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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. lukeap69
    I have read from other threads about this free app so I tried it immediately. I was a little bit skeptic in the beginning because it's free, however when I tried it, it worked flawlessly. I have tried it with LG G2 and Theorem 720 - no problem. I like the UI better than UAPP and most of all it's free. The reason I became interested with other apps out of frustration with UAPP. I have bought it twice (2 different accounts) and everytime I change the ROM of my LG G2, I am having problem with 'authentication'. 
    So has anybody tried it? Pros and Cons?
    Hiby Music Player is a free lossless HiFi audio player which designed for audiophile and music fans. By the newest feature, you may play DSD files from your net driver(like Dropbox/DLNA/LAN) directly with native DSD support. Hiby will bring you high quality music at any time any where.

    1. All lossless audio formats decoding, including DSF,DFF,ISO,WAV,FLAC,AIFF,M4A,AAC,MP3,OGG
    2. CUE sheets also supported
    3. High precision decoding with 32 bits output, 64 bits float point and 128 bits internal calculating. just for the best quality of audio.
    4. External USB DAC is supported with DXD/DoP output. You will get Native DSD or 384KHZ 32 bits audio stream easily.
    5. Gapless playing is supported.
    6. 10 bands graphic EQ supported.

  2. was1958
    I tried it today.  It seems to work well and connects flawlessly to my Oppo HA-2 DAC.
    PRO: DSD popping non-existent, folder browsing (unlike Onkyo)
    CON: I can't yet find support for LAN server login for network playback.
    I gave up on UAPP, although perhaps they might respond to my support request.
  3. s4tch
    i tried the app yesterday, bumping the thread for 1st impressions.
    gear used:
    - xiaomi mi3 (android 4.4, miui7)
    - nad viso hp50
    - denon da-300usb dac
    files played: various formats and bitrates from 128k mp3 to dsd. files are either local (on the phone) or remotely accessed via dlna.
    hibymusic uses the dac without any issues, and plays any format i throw at it, including 24/192 flac or any dsd i could find. also, the dlna function works like a charm. i listened to some music using the app for a couple of hours and i couldn't find a single flaw. user interface might not be as refined as bubbleupnp (my favorite dlna app for android), still gets the job done.
  4. jamweiser
    Saw this app mentioned in a thread yesterday, and decided to try it... i had no issues, was great to listen to sum flac files, but i have very little interest in using my phone for my DAP...  rather have a dedicated DAP for my music...
  5. lukeap69
    I too decided long ago that I would just used my DAP than smartphone+DAC/amp combo. But when I tried my Theorem 720 again with balanced cable for Oppo PM-3, I've dissed my DAP and start using my Theorem 720 again. :)
  6. Sound Eq
    where do u get the dsp plugins from 
  7. WhiteKnite
    Has anyone been able to successfully register for an account? I want to be able to stream my music library from Baidu but I just get an error message when I try to register

  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    If you update to the new version now on play store, they say they've fixed the registration issue this time around. :)
  9. WhiteKnite
    Nice, they sent me an email it would be, didn't know it was already.  Good support from them BTW.  Logged in now but no option for Baidu cloud on my app version, only Dropbox, lol.
  10. thamasha69

    I was wondering about this too... I tried the Android version today and only saw Dropbox support, though I've been streaming my files from Baidu in the iOS version on my iPhone...
  11. WhiteKnite
    I'd really prefer OneDrive but Baidu would work too.  I cancelled dropbox a while back.  Much cheaper for Onedrive considering you get 1TB and office 365 for $60 a year or whatever.  Plus the integration in windows is nice.  Even a better DLNA interface would work for me though.
  12. thamasha69

    Dropbox is just way too expensive.... heck, I have 1tb on Baidu for free. I hope that hibymusic continues to support Baidu on iOS and brings integration over to Android
  13. WhiteKnite
    Exactly. If I could get past the Chinese captcha on the Baidu desktop app I'd use that for all my music, but it takes too long to upload with the file number limits (200 at a time?) on the browser version. Onedrive is really convenient though, and Office is useful anyway, but I hate giving any money to M$
  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Hi guys,

    If you would like to use baidu on Hiby, you can sideload this apk:

    Known issue: AVG Antivirus doesn't "want" this program. Makes me feel so unworthy :frowning2: :wink: There's nothing wrong with this apk though, promise~
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  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    We've also issued a beta update of the iPhone app. Recently we've started supporting the iPod library (i.e. the music imported and played by the default iPhone Music app), but it's rather unstable at the moment. So the beta update updates the iPod import code and adds code for sending debug info to us in the case of a crash.
    Beta build no. 3720

    I'd also like to hereby invite any other interested users to join the Apple Testflight program which would automatically inform you of new beta builds of Hiby. To join, simply pm me with your email address, and you'll receive an invitation to join the Testflight program. :)

    Aaand you're all invited to join our new Telegram group: https://telegram.me/HibyMusic :D

    A beta build for Android will also come shortly and be available directly via Play Store's beta program (hopefully) :)

    Best regards,
    Joe Bloggs
    Hiby team member
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