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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. StanD
    Get a grip dude and tone it down. Not everyone needs an amp without a power switch and mythical powers. Perhaps you have too much skin in the game to be objective. In any case, you shouldn't faux cuss by substituting periods for characters.
  2. hifimanrookie
    dude..am not overstepping qnything..at most i am makin fond of myself saying that last line..
    And mr..i am NOT the one actin like a brand groupie here..so u pls tone it down..its agai u insulting me that i am not objective a.because i have to much skin..what the heck does that mean anyway?? I was just saying my opinion..i even agreed with ur question for gods sake...i can ask u whethee ur objective or not..ur always talking bout one certain brand and accusin me for the same thing ur doing..take a chill pill dude..not everyone has ur figures based opinion..relax..
    As i said in my post.audio gd (yes..they sell affordable stuff too!) Answered the right way...MY OPINION..not a rule or law...u urself are the best idea basher i even came across..ever..so let us be genteman and let me say what i want..am not bashing their products..just what that dude said...many of us on headfi dont have a big budget to spend..so shiit is perfect for them....for the rest....as i said..not for me...audio gd would be my choice ...no matter that u think shiit is best u can ge.t..i still would buy audio gd..lolz

    So chill dude, am maybe even more objective then u think. As i try everything out without prejeduces...u on other hand hqve ur rules ready of what is right and not..ur not even willing to be open to other stuff...like cables etc.. oh well we all are different

    Once again..nothing personal..and u should know that by now..
    And mythical powers??? U would eat ur words if u would hear my rig..And whats wrong not having a switch...u should know..as the techician u say u are that an amp on current all the time sounds best...and Hello..u sound like that boy nextdoor being jealous of what others has..ur soooooo insulting dude...why is that? Did i kill ur cat or something? Geesh.
    Some people are to much..even if i dont mention qnything of what i have they use it to insult me..dont understand this..i must be to simpleminded i guess to understand why u act like this...
    Let us go back ontopic so the people get real and valuable info about the he500.
  3. StanD
    You might try reading what you're going on about. Geez, calm down.
  4. hifimanrookie
    am deadcalm stan
  5. elwappo99
    Isn't there a thread for the Code-X?
    Blueshound24 likes this.
  6. elwappo99
    I actually think the HE-500 sounds great with the Vali. The Vali provides a bit of warmth with the HE-500, and honestly the Vali is a very very impressive amplifier. It doesn't have the power and speed of the Emotiva, which means sloppier bass, but a very rich organic sound. I just love the Vali in general. Great amplifier, unbeatable price. 
  7. hifimanrookie
    Now understanding what ur initial idea was behind this 'question' (of which the point of the joke is missing me. As i dont know where it comes from as i didnt mentioned the brand since a while now) i dont think i have to post the info on ur question..search for it on headfi..its easy...anyone genuine (luckily some are) interested in info from me (from own experiences) ,pm me.
  8. Fearless1
  9. hifimanrookie
  10. elwappo99
  11. Dogmatrix
    I am in the most fortunate position of owning four quality headphone amps , my HE500 runs very well out of two , ok out of one and plain bad out of one .
    Reading back in this thread I would think the bad one would be the least powerful and the best the most powerful but that's not the case .
    So many options exist in todays market with different configurations and capabilities
    All we can do is recommend from experience , ruling out amps or a manufacturers entire range based on specs or rumor is counter productive .
    My favorite amp for the HE500 is the WA7+Tp , in terms of specs it is third in line amongst the amps I own for the HE500 with marginal power , high impedance and distortion .
    What I am trying to say is best isn't always best and there are many factors that go into amp choice
  12. hifimanrookie
    i agree about own experiences and the rest..well said!
  13. Blueshound24
    Good one elwappo99! 
  14. hifimanrookie
    why is that a good one? No one was mentioning that phone until he himself brought it up....and i tried to help with the shortcut.as always.i try to help..pity it was just a joke...or used as one..pls go on talk bout hd800 or whatever phones which are approved to talk about next to the he500...
  15. Llloyd
    It's okay. If people want to be mean and act like only certain amplifiers can sound good, as if there's only one way to do that according to the physical universe.  Many of the best sounding amplifiers are original and interesting designs, the taboo that I own is named such because steve decided to go against the conventional idea seen in his paper here.  I'm not sure anyone is going to beat down on any of luis' creations here and if they are they clearly do not know anything.  He's an extremely skilled artisan who puts out ONLY high quality products.  He could have easily done something like the code x he-500 even though the change in sound was not significant just for money purposes, but he has integrity.
    So please stop acting as if somehow it's impossible for an amp with lower power than suggested to sound good ever.  Clearly that is not the case so if people want to act like that and talk down well then it's just mean and childish.  You think an ipod sounds better than a $5k amp? Fine no problem if you listened to them both in a reasonable setting, just don't be a dick about it. This website has always been about opinions and impressions.  We share them because we want others to experience the joy of music just as we all do.  If it was about specifications there would not exactly be a need for Head-Fi, but hifi audio is a strange thing and human ears are imperfect, thus we have a demand for such a website.  
    If you're wondering why hifimanrookie has such opinions, well at one point the darkvoice amplifiers were basically considered trash for planar magnetic headphones, the HE-500 included, and would probably still be considered junk if he did not work to build that reputation that with a little bit of tube rolling you can significantly change the sound(something most people agree with, and more often than not do not change the POWER output significantly).  Not to mention people still say OTL amplifiers just can't work.  Well most of them may sound bad, and there's a general scientific hypothesis behind this, but it's far from proven and will likely never be proven.  So please stop acting like what you are saying is written in stone.  People have the right to say that something does or doesn't sound good.  That's the point of this website and this hobby.  If you are going to go out of your way to disagree with them that's fine but if you have not personally listened to a particular piece of gear it's best to stay away from bashing.
    A lot of this comes from the misconception that the HE-500 absolutely, without a doubt has to have 1W to sound good.  That's just not the case(looking at you project sunrise owners, back me up here).  People had to find that out before the asgard, lyr, the soloist, etc. There were few high power budget HP amps to choose from due to the only planars around at that time really being the LCD2 and HE-500(and the monster he-6).  Having that watt can give you a piece of mind, but in my mind it's just one check mark on a checklist to good, natural sound. Other budget amps, in my personal opinion sound better than others, surely this is not an outlandish statement. Sometimes that better sound does not meet that power recommendation.  500mw used to be the general consensus for the HE-500 until Dr. Fang came out and said that he recommends 1W.  The community stuck to that recommendation which makes sense, but it's also a little illogical after as a community they decided that 500mw was enough to get good sound for most people, most people being the people with lower budget gear.
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