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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    I meant lifeless with the included tips. They shine better with other tips for sure.
  2. vstolpner
    Oh I'm sorry you have to put up with an iPhone.... :wink:

    I use my 12-ish year old Altec Lansing UHP336's (UE SuperFi's rebrand) that I absolutely love. But I want to check out KZ ZS7's and AS06's too. Going to wait for BT20S's and see what else is good at be that time.

    Btw, tried the V80's but they hissed horribly with BT20.
  3. chinmie
    does the anbes and syllable uses regular iem tips (and still fits on yhe charger) or does it have to use that typical shorter TWS tips?
  4. chinmie
    you know what the Mifo excels at for me? it's a great showering TWS :ksc75smile:
    it's the only one that I'm comfortable enough to be using in that situation without fearing it would die on me. soundwise, it sounds good at higher volume, so i only use it occasionally because it's not healthy for the ears

    I'm eyeing on the Syllable, but also holding off to see the next BT20 version. if it's good, i think i would buy a couple for my mmcx iem and earbud. i wish it has volume control and better charging system.

    I'm thinking of buying those detachable magnetic charging cable to make my TRN charge easier
  5. Slater
    That’s how I charge mine. The nice thing is that I no longer have to worry about pushing the micro USB plug into the shell.

    I use 2 separate magnetic cables, and plug them into an old USB hub.

    One of these days I’m gonna cut the cable apart and make a splitter cable like the stock one. But for now the hub gets the job done.
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  6. rhsauer
    Agree -- the tips they ship with the Syllables didn't work for me at all
  7. rhsauer
    Both earphones are pretty flexible as far as tips are concerned -- the Syllables a bit more so. Both take standard replacements that, generally, fit into the charger. I'm using SpinFit CP100Z tips on my Anbes and they fit in the case fine. Most anything works on the Syllables.
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  8. vstolpner
    That's an awesome idea! Can't believe I didn't think of it before!

    Totally buying those tonight!
  9. rhsauer
    aw shucks ... thanks
  10. actorlife
    Are the Syllable better than the Anbes? No imho. Syllable are still a good choice, but the treble is rolled off which is not bad, but I like the treble to be sparkly clear, but not piersing. Not having a soundstage did not bother me cause I have other TWS that don't, but they all have a sparkly treble, except for the cheapo 4.2. Syllable remind me of the Sabbat X12 I used to own, which I had to return cause the right side had no sound after a couple of days. Call quality(stereo) was great and just as good as the Anbes. The Syllable for some reason won't do Stereo on my android phone with any movie app or YouTube. Only with the phone call I made both were L/R were working, but not if I put on YouTube, Netflix, prime, etc. only the right side works. I tried resetting them, but still only right side working. RH can you check on someone's android phone and see if this happens as well? Anbes works great on my phone and everything is in stereo, so it's weird it works on everything else, but not on my phone. Syllable worked fine on my Cayin N3, android box, android tablet and firestick in stereo.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
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  11. zerstorer
    No such problems with the syllable for me. I don't have an issue with the stock tips either. The thing is they open up significantly after burn in. I wouldn't try to change anything or evaluate them until.at least 100hrs of playing.
  12. mikp
    No stereo problem with syllable and lg g7 here. The soundstage is narrower than mavins, but I have no problem with the sound. Little boomy maybe, but 30$ for apt-x and qualcomm qcc3020..no brainer.

    They fit fine, and case and buds take selection of eartips.
    actorlife likes this.
  13. n05ey
    What is the battery life like on the syllable? Is it 8-10hrs including case recharges or per recharge?
  14. vstolpner
    Any reason to go for the Syllables over the Anbes?
  15. Caguioa
    So whats verdict on best ones right now or ones that are coming soon?

    I really don't want to buy the air pods,
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