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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Tommy C
    To me, if you push the bud deeper and the sound is ok but when you let go it’s weak, it sounds more like you’re not having a proper seal.
  2. FYLegend
    No, it didn't do this for a long time of usage. I'm not exactly pushing the bud against my ear but more so against itself on both sides or the button, and the volume jumps up while I do this but cuts way down when I stop. It might be tied to a damaged driver (for a long time I noticed driver flex) or a loose internal connection.
  3. cigarello
    So just received my Anbes 359. For the price these are stellar, no cut off during music listening and sound is actually decent although bass is a bit boomy, hopefully some burn in or eq can fix that. Two things I hate though, the driver flex and the fact that the buttons require a bit of force to push when in your ears and so the sound cuts out for a sec due to the ear tip being pushed against your ear. Everything else is perfect!

    Also wondering what ear tips everyone is using with their 359's? I'm using sony hybrids atm
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  4. Caipirina
    At the risk of sounding stupid, I finally have to ask, what is that mythical 'driver flex' ? Awaiting my Andes359 in the mail as well...
  5. chinmie
    my QCY T1C also has driver flex to a point that it could cut off the sound completely. now though, after i use the wide bores that slightly loose on the nozzle (it doesn't fall off, but loose enough that the earpiece' s nozzle can rotate in the eartips), i don't have driver flex with it anymore.

    driver flex is the crumpling of the dynamic driver's membrane, caused by the vacuum. it will sound like crackling plastic. you could reduce the risk of driver flex by using tips like i described above, or by sticking a thread or string between the eartips and the nozzle to let air pass
  6. cigarello
    I do have some wide bore tips that I could try!

    And as for the thread, do you literally put a piece of thread on top of the driver tip and then put on the eartip like normal? Seems interesting and worth a shot too
  7. Caipirina
    Oh, I know that sound, never thought there was a name for that. Thank you!
  8. cigarello
    Theres a name for everything these days isnt there haha.

    Is there a balanced armature tws earphone out? I just prefer the sounds of balanced armature and no driver flex!
  9. Caipirina
    This is the only one I know of ... and look, there's a sale in 2h !!! yeah!!!! (I have seen this one mentioned here are few times, check with the search feature)

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  10. cigarello
    Wonder how they are. I use to own a pair of Astrotec AX60's and they were pretty good so curious to see how they are in the tws category
  11. chinmie
    that could work, or you could snip the excess string with scissor so that no string passes in front of the nozzle grill. I'll try to post a picture later if you like.

    BA driver TWS that i know: Earin, Bragi the Headphone, Astrotec S60, TFZ x1 or Mifo o5 pro (same product) , TFZ B.V2, and F2, X26 chifi that i don't know the company's name of
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    The Earin M2 and they are 20% off at the moment
  13. FYLegend
    They are rather organic and warm-sounding with deep bass for a BA driver. I have the 4.2 version which is prone to cutouts using AAC every few minutes on my Android phone but maybe the 5.0 version improves this. Note that there are a few clones on Aliexpress and the housings used are "generic" (I've seen other TWS with different drivers and charging cases use the same design).
  14. Caipirina
    Oooooh, where? (Checked AliX And Amazon EU)
    [nevermind ... earin.com ...]
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    At the Earin web site. Only white available
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