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Hey, new here, came for some advice

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by emdaftrave, Aug 14, 2011.
  1. EMdaftRAVE
    How do, my names EMdaftRAVE, i like daft punk, in case you couldn't tell :p Gonna get straight to it.
    I like a lot of different types of music, mainly Rock, metal, electronica, will listen to anything though if its good.
    Was wondering what headphones one might buy, in the sub-£50 area. Used to have some IEM's... CX500's. Lost them though and i'm going on holiday in 4 weeks and wanted some good, comfortable, noise cancelling on ears for the flight, drown out the crying babies and all that :p also heard you need to break them in so i wanted to get them early. Don't really know much about audio, i just know that i like it to be clear. I've heard around these parts that skullcandy aren't looked upon too lightly, and after hearing a couple of my mate's Hesh's i can see why. Or hear why :)
    So, to recap:
    Need some good on-ears that:
    1. Are obviously comfortable
    2. Clear sound
    3. Suited to rock, metal and electronica
    4. Noise cancelling - Sorry, just read up that noise cancelling headphones need batteries in them, i meant ones that block out sound on their own effectively :)
    Saw some Sennheiser HD448's on sale at amazon for just over £50, was thinking those, any opinions? If they're not very good or theres some better ones for the price i'm always open to suggestions that people have :)
    Quick edit: And i heard you can get amps for headphones? What would the perks of getting one of these be? And would it be worth getting one for my needs?
  2. EMdaftRAVE
  3. MalVeauX
    HD448's are flimsy, not built well at all, do not isolate very well due to their very flimsy non-gripping fit, with a single string for a cord that is way too long too. They sound good, great sound, but man they feel like a cheap toy that is going to break. I couldn't keep them due to that. I cannot recommend them to anyone. A good headphone shouldn't feel like a flimsy gonna-break toy. Sennheiser disappointed me there, for the first time.
    That said, check out the XB500's. They can be EQ'd to cover all your genres and do so very well actually. You could also see the Check out the Shure 440's. I think you'll do better looking for something used. Check out the Sony V6, ZX700 too.
    You can get amps, they're only needed if the headphone is not sensitive or if it has high impedance. There is no perk to getting one unless your headphone needs one to drive. Not worth it for your needs at all. It depends on your headphone.
    Very best,
  4. BotByte
    Grado Sr60i
    other then blocking out some sound, they do just not as much, they would fit your bill perfectly.
  5. Optimus Praim


    I couldn't agree more..
  6. EMdaftRAVE
    Thanks for the reply :) The xb500's do look really good, and i'll have to try and find a shop which has them so i can have a listen. I've just seen on play.com, a pair of Koss Pro DJ100's, http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/-/3178/2445/-/20465840/Koss-PRO-DJ100-Stereo-Headphones/Product.html?cpage=3&searchfilters=ae207{40-59.99}+ i don't know much about the brand but i just took a look at a couple of reviews which say they're pretty good, just a little short on bass. Do you know if they're any good or not? Thanks again :)

    Also, not enough money for Grado's unfortunately, i already took a look :frowning2:
  7. EMdaftRAVE
    Just took a look at another review and read that the dj100's aren't all that effective without an amp, and as MalVeaux pointed out i don't really need an amp for my needs, so i'll find out what the xb500's sound like and then get them if they sound good!
  8. SennheiserHD


    the xb500's are terrible headphones. very muddy bass, cheaply made. take the 448 for 50 pounds thats a great deal.
  9. tdockweiler


    Yeah, don't bother with the DJ100 without an amp or at least the E5. IMO they're not even remotely bass light. In fact, with my amp they're one step under bass heavy. With the MDR-V6 pads you can even improve the bass. It's my favorite headphone but I'd be lying if I said they're amazing without an amp.
    Another good headphone is the Maxell DHP-II if you can still find it. One of the few cheap headphones that gets my approval [​IMG] Too bad Maxell hasn't released anything as good lately that I'm aware of.
  10. NoKTurNal
    I would +1 grados but comfort can be a problem, its either a hit/miss
    Sony XB series arent fortified for Rock, better for electronic music
    They arent bad, people are just biased about it
    As you go up in the series the bass does get more detailed
    There was a video review of the XB700 and XB1000
    However I would highly recommend Grados, just find the perfect pad =D

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