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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. Hawk84r
    That be swell if I have bout any of them for exercising :blush:. And even if i did - as I live way up north we rarely have weather to go shirtless anyhow :joy:
    Would be glad for any useful comments on the matter above :bow:
  2. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    So as I understand it--using HiByMusic on your smartphone the Watch could control its playback with e.g. next and prev. track commands; you would like HiByLink to be able to fool the phone into thinking it's playing music too (and respond to prev. and next track commands) when it's actually the R3 playing?
  3. Hawk84r
    Yes, precisely that.
  4. marcolights88
    Hello, I'm new with Hiby Music. I'm starting to use it, my music is on a network drive, Hiby Music is installed on a tablet with Android 8.1.
    From menu 'my private cloud' I have access to the music folder on my network drive and I can play the music files.
    But I don't understand how to scan the music files by Hiby. if I launch the scan function it fails because no music is present in internal tablet memory. How can I scan the music on external network drive?
    Without scanning I'm not able to see the artists or album etc. indexing, nor display the cover present on my music folders. What is the procedure to scan/indexing external music files on network drive?
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Unfortunately media scanning a network drive is not possible at present. The network access is more useful if you have a usable folder hierarchy for your music files...
  6. marcolights88
    thanks Joe Blogg for info. Do you think this feature will be released in future?
  7. Hawk84r
    Hi again! Sooo... is it at all possible? Can it be implemented/worked around or should I forget about it?
  8. svil3
    Unfortunately I tried this too and it's not possible, the media controls that the Hiby app displays for Hibylink, are not the standard Android controls for videos or music, it's more of a custom notification actually.

    So even music widgets fail to detect Hiby link as media playing on the Android device
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    The engineeers are looking into it :)
  10. svil3
    Wow if they can achieve that it would be so awesome,
    That way I could use my smartwatch to control my Cayin N3!
  11. Lohb
    Anyone have to give permission every time a USB DAC is hooked in OTG ?
    I have just updated an Asus phone to Android P, and same issue with previous Android pre-P albeit it a slightly different style of permission screen.
    As I remember with UAPP and other DACs, it was just a 1-time deal with allowing permission nag screen.
    Edit: same issue with UAPP - so this is new build Android incompatiblity as its also not sensing my OTG DAC as well with Hiby/UAPP and I had everything working perfectly 2 days ago regarding hooking up a DAC on an older Android system and build...doooh.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
  12. 329161
    Wowsa! Thread resurrection time. Loving Hiby Music, especially the mseb feature. Genius!
    Love the Hiby Connect feature too, except for one annoying thing. Everytime the app is started again, there needs to be a rescanning of the entire library on the server device. Could there be a feature implemented so that this isn't necessary. Eg a snapshot of the library contents could be kept in memory on the client device, and if there is no change in the library of the server device, then it will simply indicate this negating the need for another scan.
    Also could we have access to mseb and the eq in Hiby Connect, or at the very least, could we have the ability to turn them on or off in Connect mode?
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
    Lohb likes this.
  13. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    By HiBy Connect do you mean HiByLink or? It sounds like HiByLink but the description of what's going on doesn't quite jive.
  14. 329161
    Yes, I'm sorry, it's Hibylink. Also the gapless playback feature doesn't seem to work over Hibylink.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  15. Frug
    @Joe Bloggs

    I face the same issue.

    I have a W10 PC running Minim Server and a mixed mp3/flac library.
    Within Hiby music player on Android, I can only see mp3 files, flac are not displayed. I have tried that with other players (BubbleUpnp for Android, USB Audio Player Pro) and none have the issue: flac files are displayed appropriately.

    From what I have gathered from Hiby Music player and Minim Server logs, the issue seems to be related to the flac audio mime type expected by Hiby Music player:

    • when browsing for flac files, Hiby Music app reports:
    2019-07-28 02:11:52,184 [ERROR][com.hiby.music.smartplayer.mediaprovider.dlna.DlnaManager@Thread 1674 (Active: 5)] - Audio name: Aus tiefer Noth schrei ich zu dir, Cantate BWV 38 is not support MimeType audio/x-flac
    • meanwhile, Minim Server reports:
    [...] <res duration="0:05:01.520" size="6756678" bitsPerSample="16" bitrate="176400" sampleFrequency="44100" nrAudioChannels="2" protocolInfo="http-get:*:audio/x-flac:DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01700000000000000000000000000000"> [...]

    What I understood is that the mime type for flac used by Minim Server (audio/x-flac) is an accepted standard (again other players work fine with flac served by Minim Server).
    Perhaps it is just a matter of adding compatibility with audio/x-flac mime type for flac files in Hiby Music player?

    Anyway if you could have a look, it would be grand.
    I'd be happy to provide any other helpful information.

    Joe Bloggs likes this.
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