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Hd25 vs ie8

  1. farfly
    Hello, i cannot decide between thease 2 headphones, i have super fi 5 and i love them, a few days ago i went to a shop and i heard the hd25 and i liked a lot and i have enought money to buy it, but im really interested in the sennheiser ie8, they seems to be very good,
    A few questions , are ie8 in sq better than hd25? Are ie8 much better than ue sf5?.
    Help me please, for me the only thing important is sound quality, i like trance music.
    Thanks and sorry, my english is not very good.
  2. yliu
    I would go with the HD25. I find the HD25 better than the IE8 an every way. The IE8 has a warm sound with a lot of bass, VERY laid back mids. The HD25 has a brighter sound, but still with very punchy tight bass.
  3. kfarndog
    Depending on location, the IE8s from legit sources are at least twice as much as the HD25-1.  The HD25s are fantastic and I have not found any type of music that they don't handle reasonably well.    The IE8s are probably fantastic too, but the are a little weird to put into your ears so I didn't get to experience that.  For my two cents worth, the price difference makes the HD25s a no-brainer choice.

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