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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. StanD
    Now now Hifi, you're starting to act like an elitist. I didn't expect that from you.
  2. DanPluck
    Urge to un-subscribe growing steadily.
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  3. shayson1357
    Thread deviating wildly [​IMG]
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  4. Blueshound24
    +3 [​IMG]
  5. hifimanrookie
    nope....u know me...am all about best performace for the money..i just found this pic funny..thats all..but seeing the reactions surprises me..lolz
  6. Blueshound24
    Head-Fi's Posting Guidelines
  7. davidsh
    Have a chill pill and relax :wink:
    Perhaps HE-500 should have a bit of head-time tonight, hasn't gotten much lately...
  8. StanD
    Mine found head-time last night and today. Yesterday I just got a new smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I tried the HE-500's on it, directly into the headphone jack. I expected the sound to be offensive, but it wasn't. I did have to turn up the volume, way up.
    Then I plugged the Note 3 into my Bifrost, etc and boy did that really sound good. I used Neutron and Google Play Music (with my streaming subscription). USB Audio worked perfectly fine with the Note 3. Then again USB Audio worked fine with my previous Galaxy S3.
  9. shayson1357
    how would you describe this "not so offensive sound" [​IMG]
  10. StanD
    No clipping, no obvious Intermodulation Distortion with the HE-500's I turned it up a notch below maximum volume, it wasn't loud but was workable. I didn't try it for long as I was more interested in connecting to my DAC. I will try some more during the week. I'll also give it a shot with my XBA-H3 IEMs. So far the Internal DAC and Amp exceeded expectations,of course I wasn't expecting too much. I'll have to see how it fares with my HD600's, which at 300 Ohms is a different animal to drive.
  11. highwind2008
    I'm looking forward of joining the club  :D
  12. Llloyd
    Why is it that people do not recommend the vali more for the HE-500? I have not personally heard it, but I was under the impression that it had a great, unique sound compared to other similarly priced models.
  13. shayson1357
    I think it's because it can provide half a watt at 50 ohms [​IMG] 
  14. StanD
    Because at 32 Ohms it has 1/2 the power of the Magni. IMO The HE-500 does well with a clean 1 W,the Vali can deliver 650 mW at 32 Ohms, which means a little less at 38 Ohms.
    Back in January, I emailed Schiit about this and the below is my question, followed by Nick's answer. If you do the math from the HE-500's specs, 1W takes you a smidge under 120 dB SPL. Amongst my pile of Schiit I have a Vali and honestly, it does more than a decent job. My Asgard does an excellent job.
    email with Schiit
    1. Can the Vali adequately drive the Hifiman HE-500s, powerwise?
    2. In our opinion, yes, but it is definitely at the limit of what it can do. If you really want to get to head banging levels, you’ll need more power.
    IMO Headbanging = earsplitting
  15. hifimanrookie
    I Do understand ur question..its a very important one...but am at a loss about the answer of shiit....dont they want to be taken serious about their sound quality of their products or just the amount of power their products pumps out?

    Their answer should be: it can drive them ok..but if u want the best (better) sound experience out of ur phone u need to get a better model in our range (example...)....
    I Dont want to mock this brand..but that sales peep definitely doesnt have the heart on the right place for audio...more about sales and the technical kind of audio...sorry..but thats my opinion..if any other brand should answered me that way i would immediately scratch them of my list...

    Ofcourse i know that their biggest sales is not to audiophiles, but to the more moderate (until 600usd budget ampwise) customer who likes to listen to their nowadays music (mp3 etc) the loudest they can bear, with the hardest hitting bass and highest power per dollar, as thats considered good nowadays, thats their core market..and i respect that..but for me..nah..not for me..i prefer audio gd in that case..from them.i got the right answer to same question when i had the he500..last year...oh welll..i am one of the few who actually care about quality of sound instead of power figures, no matter the price..always did and always will. :wink: I am a stubborn m..therf..cker :D
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