you know if and how much better the QC-25 is over the older QC-15?, sorry if little off topic here, just this one question
  13. raybone0566
    Anyone interested in a nice custom hifiman cable 10 ft in length pm me. 50.00 shipped, I paid twice that image.jpg
  14. StanD
    I never compared them side by side so anything I would say would be worthless speculation. I will say, their ANC is second to none and I suspect any improvements between newer models is unlikely to be Earth shattering.
  15. DavidA
    Thanks for the reply, may try Best Buy to audition

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