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HiBy W5 --> Now the W3 Bluetooth Receiver is Here with Better Buttons

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jan 16, 2019.
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  1. wackoip
    Just to share my experience on the new Hiby W5 Portable Bluetooth Amp on N8 and N6ii

    The connection on N8 is shockingly bad. I basically have to place it next to the N8 and with no movement for it to have a stable connection. N6ii is better if you are playing something from the internal memory but still stutter when playing from card or there is sudden movement. I wonder if it's because N6ii is run on Android.

    I also swith to LDAC priority to see if the connection improves but it isn't a lot better.

    And yes I did disconnect and re-pair both devices to make sure it's a occasional weak pairing.

    Having said all that when the connection is stable: WOW! I cannot tell it's a wireless connection . It is like listening to songs on a wired connection with no difference at all. My conclusion is that the UAT codec tech is not mature enough yet. I hope Hiby and Cayin can update thru future firmware to improve the performance

    By the way I also connect W5 to both Sony gold brick and SP1000. The W5 connects thru LDAC and AptXHD automatically and works flawlessly without any stutter. It even survives thru traffic lights! (Havent you all notice wireless headsets connections always dropout near traffic lights?) But they work so well on these two devices and yes unless you really listen carefully you wont notice it's wireless. So all in all for a HK$530 or US$68 W5 is totally worth it.

    I also need to stress the poor connection only applies to N8 or N6ii to W5 I have tried connection both to my Android phone and the Sony WX1000M3 and they work flawlessly and sound excellent so I don't think it's Cayin's fault. It's just a shame Cayin is the only DAP which supports UAT outside Hiby world but it doesnt work (yet)
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  2. mitsu763
    Does anyone know if the white units have started shipping?
  3. koaly
    Hi everyone,
    my 2 cents for the W5. I coudl not manage to connect it to Samsung A5 (2017). It simply tells: Cant communicate with Hiby W5. I reset W5 several times, updated the FW to the latest and even danced with tam-tam, but it still doesn't connect.
    In the meantime, it is paired without any prob with both r6pro and r3. After the r6pro pairing I could update the FW of the W5 in the Hiby Blue app.
    As for the device itself. I like the sound quality. It really almost as good as onwires, but... UAT does not work. I can select it, but after selection of the sample rate of more than 96kHz and even with 900kbps I get distorsions, interruptions and the app shows poor connection quality if you decide to move the W5 more than 5cm from the source. if you put it in the pocket or move, then forget it.
    So, UAT is good for marketing, but not for listening. I could only listen on LDAC in the best case. Neverthless, 990 kbps caused some sound quality problems and connection quality 3 out of 5, when the W5 lays nearby the r6pro.
    I find not very convenient not having any button on the case. The manual is not too clear for me in terms of combination of touches: how to handle the device.
    The case is good, but if you put the W5 in there without powering off, it remains connected to r6pro and I can't get the sound on any wired port.
    For the moment, if Hiby does not improve the FW or whatever caused the connection issues, UAT is not usable. I would also say that it is difficult to compete with Fiio BTR3 in terms of the sound and connection quality.
  4. mruddo
    I completely agree... My W5 is back in its box, and has not been used for weeks. UAT simply isn't viable, and even LDAC connection reliability is poor in comparison to other Bluetooth devices. I did send an email to HiBy support, but got a somewhat dismissive response. I followed up commenting how the W5 in its present form is not practical as a portable audio device, with such a short range, and woeful battery life but I've heard nothing more from them.

    The only good thing to come out of my HiBy W5 purchase for me is the short MMCX cable that I ordered with it that I'm now using with my Tin HiFi T3 IEMs and the new FiiO BTR3 I purchased to replace it. UAT aside, the FiiO is a far superior device in every respect. I wish I'd found that first!
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  5. koaly
    Mee too.
    Unfortunatelly Hiby followed the other Chinese manufacturer's ways: to release devices, which are not usable and then try to improve it by collecting complaints from head-fiers, because we are the most demanding users.
    I would not complaint if I get it for free for testing or review, but I bought it and there was a lot of promises and expectations behind. In my eyes, hiby is loosing reliability with such prototype-like devices. I would think twice before going into another croudfunding campain.
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  6. jsmiller58
    I am in the same boat - my W5 has such poor connection quality, and in my opinion such a poorly thought out and designed haptic control system, that it is pretty much useless. I am, fortunately, very impressed and happy with my ESS 100, so that fills my needs for a Bluetooth solution with my wired IEMs ( Tiny + LDAC + balanced = :) )

