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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. cirodts
    I have a lg v20 connected to mojo dac and use hiby, when I pass from a file 16/44 to 24/96 I hear an annoying click in the headphones, they told me that resolves by putting the pause option between traces but, unfortunately, I do not work this option and I do not understand why.
  2. wwyjoe
    Sorry for the noob question. How do I change the order of the songs in a playlist?
  3. emuzaman
    At last I figured it out how to fix the track order in album mode, didn’t find before, it was there in settings, called short order.

    But still suffering to play gapless! ( iOS)
    Any plan to resolve the bug?
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Hello emuzaman,

    What was the sort order set to and what did you change it to?

    Track order in album view should be according to track no. regardless of the choice there so I am curious... of the bug implied
  5. senyame
    Hello emuzaman,
    Where is this menu item located? Can you attach a screenshot?
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    If you have updated to the latest version on the Play store, it is located in [Swipe right from left edge of screen to show menu]->Settings, 4th item from the bottom, "List sort order".
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  7. erpguru
    I am using the V3.0.0 build 5495 -

    I can see my nas and drill into the various folders and play music, but there does not appear to be a way to scan/addmusic to the music database except for local storage. Am I missing something on the configuration side, or does Hiby not support scanning music from the private cloud option (lan)..?
  8. dominique-tanguy

    I am new to HiBy. I just bought a SMSL SP3 and I just discover the software.

    On both Android or IOS, many options of the farther left menu are greyed out, like the advanced parameters.

    Any idea why ?

    Also, any possibility to stream to the DP3 from Tidal ?

  9. parthabhatta
    I have just started using Hiby with KZ USB C DAC cable. Initially in USB direct audio mode the volume was suddenly ear shatteringly loud. It didn't reduce on pressing the vol- of the phone. The volume mode was unadjustable in settings as the menu showed disabled. After some time I restarted the app and reinserted the cable to find a volume control display popping up when I adjust the vol keys of the phone. The Volume adjustment menu in settings has also got enabled and set to automatic mode, and hardware mode is disabled.
    My question is what went wrong initially so that the Volume became insanely loud and unadjustable and later rectified itself automatically.
    BTW I use Leagoo KIICAA mix phone.
  10. Bornin1992
    Has anyone figured out the sorting issue? I am on Android and am still having issues with the alphabetic order in album view. I do not see any such option...
  11. Mirimar
    @HiByMusic - Can anyone explain to me how the “Sound Field” plugin under DSP manager works on the iOS HiBy Music app? Common sense would suggest it widens the soundstage - is that correct? I’m listening to the FH5 using the 3.5mm adaptor and to my ears it seems to make the soundstage much wider when set to 2.00 and much thinner when set to 0.00 and back to normal at 1.00.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  12. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Yes that is correct. The intended effect is exactly as you describe. 1.0 is basically no change.
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  13. archy121
    First of all a big well done to the Hiby app development team. Fantastic app that is maturing well.

    Can anyone tell me if the app can currently utilise the LG V30 phones built in ESS DAC to deliver Bit perfect audio for hi res audio files ? i.e16/44, 24/96 plus and DSD.

    Maybe @Joe Bloggs you can help out with my question.
  14. cirodts
    with hiby 4.2 I heard a sound improvement, is it just my impression?
  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Dear archy,

    As far as I know (as a *former* employee), HiByMusic only supports "hi-res" digital audio out of their own R6 and upcoming R6 pro audio players. Supporting it on most / all Android devices require a level of reverse engineering and conflict of interest (for a *free* app) that HiBy is not prepared to undertake.

    Best regards,
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