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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. cwill
    I used to think the same way. Then I found out that the codec doesn't really matter at all. I have SBC buds that sound far better than others with APTX.
  2. d3myz
    I wanted to mention that I contacted amazon about my MPOW T5's connection issues and creaky buttons. They got me over to MPOW and MPOW replaced them with the M5. Sound quality is the same, but the buttons feel so much better and easier to press. Also, the case hinge is more sturdy and the case doesn't have a tendency to want to fall on it's back when it's open. 3rd and final, the Tips it comes with now are actually much nicer in my ears they are at newer circular flat design, I'm using the larges with my Xm3's and they feel great.
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  3. Kvarkmeister
    Thank you! That is quite reassuring.
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  4. tma6
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  5. tma6
    Hahah I wouldn't go that far having now done an a/b comparison between the T1X and MW07, but they definitely sound excellent. MW07 has a refinement and tuning that is unmatched for me in the TWS space. The app is very solid for EQ, though wish you could also change the weird control configuration.
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  6. d3myz
    On Ios, Mac Os , Ipad Os, they are fantastic. In my top 5 right now. @mattedialdoc hates the controls just like I did when I first got them, but I think they sound like the Rimor's and the Tevi's are supposed at nearly 1/2 the price point.
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  7. Kvarkmeister
    Thanks for the helpful addendum! Do you have the list stored somewhere, @d3myz ? I would take a look at it if you don't mind.
  8. d3myz
    Are you using the stock MW07 tips? I needs mids in my music and the MW07 is thinner without a doubt.It seems to achieve better seperation by removing the low mids, really weird when I compare the two back and forth, especially with heavy music. Once I removed those awful stock tips they def. got better, but man break those T1x's in. I let them play over night and the sound even more responsive today. I don't think the bass response is as tight as the MW07, but the highs and mids def. sound less empty to me.
  9. Pete7874
    Can anyone who's heard both Spunky Beat and T1X offer up any kind of comparison?

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  10. TK33
    While we're discussing the MW07, I finally picked up another paid of the Jet Black MW07 Go from Best Buy yesterday after returning my first pair back in October and I am no longer having the battery or pairing issues with these so far (only day 2 so knock on wood). I was able to pair pretty effortlessly to two different phones (just to be clear, I am NOT referring to multipoint but my old set had trouble pairing to another phone after disconnecting from my primary phone) and the battery charged fully to 100% unlike my first set. The clarity/SQ and battery life are fantastic. They have been running since 9:30 am EST today at 30-50% volume depending on whether they were in my ear or not and the battery is currently at 65% 7 hours later. I listen to music at lower volumes that most so I have been using them at 30-40% volume on my S9 when actually listening to music and raised the volume a bit when not in my ears hoping some "burn in" will help tame the treble a bit (I know whether or not burn in works is always debated but one can hope). I also ordered some large Spinfit CP100z tips hoping they may help and also fit in the case. I use the medium CP100z on my Senn MTW and am currently using the large Spinfit CP360 tips on the MW07 Go but noticed the stock tips are longer than the CP360 and I can't get a seal with the medium CP100z tips because the MW07 Go seems to sit a little further from the ear than the MTWs due to the fins.

    Glad I gave these a second try.
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  11. albau
    In the end your ears are the final judge, not the codec name. People tend to assign to codec some totemic importance in the sound quality. In fact it's just a small part in a very long and complex psycho-acoustic chain that in sum makes or breaks the sound you perceive. That's why you can have TWS with the most advanced QC chip sporting the best AptX HD implementation while in the end it still produces cringe inducing sounds, all because they skimped on the driver or didn't know how to properly design and tune the chamber. Or, as an opposite example, there's MW07 Plus/Go omitting AAC and still sounding awesome on iPhones, and that just using "lowly" SBC.
  12. tma6

    Actually now that you mention it I generally use foam tips on my original MW07s, and if I switch to silicon I use Final Audio tips. I find the detail in highs on the MW07s to be better so far. I definitely agree with the mids being slightly recessed on the MW07s so I usually use EQ to bring out the mids a bit. With that little EQ help the actual quality of the mids on the MW07s sound beautiful to me. The T1Xs midrange is also surprisingly great though. The tonality is right on point with a natural presentation and great detail and realism in most instruments and vocals. There's also an overall cohesion to the T1Xs sound that is fantastic. And while they're not super wide, there's some height to the sound for good instrument separation, and the imaging is really amazing considering the price. Gonna let them burn in for sure, but even as of right now they're keepers for me.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  13. Kvarkmeister
    Well-presented and fair point! I think I will focus less attention on the codec from now on.
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  14. voicemaster
    The aac on this is good. I am using android too (huawei mate 20x and oneplus 7). I have several tws with AptX codec and some still have delay when playing VLC on my phone (no lag on PC tho). While this T1X has no delay whatsoever from anything that I have tried so far (youtube, vlc, pornhub, etc)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  15. voicemaster
    You need to let the driver burn-in first for T1X. At first, the bass might be more prominent, but after like 10 hours or so, it will settle and the bass is not overpowering.
    If you guys like BLON bl03 sound signature then you will love T1X imho. They sounds pretty similar while the T1X actually more detailed and clearer on vocal and high. But the con is you can't amped T1X.
    Oh and this thing get plenty loud (about same with mpow m5 iirc).
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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