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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. cirodts
    So hiby does not transmit in bit-perfect if transmitted to a chord mojo from a smartphone?
  2. Lurker0
    It does via USB. The original question was about bit perfect playback to the internal DAC, working around Android limitations.
  3. stylus75
    Im loving the MSEB feature on the Hiby music app in Android. Will there be an update for MSEB on the IOS app too?
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I think so... MSEB was originally behind the paywall of getting the R6 or R3... now that it is available fin the free version I don't see any reason for them to limit it to the Android version...
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  5. RoySim
    A couple of days ago I installed HibyMusic v3.2.0 build 5499 on a Samsung S7 Oreo 8.0.0. My purpose is to the get highest quality playback of music from phone SD card to an old Musical Fidelity V-DAC feeding Musical Fidelity X-CANS tube/valve based headphone amplifier into Jays V-Jays headphones. Though learning the navigation took an effort I have found the sound very good and totally acceptable.

    Knowing my DAC is now old (specs are USB 24/96, spdif coax 24/192, spdif optical 24/96), I was expecting this rig to fail anything above 24/96 thru USB. I nevertheless played a mix of files out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised that 24/192, and 24/192 FLAC files played fine. Then to my great surprise I found DSD64 files playing fine too.

    Settings on the App include: Exclusive HQ USB (android audio stack bypass?) is ON and DSD Mode is set to DoP. I was even more surprised when DSD64 files played fine with DSD Mode set to Native!

    Can anyone (Joe?) advise what is happening here? How can this happen? Is down converting occurring, if so where and how?
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    In the now playing screen hold your finger on the audio file stats display (x kbps x Hz flac/dsd/etc.) to bring up an output stats screen showing the output device and sample rate etc.
  7. RoySim
    Thank you Joe - very much appreciated. I am learning fast.

    With Fixed output sampling rate OFF, all 16bit/44 Khz files show output as – USB Audio DAC, 44, 16, PCM (as expected) but all hi res files e.g. 88, 96, 192, DSD64 show output as - USB Audio DAC, 48, 16, PCM. So all Hi res files are being down converted on both sample rate and bit depth.

    With Fixed output sampling rate ON, the settings in that screen show 88, 96 upwards are “Not supported by peripheral”. So HiBy is not able to invoke the 24 bit / 96 KHz USB capability of my V-DAC.

    Is there anything I can do about this?
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor
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  9. RoySim
    Wow Joe, what a discovery, Thanks!

    All the reviews I have read on the V-DAC accept the claim that the USB input supports 24 bit/96 kHz, the same as the optical input. Stereophile (John Atkinson) is the only one to take the trouble to spell out the real technical merits of its design and clearly the USB input is limited to 16 bits/48 KHz due to the TI 2706 chip. I wish I had known this when I met Antony Michaelson a few years ago to hear his then new 50 watt pure class A amp!

    The good news is that the following internal processes all seem to do good things, which probably explains why the sound is good and much better than its asking price, as many people agreed in its day. I am happy that I have got the best sound that I can get through this rig and that sound is fine for my purposes. It’s also great that all my hi res files/formats get processed thru the HiBy.

    Thanks again for your help
    Joe Bloggs likes this.
  10. doctorjuggles
    Not sure if this is still being looked at by the Hiby team, but I also have a small bug to report.

    I have an example posted below, but this issue actually appears many times across my collection - as you can see below, although the labeling of the albums is perfectly fine, I have random moments where the alphabetical sorting gets a bit confused. In the example below, I have a series of compilations called "Back To Mine" and each one is curated by a different artist or DJ. So my naming convention is "Back To Mine - Nick Warren" or "Back to Mine - Morcheeba" etc.
    However, another compilation called "Back To Love 2" randomly appears. What's more, it's a 2-disc compilation, and for some reason disc 2 appears before disc 1 (which also randomly appears a little further down). Obviously by normal naming conventions, both of these discs should appear before all of my "Back To Mine" sets, but for some reason they don't. (As you can see - even the Back To Mine series seems to appear in a fairly random order but at least they're largely grouped together)
    It's a randomly re-occurring theme across my collection


    It's a fairly small issue and, overall, I love the app so it's not something I'd call a game-changer, but it is odd and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

    Thanks for a great app!
  11. wwyjoe
    Folks, how do we reorder songs within a playlist in the Hiby app?
  12. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    You can hold your finger on a queue item (in the now playing view) to drag it up and down, but not reorder an existing playlist. That means you can start playing from a playlist, reorder the queue (which would be a copy of the playlist) and save the reordered queue as a new playlist.
  13. fairx

    I tried hiby music "again" after quite some time. I'm using v3.2.0 build 5500 with nexus 5 (resurrection remix 8.1.0)

    When I plug in my USB dac ( topping d10) it was detected successfully and can be used as Exclusive HQ usb audio access + lock usb audio vol to ON.

    Problem is the output music is jittery and not clean. Sometimes pop and click during playback.

    I tried using poweramp (locked at 96khz and the playback is clean without problem.

    Is there something wrong with my setup.?
  14. Hawk84r
    Hi Joe Bloggs! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have an impression, that you somehow connected to development of HibyMusic. So, I was using HibyMusic with my phone (LG V30) and controlled playback via Samsung Galaxy Watch built-in music app, which can generally control any music app, only bugs I encountered were: 1) cover art seem to get to watch shrinked out of proportion vertically and 2) it stops providing media information to watch every 3-4 consecutive skips with "launch media on phone first" then continues normally). Then heard all about Hiby R-series and HibyLink bout R3. And here is the problem: I can't control playback, when HibyMusic on phone is connected to R3 via HibyLink, although notification in app drawer is present and I can control playback via it. I get that HibyMusic stops answering for media intents as it does not act as media server in that mode even thou Galaxy Watch does detect it as currently active media app. I already contacted Hiby support about this, but have strong reasons to believe they did not understand what i actually want and keep saying that I can't control player via third party app -_-. Maybe you can shed some light on how it can be done or assist for implementing some sort of emulated playback in HibyMusic. Thanks!
  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    If it were me I'd get something like this https://www.mytrendyphone.eu/shop/magnetic-sports-armband-226227p.html , strap the R3 right on my other wrist and ditch the middleman and a whole lot dead weight while exercising. Just sayin' :wink: (the magnet for the armband can go on the back of one of the several removable cases shipped with the R3)
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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