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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. DigDub
    The Nuarl nt01ax does seem to improve with burn-in. The sound now is more open with better highs and bass. The sound stage is more front/back, not so much left/right, which gives a intimate presentation rather than a large room feel. Timbre is natural with good decay in highs and mids. Bass is tight and fast, but doesn't have the energy/slam like the qcy t1c.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
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  2. david8613
    I am using these in size large. I am telling you it really feels like I have full size cans on my ears! I never was crazy about compy tips for some reason, I like silicone tips they seal and work better in my ears.
  3. RobinFood
    Is the T1C as natural sounding in the mids as the Nuarl? I was super impressed with the realism the Nuarl had for instrumental music like Disney soundtracks or acoustic sets when I had them. Does the T1C achieve that level of realism?
  4. DigDub
    The t1c's strength is it's energetic bass without mucking the mids and highs, and it's headphone-like presentation. T1c mids are ok, the highs are not as well defined as the Nuarl. The Nuarl presents highs such as hi hats and cymbals with very natural timbre and sounds very realistic, while the T1c presents them more of a swish and is less defined than the Nuarl. T1c is a lot of fun to listen to, while the Nuarl is probably flatter with a warm mid bass.
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  5. david8613
    I am telling you guys these momentum true wireless really do feel like a set of full size of cans, even in low volume, its crazy!!!
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  6. Bob24
    Just ordered a pair as the price dropped a bit on Amazon UK. Hopeffully I will feel the same :)
  7. RobinFood
    Ah, alright, thanks for the details. I guess I'll keep saving my coins, I strongly suspect I wouldn't use them. I love my highs, and I loved the Nuarl timbre.
    Does your Nuarl hiss and beep, too? I returned it because of that, especially when watching TV shows with a lot of quiet time.
  8. DigDub
    Mine doesn't hiss during quiet passages, at least not when I'm listening to classical music.
  9. actorlife
    Cool LajostheHun I hope you like them. Call quality surprised me. Hope you do mini review when you get them.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  10. webvan
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
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  11. DannyBai
    I ended up backing the Model X from Adv-Sound. I have two of their BT dongles that I really like so I believe their TWE's will be good and with nice sound. I really like the Senn's but wish the app would actually work and the battery lasted longer. Would be nice if the unit actually powered off in the case also. I backed the crazybaby air awhile ago and those were complete junk. No connection when outdoors.
  12. urii
    Apple iPod 6 (Эквалайзер+ Премиум) + VentureCraft Vantam Jazz Master Limited + передатчик CSR8675 BT 5.0 aptX-HD + Sabbat X12 Pro + Garmin Vivosmart HD
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  13. clerkpalmer
    What does the BT transmitter do that the iPhone 6 can't do? Edit, does it effectively connect to the iPhone wired and then improve BT from AAC to AptxHD?
  14. urii
    The quality of sounding is anyway higher. In this case the transmitter for Sabbat X12 uses AAC. In this case iPod 6 is not connected to the transmitter. iPod 6 through a cable is connected to Vantam.
    iPod 6 -> Vantam -> Transmitter -> Sabbat X12Pro.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  15. albau
    Are SoundPeats TrueFree same as QCY T1/Q1? For sure they look same. Just asking because RTings have review of them. Sorry if it's all old news.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
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