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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. Fearless1

    Both are a good match.

    It comes down to preference.

    The 560 is much more detailed, bigger soundstage, better "all-rounder " with movies and etc., the 500 is so musically engaging that you will need to take a day or two off work as you rediscover your music collection.

    As far as comfort the 560 is light and nimble, the 500 is like a brick on your head, but with some work can be semi-comfortable.
  2. SearchOfSub

    500 for me then.It will strictly be for music. Happy listening :)

    edit: reading more and more reviews and 560 sounds like a winner just from reading comparisons from different people. I've always liked the HD800's clarity and resolution but always thought it lacked musicality and soul so passed. This sounds like it has much of Senn's 800's strengths with musicality and soul. I am also thinking of picking up Moon audios silver dragon V3 with it since it made a good difference to the Nighthawks. Thank you for the info btw! Picking these 560 up to pair with Mojo. (mind changes so fast lol) Happy listening.
  3. Fearless1
    Either is a good choice. The 560 really grew on me and gets much more head time then the 500, but when I do break out the 500, I am not disappointed !
  4. StanD
    You should try listening to both as much of this is a personal preference and you will get diverse opinions. Of course it is not easy to get to listen under proper conditions. IMO amps when properly driven are not the big thing to be concerned with, It's the headphones that matter the most, by far. There are cases of amps like an OTL tube amp (non hybrid) driving a low impedance headphone like the 560, however, that comes under improper use as such amps are not intended to drive headphones like the 560. Of course there are poorly designed amps or poorly manufactured amps, let's not get caught up in that use case, junk is not in the picture.
  5. Fearless1
    The 560 has higher impedance then the 500 and actually is a bit harder to drive. He has the amp, he was asking about the headphones. Both sound great off the Mojo.
  6. StanD
    HE-560: Impedance 45 Ohms
    HE-500: Impedance 38 Ohms (has been measured slightly higher on some reviews)
    This is not like comparing to a 300 Ohm headphone that would require a larger voltage swing. The differences in impedances for these cans are small. Harder to drive? I don't think so.
  7. Fearless1
    I have both, and an A/B switch volume matched, the 560 is a bit harder to drive, so I think so! BTW my 560 measures at 50 ohm.
  8. StanD
    Please explain how the 560 is more difficult to drive. Give us the numbers, that would be appreciated. You might also try comparing that in dB.
  9. Fearless1
    Here is an explanation, plug in the 500 and the volume is higher then plugging in the 560. I measured them 38 ohm on my 500, 50 on my 560. Enough said.

    The OP has an amp, that's not what he was asking, but you feel a need to discredit even though I know what my ears tell me.
  10. 520RanchBro
    Well the 500 has around a 38 ohm impedance and 89 dB efficiency and the 560 sits at around 45-50 ohms and has 86 dB efficiency.
    So I guess the theoretical difference would be around 3 dB, noticeable but not a huge difference. I can't imagine a case where one amp could properly drive the 500 but not the 560.
    StanD likes this.
  11. StanD
  12. DavidA
    Doesn't that mean that the HE-560 is harder to drive than the HE-500 which you stated that it isn't?  It isn't much but by the specs that @520RanchBro and even you noted the HE-560 is harder to drive than the HE-500, or is there some other meaning to your comment
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I take it StanD means while technically the 560 is harder to drive, in terms of practical significance it isn't, at least that is how I interpret things.
    StanD and DavidA like this.
  14. 520RanchBro
    I mean it's kind of semantics at that point though isn't it? It's the smallest noticeable amount difference. Technically, yes, harder to drive. Practically, it's hardly a difference that should sway someone from purchasing one or the other.
    I'm guessing that's kind of what Stan was getting at.
  15. DavidA
    Thanks guys, I was just thinking about this and I didn't understand his insistence to the other poster on having to prove it, seemed a little childish but since I don't know anything about the person posting its hard to say where they are coming from and what point they are trying to make.
    Anyway, back to the HE-560...Got my son's HE-560 now and doing the grill mod for him since he took it before I had a chance to do it.

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