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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. DigitalFreak
    Best of my knowledge the K712 was supposed to be assembled in Austria. Maybe they switched manufacturing to another plant now that the K812 is the flagship?
    thank you
  2. C.C.S.
    I thought all of the 700 series was assembled in Austria. I can't say for sure, though. I've never owned any of AKG's headphones.
  3. mosshorn
    So this is where you ragtag bunch went....:ph34r:
  4. DigitalFreak
    An another long lost son has come out of the darkness and returned to the fold. Hello there Mossy, we've all missed you
  5. mosshorn

    Good to be back! What has everyone been up to? A lot has gone on, but I'm finally in a good career that supports me well.

    This is all a roundabout way of saying I'm getting UERMs reshelled currently and I'm looking for a pocketable DAP that will blow my socks off :evil:
  6. DigitalFreak
    also, haven't heard it myself but the HifiMan HM-901 is supposed to be pretty cool beans too
  7. mosshorn
    @digitalfreak, what kind of crazy pockets do you have? :p i already carry a smartphone, so something around the size of the original AKs, this new generation of Fiios, or hell, even that tiny Sony is appealing.

    Truth be told, if someone made a player around Studio V sized that had [any] finesse and good sound, I would be all over it.
  8. DigitalFreak
    I hear ya brother I hear ya. there's always the AK players I guess. I didn't mention them because the AK 240 is pricey and I didn't feel comfortable recommending something so expensive that I've never heard.
  9. mosshorn
    How big of a difference is there between the generations anyway? I can't seem to get a straight answer on it, and I personally prefer the look of the old 100 and 120. I just don't get hifi kids these days and their touch screen daps.
  10. DigitalFreak
    can't say, never heard the players myself, i just own the AK120. Currawong did a video review on his Youtube channel if you're interested check that out
  11. gelocks
    I have the Sony NWZ-A17 and it's a winner!!
    Very good sounding, GREAT battery life, no worries nor troubles reading files correctly unlike some other chinese players, FM radio, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. I'm using it with a converter (microSD to SD) with a 256GB card and it works flawlessly. :)
    Sold all my other players... sticking with this Sony.
  12. mosshorn

    Good to know! I was eyeballing that+ a battery powered dac/amp like that one ifi model in case i want a transportable desktop rig. The PHA-1 got cheap quickly, but I'm picky about hiss so I'm hesitant.

    The DX90 was on my list as well.
  13. james444 Contributor
    From what I've read, they moved their main research and design office back from China to the EU. Slovakia is among the lowest-wage countries in the EU and borders on Austria, so do the math... [​IMG] 
  14. Coq de Combat
    So, I've been released from the mental institution. I tricked them that I was feeling well. I'm not. I just couldn't stand living there anymore, being imprisoned just because you're sick, that in itself is sick. But they're going to screen me for borderline personality disorder as well.
    However, I feel the need to say goodbye to y'all. You've been good friends to me, and with literal tears in my eyes (because I've been crying all morning) I wish you all the ******* best my friends. At the institution, I met a girl. She was 20 but looked like 12. She was autistic, and so badly effected by it that she is never going to be alright. She was at a point of autism that you could call her retarded. She was a beautiful little person. Beautiful, once you knew her. Every day, she fought the personnel, yelling that she had the right to die and that they should release her so she could die. I talked a lot to her. I kind of took her under my wings, despite knowing that her illness is greatly trumping mine, and tried to show her that life is worth living just one more day. She shouldn't think suicide is the answer. Leave that to people like me. She's just 20, and has everything in front of her. She has all the movies, all the music, and god - think of all the boyfriends she will have. I remember telling her "The world would lose something very beautiful if you died now". I asked her once what her favorite snacks were, and what her favorite movies were, and then bought it just to put on a movie for her in the TV room. We had a great time. We repeated it to the day that she asked me the same question and did the same for me. We actually have each other on facebook now.
    There was this other girl who was there because she had barricaded and isolated herself a lot. I took her out to walks and was just her friend there. She needed one, and even to this day she calls me on the phone just to talk.
    What I feel is: ****, can't I die already? I've got 10 attempts already. Why doesn't it work? Every single time, someone seizes it. C'mon.
    I also think like this: I know it's temporary, I'm bipolar and I will have these periods all my life. It's chronic. If I get through them, it's of no use, they come back. Every ******* time. I'm tired of it. 
    Sorry, but it's over. My mind is made up. Death is my way out. I just can't stand these depressions. They're so ******* deep, and they're chronically periodic for me. It's just not fair. I didn't ask for this, and I'm once again putting my foot down - I don't deserve this, but by asking of me to sty alive, this is what I have to live with. All this crying and plotting for death. Sorry dudes, I write this to say goodbye ... sometime next week it's going to happen. I really wish I could do more for you. But be happy to know how serious this ******* disease is. Really, if and when you meet someone bipolar, give them a hug and say "I have literally no idea what you're going through, but you should know that you're one kickass person and that I like you, and that you should remain alive." Even those in the department who get really manic (not me, I'm the depressed kind) do commit suicide when they're down, and a thing like that no matter when you received it, could save you if even for once. So, what's one hug? I freely give them away..
    Seriously, bipolar disorder (and borderline perhaps) is nothing to be joked around with, it's ******* serious. I'm dying in a week, so yeah, there's that. 
    Over and out, and see you on the other side, Ville.
  15. james444 Contributor
    It's chronic, but that doesn't mean that the intensity will stay the same all your life. A very old friend of mine is bipolar too. Thirty years ago, I helped him get back on his feet after he rammed a kitchen knife through his chest. Just like you, he wanted to get out. The doctors said he missed his heart by less than an inch.
    He's not entirely cured now, of course. But still alive, and his periods are much more subdued. He changed a lot about his personal circumstances towards a very simple lifestyle, and, along wth medication, it seems to have helped to even out his mood swings.
    You're such a smart, sensitive and empathic person, Ville. Your stories about those girls at the institution are beautiful. Honestly, you should take up a caring profession, jm2c. I'd hate to see you go. [​IMG] 
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