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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. yannis
    @David N

    Did you try turn off "Play though folders" in Settings?
  2. David N
    Yes I did. Same condition whether "Play through folders" is on or off.
  3. yannis
    Using latest version?
  4. David N

  5. Vartan
    Best free app for music lovers!
    Gapless playback is not working correctly.
    APE files not working correctly.
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Unfortunately it only controls whether it will play through to the next Folder in Folder view. But if you have your albums sorted by folders, you can use the folder view and make this work
  7. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    How are APE files not working correctly?
  8. Vartan
    When I tap on seek line it's lost position (1st tap is working, but 2nd doesn't works)
  9. ChuckWagon
    I've so far yet to see any iphone person (including myself) that has been able to scan their files on their phone without it crashing.

    The weird part is that hibymusic had an update in December. Did it address the crashing issue?

    Actually, it became more difficult to achieve a bluetooth connection and so, I reverted back to an older hibymusic version (the version from September)..

    If anyone has an R3 and an iphone and has had a good experience with the hibymusic app, I'd love to hear from you.
  10. noknok23
    Hi Joe; thanks a lot for this app; I think it''s really great. I have a few questions:

    How to make sure that bitperect is enabled? I have a feeling it is not working on my phone but I don't see error message or confirmation. It just sounds the same.

    Is there a high gain mode? Would be helpful to get the full range volume of the apple dongle for android.
  11. noknok23
    So after some more experiment. HQ usb exclusive audio access works but it's not fully supported for apple dongle. These device show as not recognized. Will you plan to implement drivers for it?
    I will also get the Meizu dongle soon, since it's made for android, I hope it will work out of the box.
  12. noknok23
    Is it possible to increase the number of volume steps? Right now there is only 16 in hardware mode. I know meizu dongle support 64.
  13. sechsterangriff
    App still has a lot of issues dealing with different character encoding sets. ID tags are displayed as a bunch of "????????" and tracks are out right removed from m3u playlists.
  14. ChuckWagon
    Although there is no doubt that this app still has a long ways to improve and I mean A LOT ! in fairness... the "????????" is not the fault of the app. Some of your music is lacking the proper ID's.

    When I first got my Hiby R3, I had a lot of the "????????" too. I cleaned up the file names and then everything looked good.
    This software is totally free and will help.
  15. noknok23
    The automatic cover fetch is not very impressive. I find the one of vanilla music player to work better. Because it use musicbrainz database and not just a general purpose image search engine.

    But I'm thinking perhaps the current works better for Asian music which is its main market. Musicbrainz, discogs or lastfm database would works better for us for cover art fetching. Just saying :).
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