Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

  1. Clemmaster
    Not in the foreseeable future. No enough room for the genV board as it is, right now.

    Might be possible down the line, if smaller components are made/found.
  2. SLC1966
    +1Eitr. Significant difference in sound. Relatively minor cost to get such a significant upgrade in sound and keep a neat small stack. My understanding is that gen 5 will not fit in the mimby box.
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  3. thebkt
    A few pages back Mike Moffat said something along the lines of 'nope'. I could be wrong, but I believe that there was no way to fit the USB5 interface into the Modi chasis.
  4. leeperry
    Mimby is meant to be a bait to go up the food chain, mostly an appetizer to burrito goodness so providing a Gen5 Mimby would be madness. You can still pimp it with a bigger wallwart and a clean 5V USB PSU :L3000:
  5. leeperry
    I'm certainly no fanboy and I thought Modi1 & Vali sounded horrendous, stock Mimby was also too bright but with a bigger wallwart and a clean 5V PSU Mimby is amazing. It's meant to be a cheaper Bimby so provide it with bigger/cleaner PSU's and bang/bucks will go up through the roof IME.
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  6. Jimster480
    How can you feed it with a 5V PSU? It uses like 15VAC? Did you open it up and bypass the internal PSU or something?
  7. musicfan145
    That’s a separate (additional) 5v PSU for the USB receiver chip, if I’m understanding him correctly.
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  8. Yayoubetcha
    I would like to learn more about this.
  9. Vas19
    Just grabbed one of these and can't believe how close it is to my Gumby. Unreal value.
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  10. Mad Max
    Cleaner power for the USB receiver, I think that he meant.
  11. mingus
    would the Floor Wart be considered a bigger wall wart? would be nice to power the mimby/magni3 and maybe eitr down the road? i'm warted out as my stack of schitt grows.
  12. leeperry
    There are many ways to inject a clean USB PSU straight into Mimby, here's one: http://grizzlyaudio.blogspot.com/2015/08/diy-solid-core-audio-usb-cable-with.html

    It's using the computer noisy 5V so pretty much anything will be better, sonic improvement will be readily audible and same goes for a beefier 16VAC wallwart.

    Not sure, I run a 2A 0.5kg wallwart and it sounds much thicker than the 0.5A stock one.

    A friend of mine went completely overboard and got a 1.5kg one meant for model railway systems, he loves it very very much.
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  13. hearditontheX
    I’m thrilled with my Mimby. On the Nils Lofgren track on the Salk demo CD, it sounds like I can reach out and touch the guitar. The Mimby is my first DAC purchase.
  14. cheungtsw
    Is Vali2 a good partner to the Massdrop HD6xx (especially for female vocal) ?
  15. Tuneslover
    I like how my 650's sound with it.

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