    I don’t think this is a “Chinese manufacturer “ problem. As always, Kickstarter / Indiegogo are pretty poor places to buy stuff from. Yeah, you get the chance to be early to own something really cool and relatively cheap. But you run delivery risk (late / never) and disappointment risk (poorly implemented). Save your money, buy a shipping product that has real reviews. I don’t think anyone would have bought the W5 in its current state.
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  7. dblml320
    One of the things I like about the EarStudio, and from the photos the FIIO BTR5 and the Shanling UP2, is the flat package. I use neoprene glasses cases to store a DAP, phones and Earstudio, and the combination works very well. The W5 by itself would fit OK, but with the charging dock, it is just way too BIG.

    Just my $.02 .. Have a great day!
  8. reginalb
    Yeah, mine does the same thing I guess. Had been sitting in a case for a few days, figured I was good to use it, and nothing. Damn thing is dead. I guess from Joe's comments, the fact that the battery indicator on the outside of the case is lit up means it's charging, but that's really annoying. Leave it sitting on the charger and it dies. Good times.

    I've been considering the ES100, but I've already spent money on the W5, it's quite frustrating. But it really is not a great device.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  9. jsmiller58
    I agree - the W5 is not a very good device - a missed opportunity for Hiby. It now sits quietly, unused, in a drawer, along with almost everything else I have ever bought from Kickstarter and Indiegogo (notable exceptions include the Hidizs MS4, and the Hidizs DH1000)... If you get the chance to get it, I don’t think you will be disappointed by the ES100... I have heard that some are having connection problems after several weeks of use, but so far I have not experienced that.
  10. revand
    I have the W5 one week now.
    On my W5 UAT is not working as expected! Hiby informed me that the Bluetooth receiver of the W5 can be
    found at the bottom (clip) side. I tried to play some songs using UAT. In Hiby Music Android app in the Settings I switched on the Hiby UAT function. If I faced the bottom (clip) part of the W5 toward my Xiaomi MI8 phone CD resolution music stored on my phone was played, and the level of SQ was fine. However if I tried to play a High-Res music file from my NAS the playback was stuttering all the time even if the W5 was hold 5 cm from the phone.
    Hiby Blue is now available on Play Store. In Hiby Blue someone can set the codec (just click the phone sign at the upper right corner of the screen), adjust the bitrate (as default it was set to 900 kbps) and check the codec used (UAT for example).
    TIDAL is not yet available on Hiby Music app. Hiby is trying to make an agreement with TIDAL but they didn't seem too optimistic to succeed.
    I do hope that with a later firmware update these problems will be solved.
    Otherwise the W5 is a fantastic device using LDAC!
    I do not have any issues using LDAC. Connection is stable even if I go away several meters from my Phone.
    I am using it with a Vorzüge Pure II+ portable amp, and they together sound like heaven!
    So I am not worrying about UAT. :) LDAC is much more stable...
    But I have to agree that this product is not a final product, however I compared it with my beloved Fiio BTR3 and W5 wins the SQ comparison. After Hiby solves the problems with a future firmware update it will be the best Bluetooth digital music player.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  11. jsmiller58
    If Hiby can fix the W5 UAT connection issues I think that it could be a good device! But, if all we have is LDAC, I much prefer my ES100 - more intuitive interface (buttons vs haptic), and choice between 3.5mm SE and 2.5mm balanced outputs (vs just 3.5mm SE).

    I give great credit to HiBy for pushing the envelope and including a new, higher performance Bluetooth codec! But a failing grade, at least for now, on the product.
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  12. moisespr123
    W5 UAT works fine with the Hiby R3. I set the bitrate at 1.2Mbit. However, it struggles when using Tidal. Too much processing for the R3 to handle? The tracks itself have problems playing, but this does not happen when playing back files from the micro SD card.

    When using as a USB DAC -> W5 UAT, I need to have the bitrate set at 900kb/s.

    Also, the app says there's v1.0.1 but it fails to upgrade the firmware...

    EDIT: Tried UAT with the HibyMusic app in my Galasy S9+. It's terrible...

    Best to use LDAC.

    EDIT 2: V1.04 is out!
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  13. Vitandus
    Sitting 50' away from the W5 with my Razer Phone 2 and still connected .Interesting that others don't have good connections.
  14. CactusPete23
    Is that with UAT@ 1200 ?
  15. Vitandus
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