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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. al2813
    I ordered the L2P and sent them back immediately. Cannot fit them (and the more I am getting into IEMs the more I realize I have a serious fit issue - especially in my left ear). I ordered the APP. Expensive but at least by the looks of it they will fit.
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  2. CocaCola15
    Yes the M1 TW phones have large sound tubes but some people’s ears (mine) are fine with them. I use the stock foam tips, no problem.

    As for sound to my ears they compare favorably to the L2P, albeit with some minor EQ tweaks.

    Consensus is a word that has no meaning on the TW thread. Or any other thread for that matter.

    My point: If the CA phones fit your ear canals comfortably they do deliver very good sound. I don’t really handle calls with my TW phones, so that could be an issue for some. The Sony WH1000-M3 also is crappy for calls but sound great, trade off.
  3. Quicky32
    I have the same issue with my left ear, weird.
  4. Blueshound24
    It's not just your fit problems with the L2P, they are for a lot of people.
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  5. Blueshound24
    BTW, did you listen to the TPA version on "Couldn't Stand The Weather"? That is the version where the bass is, I believe, a bit overdone.
  6. hifi80sman
    I find the L2P can get a little sharp after a while, so basically what I mean, is although it sounds great, it can become fatiguing. I'd prefer a traditional EQ for the L2P to address some of the extremes, instead of presets. The MW07 on the other hand, is a bit more "natural" in the upper frequencies, although some people still say it's sharp. Personally, I'm a bit treble sensitive, and while I would certainly not describe them as piercing, I wouldn't say they are relaxed either.

    To second @clerkpalmer analogy, the L2P are basically like the MW07 on steroids.
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  7. d3myz
    They are currently $110 on amazon. I also have an unopened new pair that I got during their sale. If you or anyone is interested DM me. They are revision 1/ version 2 and I bought them directly from anker.
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  8. Blueshound24

    Thanks, I can appreciate treble that some may say is a little "hot". That helps to overcome a bit of hearing loss in my 'old' ears. :k701smile:
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  9. tma6
    Reading all these posts on the L2Ps and can definitely understand some people having fit issues, though they fit my ears perfectly. They are a bit bulky. For me sound wise they are not the most versatile set since they do have a somewhat loose, heavier, resonant bass that does not pair great with more subtle tracks, however for tracks that benefit from that type of bass there's no other TWS that I've tried so far that can give you that experience without bass becoming muddied or distorted. Regarding the highs on the L2Ps, I definitely get why those who are treble sensitive could have issues for certain tracks, however they also have some of the better detail retrieval on the market for that price and blow the APPs out of the water in this regard imo. I do think the Vocal Booster EQ setting in the app really helps control both the highs and the bass on the L2Ps so I highly recommend trying it.

    I still think the MW07/MW07+ have the best bass and overall balanced and detailed sound I've heard in a TWS set. For me they're still at the top, but the price is obviously tough.

    In other news, I have to say the Fiil T1X are actually pretty solid so far. Just received them today and really like the overall tonality of the mids and highs particularly for the price. Considering doing a shorter review and comparison to other TWS I have at the moment.
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  10. Blueshound24

    Well put.
  11. webvan
    Listening to it now, bass is indeed a bit "much" with the "HearID"/"Signature" preset, still quite pleasant. More so than with "Bass Reduction" actually.
    As for your previous comment about the hassle of having to deal with EQing rather than have the sound you like out of the box, sure, but for the L2Ps, it's a set and forget as it "sticks" once you close the app so that's fine by me and it makes perfect sense as they can cater to the various tastes out there. Where it's more problematic is for a TWE when there's no app and you have to fiddle with system wide or music player EQ settings. Actually we're pretty fortunate with "our" TWEs since wired IEMS don't allow for that kind of tuning, at least those I'm aware of.

    Gave "Couldn't Stand The Weather" a try with the Echo Buds and it comes out very differently ! The bass is still there but does not "flood" the music. The soundstage (width and depth) is not as impressive too, you're not "in" the music. It's fine taken "separately" but coming after the L2P it's not quite as pleasing :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  12. d3myz
    It's Significantly more controlled and there is Significantly less of it. I like them, but I prefer the Sony's, Earfun Free, T1x. I just a/b tested them vs. the MW07. I'd buy the latter two over the MW07, However the MW07's mic for call is superb and I just used the short L2pro tips on the MW07 and it was a game changer, so much more bass. Still controlled and accurate but much better than the stock tips, still the mids are lacking that depth and they highs aren't thin, but thinner. The Earfun has better mids and good highs, they are rolled off, but still sound good they aren't as crisp as the MW07 or the T1x which on bass eq has more bass than both and better highs. I'm just really impressed wtih the T1x, if you turn the bass eq off, you an incredibly crisp and balanced sound and if you want to turn it up, the earfun maintains really nice detailed bass at higher volume. I'm sure that was way more than you asked for, sorry. :wink:
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  13. Blueshound24

    Agreed. It is a wonderful innovative solution if you are able to find the setting that works, however, it is useless if one is unable to find a setting that conforms with one's tastes. I believe it has been said here before, but maybe if it had a regular EQ or Parametric EQ it would be more versatile and useful for more users.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  14. d3myz
    I just swapped the tips on my FIILs and am using the stock L2P tips and man they sound excellent. Also, remember the FIIL app. there are tons of features, including an EQ. I think they sound better than the MW07. :wink:
  15. Kvarkmeister
    I recently became very intrigued in the Fiil T1X earbuds, however, the AAC/SBC Bluetooth codec kind of put me off, because I use Android and I hear AAC has no significant benefits for Android users and SBC is inconsistent and aged(?) I would have idealised aptX.

    Does anyone have any inputs on this? How is the experience on Android? What are your thoughts about these earbuds in general?
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