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HiBy W5 --> Now the W3 Bluetooth Receiver is Here with Better Buttons

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jan 16, 2019.
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  1. moisespr123
    My only problem, and it's a big deal, is that because of its design, it falls often because it slides. And the clip isn't good either, probably again, due to its oval-shaped design. One day it will break because of how many times it has already fallen.
  2. moisespr123
    And it died...
  3. mitsu763
    That's ridiculous. Almost not worth the hassle of replacing it. I like the sound quality of this thing but the battery life is a joke.
  4. paruchuribros
    As soon as they announced the product, I have expected that the battery life is going to be an issue for this product. I am glad that settled with ES100.
  5. moisespr123
    I made a Teardown while I attempted to try to fix it.

    It's working fine. The parts are glued together, so glue is needed to stick them back. I'm happy once again but still concerned about it falling again.
    CactusPete23 likes this.
  6. dennis611
    Does LG V30+ support UAT?
  7. CactusPete23
    Should if you download " HiBy Blue " App.
  8. dennis611
    Cant get it to work at the moment... highest codec is LDAC
    Maybe I am missing something
  9. CactusPete23
    Maybe this will help?
  10. CactusPete23
    See this video around 9+ minute mark.... Developer settings...
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  11. moisespr123
    UAT only works in the HiBy Music app on unsupported phones.
  12. dennis611
    Finally got it to work. Bravo...tq for your help
    CactusPete23 likes this.
  13. Nailzs
  14. CactusPete23
    New HiBy W3 Bluetooth Receiver is coming... Without Touch Sensitive Controls, With actual buttons.

  15. moisespr123
    Design wise looks better. Does it mention if it will include a dedicated DAC?

    My W5 is broken as of now... It keeps stopping from working and I have to push the PCB to revive it...

    The W3 design looks like it will not be dropping like the W5, so it may have a better durability.

    Looking forward to hear more from this one!
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