hd25-1 impressions thread
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I like the comfort of velour pads but for me the drawbacks basically defeat the purpose of these headphones. I got them for bass quantity and isolation, velour takes that away.
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The only reason I would contemplate changing the stock pads is if I lived in a hot country as they can get a bit sweaty. The sound isolation is one of the reasons I bought them in the first place. If that doesn't matter then maybe they're worth changing?
I did try HD600 cable out of curiosity and heard no perceivable difference.
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Cable looks awesome!
I'll install it and upload pics and impressions as soon as they arrive in my box tomorrow. I have two 70-ohm and two 600-ohm pairs, so I'll A/B them against my stock-cable pair. I paid $94 for the premium cable. You won't need to send in your HD25s as Brian will build/test the cable using his personal HD25s. This is my first "recable".
Here's a pic of my cable on Brian's HD25s:

As you can see the sheath looks to be fairly soft as the coil/bend implies. Naked above split. Love the looks.

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Cable looks awesome!

I don't have any pics yet, but it sounds great. I could tell that the cable took some of the harshness away; not laid-back, but the best analogy I can make is that it was akin to comparing lossy to lossless. 
The sheathing is very flexible. I would think the Senn cable is more durable, but the build-quality is great on the BTG premium. The "naked" pair fits neatly into the notch in the headband. Brian put sleeves where the long twisted pair enters and exits the headband. The cable is slightly microphonic when worn (no music) and almost silent when music is playing. 
The differences are subtle and I wouldn't change the stock cable for a anticipated large improvement in SQ. It looks great and sounds great as well. It certainly doesn't detract from the HD25 in any way. 
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Hey... wanted some quick advice. I am right now sitting on approx. 250 USD and am willing to spend on a set of portable cans.
Now, I've read over this forum and across the internet that the HD25-1 II are near indestructible and are good for portable use. That said, the country which I am in is charging a 40% import duty on these and is pushing up the cost up from $199 to approx. $280.
On the other hand, I am getting the Shure SRH-840 for $200 (which is obviously more attractive from a money point of view). So here's the Q: If i do get the 840's, what do I stand to loose/gain in terms of sound quality? Secondly, would anyone here recommend the srh-840's for a daily commute? I am reasonably sure about the build quality of the hd-25-1 II, but what about the shures?

Am open to suggestions for other shures (440 and 940 as well).
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The 840 is a great choice and is better sonically than the HD25 in that it sound more tonally correct, more balanced, bigger soundstage and better imaging (mostly due to the fact that it's not supraaural and has bigger drivers). Both headphones have great detail retrieval and instrument separation. The biggest difference in their presentations is that the 840 is smooth and laidback while the HD25 has a more energetic aggressive sound which could be fun for many genres. That all said while the 840 may be suitable for portability for some, it still will never be as portable as the HD25. When you keep the bulkiness of a full size and coiled cable in mind - in comparison the HD25 is as light as a feather on the head, only difference is that it clamps more so it maybe uncomfortable for some not for me though. The HD25 also isolates better.

IMO I would say get the HD25 if you want a truly portable headphone - so portable you can run around with it and it won't even slide off your head. I would use the 840 at home. Anyway this is just my opinion. If you feel the 840 may be portable enough for you, then that's great.y advice would be to audition both headphones and get a feel for them.
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From what you have written, I think I would enjoy the Shures more than the Hd-25s considering I like a smooth sounding presentation of music. Plus, I've read from headroom, that it is slightly warm which would make it gel with rock music (which I'm into). I'm not *that* concerned about isolation since when I am at home, it is mostly quiet and office doesn't require a lot of isolation either since it always help to have some inkling what going around you. I would have loved to have auditoned the headphones - unfortunately, the place where I live - India - the only phones that I can audition are the Boses and the Dr. Dres in the Apple showrooms.
Anyways, my only concern now remains about the durability of the Shures. Will they able to withstand the journey from the office to home everyday? Would it be OK if I simply dump the headphone in my bag? Or does it need a case (like the case in which the DT1350/SRH-940 come in) for protection?
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Hello. Roma101's comments are pretty much on the nail. FWIW My additional thoughts on the 840s (vs. HD25-1) are
- I find on ** some material ** they are not as timbre 'accurate' (I hear what I believe is a mid bass hump ** on some tracks **) 
- They can be a little shrill for me ** on some material ** .
- There is a design flaw in that the cable is exposed immediately above the earcup which carries high risk of damage, especially in transit
- mine came with a soft pouch pull-string bag, reasonable quality. This would give decent protection against catching the vulnerable wires in a rucksack.
I bought the 840s as I thought they would give me an upgrade over the hd25s. Subsequently, I have recabled and de-foamed my hd25s and found great synergy with a Graham Slee voyager amp/DIY LOD. I would not re-buy the 840s if they were lost or damaged. If I were going to replace, I would buy another pair of HD25s or Amperior or another pair of SRH940s. The HD25s will not get damaged easily, they go in my rucksack everyday.
Good luck
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Other portable options with a smooth sound and wider soundstage than the HD25 are the V-MODA M-80 and the AKG K181DJ. Worth considering. I just recently read some issues with the BQ on the Shures that James was talking about. If you take care of them and be gentle, they should be fine but I've also read some stories about the cable on the headphone as well as a cup falling off after some time. They apparently have good warranty though. Best to do some research on those aspects if you really want the 840s. Another thing to keep in mind - this is totally subjective and just my experience but I never bothered to buy the 840s because the headband when sitting on the top of my head hurts for some prolonged use. I auditioned them for about 10 min and didn't like the pain on my cranium afterward.
Anyway I think it's best to do some research before you make a final decision; if you want headphones that are very portable/less of a hassle on the commute the M-80s, K181DJs, and the HD25s are hard to beat. For a smoother sound a wider soundstage M-80 and K181 are you best bets. isolation is better on the K181 but comfort is much better on the M-80. Both do a good job at isolating though.
Edit: Desis unite btw!

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i just finish painting my custom hd 25-1 Metallic blue..

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nice paint :) You could also get blue pads (same colour as the adidas branded hd25's) might be a bit too much blue though!

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i have blue/white pads from my adidas hd 25 i will try it later.thnx. 


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