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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. MWSVette

    I have the HE400i and TH-500RP.  Of those two get the HE400i...
  2. Zimtron

    No, I had to take the stock pads off the rings. It was a pretty easy process, not much glue on the stock pads and the rings are very flexible.

    Just need to take your time stretching out the angled pads before attempting to put them on.
  3. paradoxology
    As it happens, I have all three. For fast music the HE-400i may be your best bet followed closely by the Oppo and Fostex, but the build quality of PM3 and Th-500RP are worlds better than the HE-400i. The build quality of a headphone is not irrelevant or insignificant consideration when choosing a headphone that costs hundreds of dollars. At $250.00 the HE-400i is a good buy but if prices return to their former level of $450.00 to $500.00 I would probably take the Oppo as a closed option or even the Fostex if it is still available at around $300.00. They're all good headphones from the perspective of sound, but I am just a little skeptical of the construction quality and materials of the HiFiMan.
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  4. 0pethian
    Is Fiio K5 powerful enough for HE400i and especially DT990?

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  5. Zimtron
    From everything I've researched ... Yes.
    Why not opt out for something better? There are lots of other choices around the same price range.
  6. Nachash
    I'm gonna use them at home, they will never leave my room probably. Am I gonna be safe? Or are they prone to some sort of self-destruction [​IMG]?
    I'm serious though, I own different hps and I've never broke one but I'm kinda scared when I read about the construction quality of these...
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  7. MWSVette

    I agree 100%.  The Fostex and Oppo's seem to be better quality of materials and construction than any of my Hifiman cans...
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  8. 0pethian
    Actually I got a very cheap E17K ($60) and I wanted to add a decent amp for my he400i n dt990 (250 ohms)
    E17K can push both close to its maximum volume (50-60) and still both sound decent enough. I do have schiit magni 2 also though but I busted it's AC adaptor n can't find its exact power requirements locally and buying n shipping from schiit is costing me $65 just for a replacement adaptor. So was considering instead of buying an adaptor, why not spend more n get a new amp n complete my Fiio stack.

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  9. Zimtron
    It's 16v 500ma ... why do you have to order from Schiit?
  10. phthora
    @Nachash I only have the PM-3 and the 400i, but I absolutely agree with this regarding these two headphones. I will also add that I feel they complement each other wonderfully, and if I could only keep two of my current stable of headphones, it would be those two. Together, they cover all the bases. Buy both, if you can.
    Also, the Oppo need a lot less amp, so the choice could depend on your current rig.
  11. Zimtron
    What amp are you guys running?
    Can you let me know your experiences with multiple setups?

    I'm trying to decide on a new DAC/AMP combo, maybe Lyr or Darkvoice ...
  12. Mani ATH 87
    No, the he400i is constructed just fine. It's not prone to any kind of self destruction and you are perfectly safe purchasing them.
  13. phthora
    I use the Violectric HP v90, a very neutral, very clean desktop amp and then EQ about +6 decibels at 125hz and lower easing down to flat at 200hz. The wonderful imaging and channel separation of this amp is greatly rewarded by the 400i. I do find that I need the EQ, however, to avoid the headphones sounding too thin for my taste.
    For portable, I use the iBasso P5 Falcon, a slightly warm, somewhat full-bodied amp with its hardware bass boost that kicks up +6 decibels at 100hz (what I am trying to mimic with my EQ). The P5 is a little less detailed and precise, which I do miss. However, the bass boost is more optional with this amp. As often as not, I prefer the unboosted sound to the boost. Even without extra bass, this amp makes the 400i a bit more forgiving and less fatiguing.
    I like both options, and I use both options fairly frequently. However, the pairing with the v90, I feel, produces objectively better sound, even if I do miss a bit of bass. I should also add that I have never found the 400i to be peaky or sibilant, which I know is a common complaint. Whether that is a result of my ears, my taste, or my particular headphones, I have less brightness to fix.
  14. DavidA
    Amps in order of preference: Project Ember, headphone output of UD-301, Lyr2, Sony HT receiver, Asgard2, others of interest that sounded good: Hugo, HA-501, Liquid Carbon, Liquid Glass and MicroZOTL2
    DACs: UD-301, Bimby, Bifrost Uber, Modi2uber, AH-01, Modi optical.
  15. Mikko Peltonen

    I've had them for a few weeks and they are just fine in terms of build quality. The plugs are a bit wonky but these are made for home listening so no big problems there.
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