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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. paradoxology
    Well, to each his own, I guess. 
  2. Nachash

    Thanks, I have the modi2uber/magni2 combo
  3. wigglepuff
    Has anyone tried the 400i with the hifiman hybrid ofc cable, how is it compared to the stock cable?
  4. phthora
    Hmm... I haven't heard that combo myself, but it does have a reputation for being a bit brighter and the 400i can be a bit brighter. Hopefully, someone else who has heard those headphones with that dac/amp can weigh in, but I don't think it would be a great pairing without some EQ.
  5. InsTwin

    I had the modi 2 optical into a magni 2 uber for a bit, now have the modi multibit into the magni 2 uber.

    It is a bright of a combo, it's definitely tolerable but if I'm just listening casually I'll eq in a very light sub/bass boost and down 4k-12k a nudge. It just rounds the sound out for my preferences, nothing exceeding +/-3db and that's only at the peak.
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  6. Nachash

    I can work with some eq, and I'm usually more towards the bright side as long as it's not harsh (I really enjoy my K701 with that combo, but I hate the DT990 trebles)
  7. phthora
    I've never found the 400i to be harsh, just occasionally less low-end than I like. Nothing glaring, ringing, or peaky in my experience. Just a general sense of too much treble.
    It sounds like you would enjoy the 400i out of the box. If not, they do respond very well to EQ, given their low distortion. I've pushed them to the point of being very bassy without noticeable distortion. The Oppo still do better with bass, especially in terms of richness and texture, but I still think the 400i are a better set of cans for resolution and speed.
  8. Zimtron
    Project Ember over Lyr, really? Can you explain why ...
    Ordering from Canada really limits my selection, Schiit is pretty convenient minus the shipping costs.
  9. DavidA
    With the Ember you can adjust the output resistance/impedance so it makes for a better pairing (better synergy) with the HE-400i.  Its also why I have the headphone output of the UD-301 over the Lyr2.  But it goes the other way with the HE-560 where the higher current of the Lyr2 does a much better job than the Ember.
  10. Jesse Oh
    Just got my 400i's and the first thing that struck me was their size!
    Initial impressions; the bass is subtle but i can sense how deep it goes in comparison to my other headphones. Can't comment on any more aspects of the sound; i need to do some more listening.
    But i have to put my magni 2 on high gain with the knob at 2 o clock for dub techno! That surprised me a bit.
  11. 0pethian
    Well finally my magni2 is working n I paired it with Fiio E17K as DAC for my laptop. The sound is very different from my dt990s. Bass is much cleaner and not overwhelming as dt990. I was actually surprised that dt990 had such a heavy bass vs he400i.
    Mids and highs are so much cleaner with he400i
    Really like how they sound. I still use dt990 for watching movies and other media consumption but for music he400i is a nice addition to dt990.
    With more listening time n genres, it will grow on me

    Sent from OnePlus 3T
  12. Jesse Oh
    Ok, just listened to G-Pal's album "Life" and this music really showed me how different they are to the closed backs i've owned in the past. They are fast indeed, super detailed, and in general smoother sounding. Also percussion is more crisp and accurate - a joy to listen to. I'm not good at explaining sound so that is all i got. I love them so far.
  13. Mani ATH 87
    I agree that the he400i isn't as efficient as some people would suggest. 
    I was expecting them to not be power hungry at all but was surprised that I have to turn my Asgard 2 up quite high in order to listen at a level I like (Usually about 3/4 or a bit less of the way to max). That's on low gain of course, high gain puts the volume into the stratosphere [​IMG].
    Still, I was expecting the 400i to be much more efficient, I definitely can't listen out of a mobile device at a volume level I prefer. If you listen at lower volumes it's possible you might disagree with my assessment though.
  14. Jesse Oh
    I agree with what you've said. Now i'm concerned about my LCD 2's (coming in the mail), i don't know if the magni 2 is powerful enough! I am reluctant to spend even more money on my audio setup at this time but i will if necessary! 
  15. DavidA
    unless you are listening at unsafe levels (85dB+) my Galaxy S5 phone (which isn't good) will drive both the 400i and LCD-2 quite well at my listening level of 63-72dB at between 10/15 to 12/15 of the phones volume control.  You should be more concerned with the synergy between the Magni2 and how well they pair with your headphones, not if the Magni2 has enough power.
    @Mani ATH 87, remember that the volume pot of the Asgard2 and most amps is not a linear progression so its hard to generalize based on the position of the volume knob
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