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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Rickyearl
    Left both MW07 and MTW alone for 8 days with a full charge. MTW is on 1.25 firmware. Plugged both cases in. MW07 buds and case showed fully charged in less than 3 minutes. MTW is at 45 min and counting, still charging. So that problem is not “fixed.”

    BUT the IEMs themselves weren’t dead - they were at 20%. So I guess that’s some improvement.
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  2. Bob24
    One more question for MTW owners.

    When I take them out of their case, they not only power up and connect to my iPhone (or latest known device), but music playback starts automatically. So the Apple Music app would kick off and resume playing the last song I was listing to.

    I don’t really like that as because I put the earbuds on doesn’t necessarily mean I way music to start immediately, and most of the time i don’t want to resume with the same thing anyway (maybe I want another song, a podcast, or to watch a video).

    Is it the normal behaviour and is there a way to disable it (I might have missed it, but didn’t see this mentioned in the app).
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  3. Bartig

    Wow, these Bluedio T-Elf are so tiny I think these will fall out of my ear sometime. The fit comes very, very precise. And the left earpiece does disconnect with the right one quite a lot in the first minutes.

    So yeah, not that great so far. Shame, because it sounds quite clear, with a fat but non overpowering bass and upfront vocals.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  4. howdy
    My MTW have never done what you said. Maybe there is a setting for that. I usually tell mine to play music on Tidal and it does it but never on its own.
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  5. Bob24
    Thanks. Actually I just figured it out and it’s a bit silly. When I put them on I press on them a little bit with my fingers to secure them in my ears ... and as I do that it records a single tap on the left bud and triggers a play/pause action. I guess I’ll get used to this and lock them in differently
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  6. SuperLuigi
    Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering about these myself. I find bluedio to be very hit or miss. I've been very impressed there bluedio TM for the price so was hoping this would also be a success. Guess not.
  7. assassin10000
    Yes, exactly why it's done. Better seal and more bass without muffling the mids/highs.

    That's why 'donut' foams came about for earbuds. Same theory but I offset the hole to expose the earpod port.
  8. webvan
    ok I've ordered a 4mm punch thingy on AE for 50 cents, I'll give it a try :wink:
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  9. Slater
    Glad I skipped the Bluedios.

    Thanks for being the guinea pig on
  10. Dcell7
    He is taking many hits for the team :L3000::beyersmile::gs1000smile:
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  11. dweaver
    Galaxy Bud update

    Having used this for a couple days I find I really like that I can pull these from my ears and throw them in my pocket (not case) and just put them back in my ears at will. I got 12 hours of use with occasional playing of music throughout the day. Great feature!

    The case is a bit fiddly for putting in the buds but nicely informative and I love the wireless charging.

    So Samsung does not use the same technology as Sennheiser where it passes signals through the body. This makes the Samsung more versatile (single bud in ear still works) but makes them more susceptible to interference. But nothing as bad as the WF1000 when it was released. I get the odd pop or fizzle but nothing serious.

    I love that I can simply do things like say "Ok google call xxx" and it dials the number without me having to waste a touch gesture to accomplish that fact.

    Talking with wife she thought it was OK most of the time but muffled at times. I was walking on downtown city street with wind around me and occasional heavy traffic. The muffled sound happened with heavy traffic. So I assume the buds switched to internal mic due to noise and she thought that weird sounding. So the internal mic makes the voice sound weird. When on outside mic she noticed wind sound but since when was also walking outside she was not sure if the wind was on her end or mine.

    These things are damned comfortable and have a decent low profile (no Frankenstein bolts!!) Lol.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  12. cityle
    Received my ATH-CKR7TW yesterday. They're decpetive. It doesn't sound at all like an Audio-Technica product.

    edit: They have more emphasis on the bass, but less on the trebles and there is a dip in the mid. So string instruments sounds really nice, are sharp, and bass-oriented music is all good, but female vocal are not their at all. Listening to Kalafina, the girls' voices just seem distant and veiled. Coming from Audio-Technica who is known to shine in female vocal, it's deceptive as hell.

    And they really required a good seal. Without the proper seal they just sound off. Personally, I've found my combination to be the small tips with the 3D-loop, but earbuds loop does not play nicely at all with my ears, so it is not comfortable after a while.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  13. Bartig
    Update on the Bluedio T-Elf: they shut off when put back in the case. Like they should. However, when the right earpiece is fully charged, it reconnects itself with your source again - thus stealing the sound from your source and draining it's own battery!

    Who the f*kc made this up? Bluedio took months to come with a truly wireless and they just didn't test it properly.

    So there we have it: fit, pairing and connectivity issues.

    Can't remember when I gave a one star rating on AliExpress the last time, but here we go. :)
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  14. chinmie
    to be fair, they did state that feature on the description :k701smile: so i think they consider that as a positive thing. that one feature is in fact what kept me from buying the bluedio, because i agree with you: it is a very silly feature
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  15. Slater
    This is not at all surprising. I don't know what on earth happened at Bluedio, but starting about 2 years ago (with the T4 and pretty much everything afterwards) they're like a sinking ship.

    Everything is rushed out, half-baked, buggy, and mediocre. Not that they were a premium brand to begin with, but I think they eventually could have been. They were on their way up and up, and then starting with the T4 they just started going down and down.

    I had that T-Elf in my shopping cart for the Ali sale, but my gut just told me not to pull the trigger and I just deleted it from my cart. Then your last t-elf post hit and I knew I made the right choice.

    Meanwhile I'm totally loving the QCY QS1.

    BTW, T-Elf is a stupid name too. I know they like using T in front of their stuff, but how about T-Wireless, or TW1 or something. But T-Elf?!

    1 of the 2 buds reconnecting while it's in out of my ears and sitting in the charge case. They consider that a feature?

    That's like taking a crap and the turds flush away down the toilet and out the sewage pipe. But then the pipe makes a u-turn in front of your house and empties out right on your front porch. Who would want that?

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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