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HiBy W5 --> Now the W3 Bluetooth Receiver is Here with Better Buttons

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jan 16, 2019.
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  1. CactusPete23
    Meet The HiBy W5 !!!

    After a year of product development and planning, HiBy W5 is landing on Kickstarter on March 5th 8:00 am (EST) / 5:00 am (PST).

    HiBy has just announced a new Bluetooth Receiver with their own CODEC that will receive 1200 kbps audio from an Android Phone/Device with the HiBy Player App. (LDAC is 990 kbps, max)
    Will it sound better? Specs say it should. Time will tell.


    The Most Powerful Audio Codec

    HiBy W5 features the game-changing UAT, an audio coding technology with up to 192kHz sampling frequency or up to 1.2Mbps bit rate, it outperformed all the HiFi Amplifiers on the planet.


    Wide Compatibility

    HiBy W5 is able to reproduce major Bluetooth transmission format including UAT, LDAC, apt-X, apt-X HD, apt-X LL, SBC and AAC, plus compatibility across iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.


    Futuristic Spaceship Design

    Embracing new technology inside and outside, HiBy W5 tiptoes in the futuristic spaceship design, symbolising the bold and innovative guiding philosophy of HiBy.


    Aesthetic Appeal

    A sleek design in a stainless steel housing, together with a pocket-clip, allows you to enjoy the Hi-Res audio anywhere.


    Cutting-edge Chipset

    The HiBy W5 is designed to maximize your audio experience, it embedded with the powerful ES9218P independent audio decoding chip, combined with the CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which is made for Hi-Res sound quality with total wireless freedom.


    IP67 Waterproof

    HiBy W5 is IP67 certified which is resistant to water and dust, it means you can dive deep to the audiophile world rain or shine.


    Clearer Music and Voice

    Integrated with 8th generation Clear Voice Capture algorithms, HiBy W5 guarantees you have a clear conversation by reducing the acoustic echo. With a single click, you can switch between listening and phone answering.


    Superb Battery Life

    HiBy W5 is created for Hi-Fi music binge in a wireless setup. With its built-in battery plus the powerful battery case which can give W5 fully charges five times, it offers up to 20-hour playtime.
    (About 5 hrs for each individual charge, per HiBy)


    Easyflex Operation

    With HiBy music APP remote control, you can review W5 sampling frequency, Bluetooth format, battery status, volume level, and firmware upgrade or adjust the EQ.


    Sign Up to Get Notified & Exclusive Discount Upon Launch! https://www.hibymusic.net/

    Output Power Level
    HiBy lab test summary shows that W5 can deliver an output amplitude of 1.6Vrms/32Ω load, plus an output power of80+80mW. This makes audio quality much better than other competitors. With THD level of less than -104dB, W5 offers you a lifelike and theater like surrounding sound quality.
    Comment: Plenty of Power for IEMS and many headphones; but may not be enough for inefficient, high impedance full size headphones.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  2. peter1480
    Sounds intresting, hope it has the customer support the R3 and R6 did n't get!
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  3. CactusPete23
    Some random thoughts, since have not seen any reviews on this yet. And do not know exactly how the HiBy codec/compression will work.

    - With the 1200kbps bandwith, I would personally rather see 16/44.1 and 16/48 being transmitted with no compression. Instead of trying to compress/decompress 192khz.
    I would think that uncompressed CD quality would be quite nice. And likely sound better that HiRes that's been compressed and decompressed? (Like Aptx-HD and LDAC also do...)
    - It does look really tiny/small in size; which is nice. But because of that, it has only a 3-4 hr playing time per charge. Personally would have liked to see 8hr+ operating time/charge.

    Hope to see some reviews soon !
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  4. paruchuribros
    I agree with you. Need to have minimum 8-10 hrs of playtime is needed for a successful product. Currently I have EarStudio and its battery life is 15 hrs and it is got similar functionality but limited to LDAC 990kbps. I am really happy with it and ready to test this one.
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  5. HiFlight
    The limited battery run-time without recharging is a deal-breaker for me. Will stick with my EarStudio also!
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  6. QuadraKev
    I'm guessing the UAT will be delivered via the HibyMusic app?
  7. 329161
    No doubt most will think it sounds better even though it doesn't. Also it looks only suitable to drive iems.
    IMO AAC and aptx is sufficient. Amp/dac quality is way more important. Mostly the quality of these in most bt receivers and headphones isn't that great. The Fiio Q5 is an exception.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
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  8. achilleos8
  9. CactusPete23
    The Auris Looks like a good, low cost option to get LDAC and APTx-HD. Nice battery life. Wonder how it sounds. Should compete well with the Radsone ES100 if it sounds good.
    - The ES100 a is about same size and battery life, but also has "balanced out" through a 2.5mm Jack. So a bit more power in Balanced mode.

    Have not seen any more info on the HiBy W5. It's main "claim to fame" is it's own 1200kbps Codec that is higher than LDAC.

    As it's Chinese New Year holiday now, don't expect to hear anything new until Feb 10 or so... Gong Xei Fat Choi !
  10. Nolbert0
    Looks like output power is less than fiio btr3?
  11. achilleos8
    From the specifications, it looks like theauris has a higher output power than the Fiio btr3. How that compares to the Radsone ES100, dunno...
  12. achilleos8
  13. HiByMusic
    - You may know music transmit via Bluetooth has certain lose, why we develop the UAT is trying our best to higher the transmission quality.
    - What we count for the battery life is using the highest music quality, usually, the W5 can play up to 5 hours in most cases. As we said, “we want to provide the finest Hi-Fi experience”, that’s why we put the music quality as our first priority.
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  14. HiByMusic
    What we count for the battery life is using the highest music quality, usually, the W5 can play up to 5 hours in most cases. As we said, “we want to provide the finest Hi-Fi experience”, that’s why we put the music quality as our first priority.
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  15. HiByMusic
    UAT only can be delivered by HibyMusic APP. and UAT works on any Android mobile phone which can install the HibyMusic app.
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