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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Caipirina
    That's one I have yet to try. When I went to Stereo.sg in Singapore, their demo model was out of order ...

    Will test soon at e-earphone :) Really hope I don't want to buy them :D already have 2 Sony models with 'ANC', which were both rather underwhelming.
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  2. BigZ12
    I sold my Tronsmart Spunky Beats without volume control (and next track command on the left bud).
    Today I got the new version with volume control.
    Sad to see both volume up and next track is on the left bud... :frowning2:
    But it works, and otherwise these buds are really impressing me. Fit is perfect, sound is good, bt connection flawless and now with volume control they are a really good buy for $21 (what I paid on AliE just before BF)
    Price vs sound/fit/features they are a 9 out of 10.
  3. chinmie
    but you do have the APP, right? based on reviews, those two have a comparable ANC, with the APP edges out the Sony on ambient mode and call quality, so you might end up don't have to buy it.

    but then again... they said the Sony has better sound.... hmmmmm :dt880smile::dt880smile:
  4. Caipirina
    the Sony have no IPX rating at all, no? that would limit usage for me. But I still want to at least listen to them. And yes, I have the APP... really liking the fit and the ANC.
  5. Quicky32
    I used my LP2 with silicone tips this morning at the gym and the left 1 felt like it wanted to fall out. I have trouble focusing on my work out because I"m fiddling with my earbuds....not sure where to go from here?
  6. clerkpalmer
    None. Zip. Zilch. Inexcusable if you ask me. But, like you, I have a pair on the way. Im probably going to roll the dice and sweat on them a little and see what happens. Sony pulled some marketing nonsense about it by saying basically you "should be fine using these in the gym" but presumably sweat damage is not formally covered by warranty. My guess is that if something happened, Sony would probably cover them anyway but certainly do so at your own risk.
  7. chinmie
    yup, none at all.. i won't be using them in the shower anytime soon :dt880smile:
    the only thing that made me curious is because i really like the older wf-1000x sound, and also the ANC. if it turns out to be redundant, i might sell it, purchase the WH-1000xm3 instead, or a cheaper ANC headphone and just use my TWS under it
  8. sica
    Anyone have a set of MW07 Go in black or red they want to let go?
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  9. d3myz
    Hahahahahah!! Awesome.
  10. d3myz
    I got mine Sat. and i'm loving them. I understand now when people say the use them when they want to listen to music, they def. aren't daily drivers for me and there are some annoyances, but man they do sound fantastic, now if they would only hook up to my PS4. damnit, sony.
  11. HiFlight
    After spending countless hours fiddling with my L2P in search of a comfortable and secure fit, I have finally relegated them to my box of "Maybe I Will Try Again Sometime" TWS & IEMs.

    Besides the fit and comfort issues, the heavy bass emphasis really spoiled the listening experience for me, as I mostly listen to acoustic and classical and very little rock.

    The L2P folks sorely need to include the ability to create a custom EQ to their app in order to address the excessive bass issue mentioned by many owners.
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  12. BigZ12
    I have mentioned this before, and now I've tried my second pair of the Airpods Pro.
    Very good fit, but is it too good in my ears? (all type of in-ear buds fit very deep and well in my ear)

    When using ANC I get noticable changes in the mids and treble when walking/chewing/moving mouth.
    Like the voice and treble "fluctuates" (I don't know how to explain it better) with movements. It's the same with the ambient/transparent mode. The outside sound changes a lot when chewing gum for example.

    It's like the bud sits too deep in the concha (see pic), and then the part of the bud with the mic is touching the structure and making the sound change with movements?
    With ANC/ambient off, I don't experience this.
    I really like almost every feature (sound, easy connecting, range, fit, comfort, case etc) with the APP, but this is ruining them for me anyways.
    Anyone with similar experiences?!?

    Edit: If I put them more loosely in the ear, so the stem don't touch my chin, I don't experience this as much. But then the lack of seal is making the bass disappear (and the fit test is failing)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  13. Blueshound24

    Totally agree. And I listen to mostly Jazz, Blues and Rock with a smattering of just about everything else. One example that really shows the overblown bass is Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Tin Pan Alley", which admittedly has a heavy bass line to it, but on many other IEM's and Cans the bass is much more controlled and textured. All I hear with that song, (among many other songs), is the overblown bass being thrust in my face and I cannot enjoy no matter what EQ I use. As I said before, for me, I prefer the more balanced mtw100 over the L2P and I will be returning the latter.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  14. d3myz
    Have you tried using JVC Spiral dots? They take a lot of the boom out of bass and give them more clean punch.
  15. Blueshound24
    I have not. But I will pull some out of my tip drawer and give it a go, but I have doubts tips can remedy this.

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